Simply Earth Essential Oils Review & Coupon (2023)

Everybody’s talking about the new essential oils manufacturer on the block: Simply Earth. In this Simply Earth Review, I share my real experience as a customer of almost 4 years.

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Before I began my motherhood journey, I had no idea what essential oils even were. That is, until pregnancy rolled around.

Nausea, brain fog, headaches, and insomnia. All pillars of pregnancy that essential oils can treat or at least alleviate. Not only were essential oils incredibly helpful for my pregnancy, but I discovered effective natural remedies for baby and toddler-related conditions as well.  

Essential oils were quickly becoming a big part of my momlife and I couldn’t wait to share these solutions with my readers as well. So, when a brand called Simply Earth invited me to try their product, it was a no-brainer.

In this Simply Earth essential oils review, I’m going to tell you all about my experience with the brand, their oils, and their most popular product, the monthly subscription “Recipe Box.”

I became a Simply Earth customer in July 2019 and I’m going to be honest…I love them. I refuse to use any essential oils from anyone else.

Whether you’re an essential oils beginner looking for an inexpensive quality brand to try, or you’re a pro simply searching for the best brand out there, I think you’re going to be just as excited about Simply Earth as I am.

Let’s get started! 


The Full Simply Earth Review: Simply Earth Subscription Box and Essential Oils

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Simply Earth Essential Oils Review: At A Glance


  • Pure, GC/MS Tested Essential Oils
  • Trustworthy Company
  • Free Shipping over $29
  • Excellent Price
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Option for Subscription Service or One-Time Purchase
  • 365 Day Guarantee
  • Easy Cancellation 


  • Subscription Service may or may not include oils you want
  • Must purchase over $29 for free shipping (Shipping is $5.95 otherwise)

Use my code BABYLANDFREE when you subscribe to receive the free Bonus Box and a $40 e-gift card for future purchases.

What Are Simply Earth Essential Oils?

Welcome to Simply Earth

Simply Earth is a relatively new company based out of Wisconsin. It started when the owners grew tired of paying for overpriced essential oils they couldn’t completely trust and decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Simply Earth’s competitive price comes from the elimination of the middle man.

They work directly with honest farmers across the globe that safely and ethically harvest their plants. After they’ve personally ensured the quality and purity of the plants, the oils are then manufactured in Simply Earth’s commercial kitchen in Wisconsin. 

The end result? Safe, top-notch, affordable essential oils. 

But that’s not enough half of Simply Earth’s cool factor. Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to organizations dedicated to fighting against human trafficking. So, when you buy their products, you’re not only creating a better home for your family, you’re actively helping humanity. 

That’s a cause I can stand by!

Simply Earth is PERFECT for Essential Oil Beginners

I think my favorite thing about Simply Earth is how passionate they are about helping their customers transform their homes into a natural sanctuary, one recipe at a time.

When you buy from Simply Earth, it truly feels like you’re joining their squad. I don’t think I’ve seen a company quite like them. They are always (ALWAYS) posting new videos on how to make more essential oil recipes, sending out fresh ideas to their email list, and trying to figure out how they can provide more value to their monthly subscribers. 

If you’re just starting out with essential oils, you will love Simply Earth. If you do decide to purchase from them, I highly recommend that you join their email list, like them on Facebook, and visit them on Instagram. It’s a great way to gradually increase your use of essential oils.

Simply Earth Essential Oil Quality

Haiti Farm - Simply Earth
Simply Earth checking out the farm in Haiti. Picture Credit: SimplyEarth.com

Above I briefly outlined Simply Earth’s unique manufacturing process. In this section, we’re going to take a deep dive into their quality and testing standards.

While it’s impossible for me to personally test the quality of their products in a lab setting, I can at least provide you some information based on my research.

There are two things that make Simply Earth’s essential oils stand out: their acquisition of raw materials and manufacturing process.

Acquisition of Raw Materials

All of the plants gathered to create Simply Earth essential oils are purchased from trustworthy global farmers. Purchasing globally ensures that the ingredients were grown in their natural environments, and have reached their fullest potential.

Simply Earth works with each of their farmers to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. 

Manufacturing Process

Simply Earth manufacturers their oils in a commercial kitchen in Wisconsin. The essential oils are distilled by either cold-press or steam, GC/MS (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) tested for 100% purity, before being bottled in amber glass. Amber bottles ensure that the oils are safe from UV rays and stay fresh for the longest duration. 

What Is the Simply Earth Recipe Box Subscription

Simply Earth July 2021 Box Review (1)
The Simply Earth July 2021 Recipe Box which included an essential oil inhaler, hand lotion base, and lavender hydrosol in addition to the recipes and oils AND a bonus box. It blows my mind that they sell this away for $39.

For the remainder of this Simply Earth Essential Oils Review, we’re going to focus on the products and service Simply Earth offers.

The company is best known for their monthly subscription box, or Recipe Box.

The Recipe Box is a great option for avid essential oil users, but I’m especially excited for those of you that are just getting started.

If you’re just getting into essential oils, subscription box literally takes you by the hand and helps you do it. 

The Simply Earth Recipe Box is a monthly or quarterly subscription service that automatically sends their best essential oils to your door. Each month the box focuses on a new theme that challenges you to integrate essential oils into your life in some way.

For example, the August 2019 box theme is beautiful skin. So, in addition to the essential oils, the box offers helpful recipes to create a daily natural skin routine. One month the theme was creating homemade cleaners, another month it was natural crafts for kids. Their website offers tons of recipes and videos to give you ideas.

What’s Included:

  • 4 Essential Oils 
  • 1 or 2 Bonus Ingredients
  • 6 Themed Recipe Cards – Each month has a different “theme”. 
  • Bonus Box- First order and every 6th order

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The Bonus Box

Simply Earth Bonus Box
The Big Bonus Box

When you sign up for the recipe box subscription, you’ll also receive the Bonus Box.

I’m going to be completely honest: I was blown away by everything that was included in this box.

Think of the Bonus Box as the supply kit you’ll need to begin creating all your essential oil concoctions. Right now the Bonus Box includes:

  • 6 10ml roll on amber glass bottles
  • 6 5ml amber glass bottles
  • 2 oz beeswax
  • coconut oil
  • carrier coconut oil
  • carrier almond oil

I’m so glad the send out this box with their customers first purchases! Beginners would never think to purchase these items and it really streamlines the entire process. 

If you’re a mom on a budget this is, by far, the best deal you’re ever going to find on essential oils.

Also, don’t forget that when you sign up with my code, BABYLANDFREE, you’ll receive also receive a free $40 gift card for future purchases.

Buying Standalone Products From Simply Earth

Simply Earth Recipe Storage Box Review
The Simply Earth Recipe Storage Box

If you’re thinking that the subscription box isn’t for you and you’d just like to buy a few bottles, that’s totally cool. Simply Earth’s standalone products are still a great deal.

Their website offers several essential oils, jewelry, blended oils, diffusers, and other aromatherapy supplies. They’re always trying to create oily goodies for their customers. Most recently, Simply Earth introduced a fantastic recipe storage box that helps you organize all of the recipes you’ll be receiving from them (I have almost 100!)

The downside is, you do need to purchase over $29 worth of goods in order to qualify for the free shipping. Having said that, their shipping is super fast. I received my box about 3 business days after it shipped.

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Simply Earth Essential Oils Review Conclusion: Would I Recommend Them?

Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

Absolutely, yes.

Whether you’re new to essential oils or have been using them for a while now, Simply Earth is a company you don’t want to miss. From everything I can see, the quality is excellent, the value is definitely great, and you can buy from their oils with a clear conscience.

I think the biggest value is in the monthly Recipe Box. If you’re a beginner like me, the Recipe Box will give you the most value. When you’re trying to build up your apothecary, value is paramount, otherwise your wallet will be crying in no time. 

The monthly Recipe Box also helps you gradually add essential oils to your lifestyle. Essential oils are awesome, but beginners often don’t know where to start. There are just so many recipes and avenues to try!

The monthly subscription box gives you a clear game plan to gradually remove chemicals from your life and replace with much healthier substances.  

If you’re ready to get started with Simply Earth, click the link below.

When you sign up with my code, you’ll receive the Recipe Box,  the Bonus Box, and a $40 gift card to use on any of your future purchases (like a diffuser, more oils, or next month’s box 😉 ).

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Simply Earth, check out my review of their April 2022 Recipe Box. I was quite impressed with everything included.

That’s it! I really hope this Simply Earth Essential Oils Review was helpful! If you have any questions or think I should anything to the review, please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

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  1. Jamie Bentley says:

    Thanks! I used your code! Very excited to try Simply Earth! I have purchased from other MLMs and want to start making EO apart of our daily lives but it seems so overwhelming! Thanks to your awesome review I decided to give Simply Earth a chance and hopefully with their guidance I can make the switch to a toxin free household!!!

    1. Yaaayyyy! I hope you like them! Honestly, I’m obsessed. I think they’re such a good company and their quality is top-notch. Welcome to the family!