The Simply Earth Starter Box Review: Plus Ways to Save!

Are you completely new to essential oils and looking for an easy, inexpensive way to get started?

Essential oils are more than just a fad. Countless studies have confirmed the efficacy of essential oils in several different aspects of human life: alternative medicine, skin care routines, household cleaners, mood boosters, and so much more.

Simply Earth Starter Box and Big Bonus Box

Essentially, essential oils represent a way to improve your life without the aid of products containing undesirable toxins.

Having said all that, because there are so many essential oils out there with so many possible uses, it can be overwhelming getting started.

Whether you’re a newbie to essential oils or you’re simply looking for a fantastic deal, you have just stumbled upon an excellent product that will skyrocket your use of essential oils. I’m not kidding. 

Let me introduce you to my new friend, Simply Earth’s Starter Box. It contains 4 of the most popular, versatile essential oils Simply Earth offers (or really any essential oil brand), for a fraction of the cost. In this Simply Earth Starter Box review, I’m going to show you exactly what’s offered in the box, how you can apply these oils to your life, and how you can save even more money on it.

What is Simply Earth? 

Simply Earth Reviews

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Okay, let’s back up. Let’s say you’re completely new to essential oils and you’re definitely new to Simply Earth. 

Simply Earth is a Wisconsin-based,  family-owned company that offers 100% undiluted, ethically-farmed essential oils at a ridiculously discounted price. I’m talking Frankincense (one of the most expensive oils) essential oil for $19 a bottle (FYI that’s a third of the price of the competition).

And when you buy oils in their monthly recipe box, even less than that.

They can offer these prices because they cut the middle man out of the process. Simply Earth acquires their plants directly from the best farmers across the world, manufactures the oils in their own commercial kitchen, and offers them only from 

Instead of pocketing all of the savings from this process, they sell these oils to their customers for half–sometimes even a third–of the price their competitors.

Simply Earth Company
Love that Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to non-profits and they have so many personal touches for their subscribers!

A few months ago, my knowledge of essential oils was limited to basically Lavender=Anxiety Reliever. Lemon=Kills Bacteria. That’s it. Honestly, I didn’t even know that you should use a carrier oil to dilute or the difference between a pure oil and the stuff you find at Walmart.

Through their recipe boxes, Simply Earth has also held my hand and helped me not only use essential oils, but understand their purposes and create my own recipes. 

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What is the Simply Earth Starter Box?

The Simply Earth Starter Box is the “starter” version of Simply Earth’s “recipe box”.

What’s a monthly recipe box?

The monthly recipe boxes are designed to help you eliminate toxins from your home, one box at a time. To do this, each box follows a specific theme. For example, December was Christmas-themed (lip balm, Holiday-themed diffuser blends, cold remedies–which got my husband through December, by the way). August it was skin care themed, so facial scrubs, moisturizers, etc. Once again, the idea behind the “themes” is to basically teach you how to integrate essential oils and give you practical recipes.

Every recipe box includes 4 full-sized essential oils, 6 essential oil recipes, and 2-3 bonus items.

These boxes are wildly popular and sell out every month. No joke.

If you’re just getting in to Simply Earth’s recipe boxes and you’d like to begin with the most popular oils OR you just don’t like this month’s theme, the Starter Box is for you.

The Starter Box includes the staples of the essential oils world.Whether you’re a veteran, intermediate, or novice, the box has something for you.

What’s Included in the Simply Earth Starter Box

Simply Earth Starter Box and Big Bonus Box
New Simply Earth subscribers actually receive the Starter Box + the Bonus Box.
PRO-TIP: DON’T forget to use BABYLANDFREE so you can get the e-giftcard. This basically pays for next month’s box!
  • Frankincense Oil: If you’re new to essential oils, you will learn to love Frankincense. Not only does it have a rich, exotic scent, but it’s a powerhouse. Frankincense is excellent for upper respiratory health and it increases collagen production and skin regrowth (so, it’s great for fighting colds and zits). Personally, I’ve used Frankincense to relieve my husband’s flu symptoms and effectively minimize the appearance of my new scars. Frankincense is also one of the most expensive oils Simply Earth sells. With Simply Earth’s competitors, Frankincense can run you up to $90–yes, $90–a bottle.
  • Tea Tree Oil: A very, very popular essential oil and for good reason. Tea tree oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It’s safe for small children (I highly recommend it as a DIY cold remedy for toddlers) and can be used for almost anything in your home. Bug bite remedies, foot creams, DIY house cleaners, and so much more.  
  • Lemon: Lemon may fight against some strands of staph and e.coli, help manage depression, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and doubles as a powerful household cleaner (who doesn’t need their mood improved while they’re cleaning?). In addition, lemon also contains antioxidants and vitamin C, making it an excellent oil for DIY skin care. regimens.
  • Sleepy Blend: My personal favorite oil in this box, the Sleepy Blend is a combination of lavender, bergamot, grapefruit and ho wood, anti-inflammatory oils. You can also use these oils to treat fevers and localized pain. Personally, I love the scent, and it puts me to sleep every time.

In addition to the oils, Simply Earth’s Starter Box also includes:

  • 2 Lip Balm Containers
  • 1 Spray Bottle
  • Pure Aloe Vera Gel

The Bonus Box

Simply Earth Bonus Box
The contents of my Big Bonus Box

If you’re new to Simply Earth, you also get THIS box as well. The Bonus Box includes $39 worth of amber glasses, carrier oils, and other useful goodies for creating your monthly recipes. 

Here’s what’s included in the Bonus Box:

  • 6 10ml roll-on amber glass bottles
  • 6 5ml amber glass bottles
  • 2oz beeswax
  • 12oz coconut oil (solid)
  • 4oz carrier almond oil
  • 4oz carrier coconut oil
Simply Earth Starter Box Review (1)

How Much Does the Starter Box Cost?

Okay, by now you’re probably asking, how much does the Simply Earth Starter Box cost?

Even if you purchase all of these oils ala carte, you’re saving a lot of money. Like I said, some of these oils are offered at a third of the price of bigger essential oil companies. However, by purchasing the monthly subscription box, you’re saving even more. 

You can snag the Starter Box for just $39

I know. That is literally insane. Plus, if you’re a new subscriber and you use my coupon code, you’ll receive the Bonus Box and a $40 eGiftcard too. That basically pays for next month’s themed box 😉

My favorite part of this deal is that you can cancel or pause at any time. Let’s say that next month’s box is pet-themed and you hate animals. You can just pause the box, they won’t charge you and you can start up again next month. 

What I Love About This Month’s Box

Simply Earth Starter Box

Let’s get in to my favorite part of this Simply Earth Starter Box review…the RECIPES! I.e., how you will practically use essential oils in your life. Because the box is meant to introduce you into the fabulous world of essential oils, the recipes for the starter box are very diverse and most are kid-friendly. 

The recipes included with the box are:

  • Sleepy Roll-On
  • Lemon Meringue Lip Balm
  • Detox Bath
  • Toxin-Free Surface Cleaner
  • Immunity Boost Hand Sanitizer
  • Fresh Air Diffuser

Sleepy Roll-On

I struggle with a creative’s curse: all of my best ideas come at night, while I’m laying in bed, trying to get to sleep. 

When I first started using Simply Earth a few months ago, I used the Lavender Hydrosol (from the August 2019 Recipe Box) to help with my insomnia. Studies indicate that lavender can be used to improve your overall sleep health.

Not only do I fall asleep faster with lavender, but my sleep is so much more restful. I kid you not, I used to wake up a minimum of 5 times a night!

Since my supply of Lavender Hydrosol is almost gone, I was very anxious to try the Sleepy Roll-On. I absolutely love it. It’s soothing, smells great (if you like the potent scent of bergamot and lavender), and this is just conjecture, but I think that the blend has helped with my teeth grinding.

Definitely my favorite recipe in the box!

Toxin-Free Surface Cleaner

Simply Earth Starter Box Recipes
3 out the 6 recipes included with the Starter Box!

The toxin-free surface cleaner comes at a close second.

In the past, I’ve tried to make my own surface cleaners, usually a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. I never seemed to find just the right combination.

This recipe is great. There’s no baking soda (so no residue) and the lemon and tea tree mask the scent of vinegar well. If you’ve ever tried to create your own DIY cleaners, this recipe is a must!

Detox Bath

Detox baths help naturally expel the toxins that have built up in your body. Most detox baths center around the use of epsom salt and use essential oils to add some scent. I love this detox bath because it not only smells great, but thanks to the Sleepy Blend, relieves stress. 

If you have ground lavender buds, I would highly recommend adding them in. The scent is amazing!

How Do I Order the Simply Earth Starter Box?

Simply Earth Starter Box Included Oils
Each bottle is labelled with the ingredients, country of origin, part of the plant, and recommended age use!

If you’re ready to snag Starter Box, just visit Simply Earth and use my code BABYLANDFREE to receive the Big Bonus Box and a free $40 egiftcard. 

The Starter Box is now offered all month long, so you can grab yours whenever you’d like!

Earn Free Simply Earth Recipe Boxes Boxes

Simply Earth isn’t an MLM company, but they do offer a fabulous referral program where you can actually earn a free box when you refer a certain number of friends to subscribe.

Also, if you stick with Simply Earth for six months (or six recipe boxes), they will send you another free bonus box. That way you can always keep supplied on your essentials. 🙂

The Simply Earth December 2019 Box Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

I love the versatility of this box. If you plan on using essential oils regularly, I would definitely snag the Starter Box if you see it. You’re saving a pretty decent amount of money and you’re purchasing oils you will definitely use. Personally, I use at least one of these oils every day (well, every night!) and I think it’s a must-have.

You can grab yours here, just remember to use the code BABYLANDFREE to snag your bonuses.

 If you have any questions about Simply Earth or the recipe boxes, please just let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to help! If you’re curious, you can also check out my previous reviews of Simply Earth Recipe Boxes and the Simply Earth brand below.


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  1. I’ve been using Young Living, and while I like the products I don’t love that they’re an MLM and SO PRICEY! Do you know how these oils compare to YL? Have you tried both? So curious, and I’m fairly certain I now want to give this box a try. I use a ton of essential oils for my twins and three year old, so we go through a ton of oil!

    1. Hey Rebekah, great question! I haven’t tried both so I can’t attest to the quality of Young Living. I’ve heard that Young Living is incredibly concentrated, so you end up using less of the oil. But, Simply Earth is also 100% and I use only a couple drops with them (at most 5 drops if I fill up my diffuser to the max). I think personally think the real reason is that Simply Earth directly works with their international farmers and keeps costs low by manufacturing in Wisconsin. They also don’t apply a hefty markup AND they aren’t an MLM company (which I assume drives up costs).
      I would definitely give Simply Earth a try. They do have a fantastic return policy if you don’t like them!