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  • KOPA Prepared Online Birth Course ReviewThe KOPA PREPARED Childbirth Course Review
    In an age of medical interventions and epidurals, natural childbirth can seem like an impossible feat. Like you, I desperately wanted to give birth without the assistance of an epidural. I wanted to feel my birth and have the reassurance that my baby would be born without any side-effects of an epidural. Most of all, I wanted to reduce my chances of a cesarean any way I could. Unfortunately, […]
  • The Cocoon Cam Plus Product Review -The Cocoon Cam Plus Review: One Mom’s Unbiased and Honest Experience
    Moving into SIDS Awareness Month, more and more parents attempt to provide a safe sleeping environment for their little ones. Regardless, you can follow every SIDS guideline in the book and still fear that your baby’s nap could be his last one. As a new mom,  I was terrified of this silent killer. I compulsively watched my baby monitor, scrutinizing the rise and fall of my daughter’s […]
  • How to Treat the Flu in Toddlers Without Losing Your MindHow to Treat the Flu in Toddlers Without Losing Your Mind
    The flu season. The truth is, no matter how you avoid it, your baby will probably get sick in the next couple months. So, WHEN your baby gets sick, you need to treat the symptoms to avoid further complications. If you’re a mother of a toddler, then you know that dealing with the flu isn’t as easy as it sounds. A baby will take any treatment you give them, but a toddler? A toddler will fight you, […]
  • How to Lose The Baby Weight With 5 Simple StepsHow to Lose the Baby Weight With 5 Simple Steps
    Baby weight. Ugh. Contrary to this post’s title, there’s nothing “simple” about losing baby weight. Most new and expecting moms realize that it probably easy, but I don’t think I don’t think anyone really knows how difficult it can be. If you’re reading this, your postpartum weight loss isn’t exactly going as you hoped. Maybe you’ve tried several diets without success (or worse, you HAVE […]
  • 10 Hidden Tongue Tie Symptoms You Need to Know About--10 Hidden Tongue Tie Symptoms You Need to Know About
    Two months. I can’t tell you how many times I considered giving up breastfeeding during that time. The teeth-grinding pain when my daughter nursed, her obvious frustration, and the constant battle between an overactive letdown and low milk supply had removed any joy from the act of breastfeeding. I spent the majority of it wondering how in the world this task could ever be considered “beautiful” […]
  • The Online Prenatal Class for Couples ReviewThe Online Prenatal Class for Couples Review: My Honest Experience From the Pulling Curls Online Childbirth Class
      Hey, Mama! If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already been referred to The Online Prenatal Class for Couples by another blogger. Maybe you’ve been told that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Or, perhaps you’re a fan of Hilary’s website, Pulling Curls, and you’re just curious if her course is worthwhile. However you landed here, you probably have a two main questions: […]
  • 10 Cute and Affordable Fall Outfits for Moms on the Go10 Affordable and Cute Fall Outfits for Moms on the Go
    There is nothing more invigorating than autumn! It’s the time to cozy up with a good book, sip on your pumpkin spice latte, and take a break from all of the autumn shopping excursions. Which brings us to the point of this post: cute fall outfits for moms on the go. Fall clothes are the literal best. They’re casual, comfy, and effortlessly fashionable. Even if you just rolled out of bed, you can […]
  • Baby Footprint Necklace Giveaway - Thoughtful Impressions Baby FootprintPersonalized Baby Footprint Necklace Giveaway
    A baby keepsake is a single, powerful reminder of our children’s first moments. When my daughter was born, I just wanted to savor every memory. From her little toes to the coos she made in her sleep, I wished that I could just stop time and replay those moments over and over again. At first, I was obsessed with saving every “special” outfit and taking  about a hundred photos. Thank […]
  • 30 Autumn Baby Names You Will Fall in Love With30 Autumn Baby Names You Will Fall In Love With
    Hey, Mama! I’m Erin and I help new and expecting moms prepare for their baby’s arrival. In my opinion, Fall is the most beautiful season of the year. Crimson and umbre leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and nippy weather. What’s not to love? And giving birth to a Fall baby? Even better. Fall babies are special. You have a chance to create a unique name that captures this unique season. You just […]
  • How to Make Mom FriendsHow to Make Mom Friends When You’re An Introvert: 6 Friendship Building Tips for the Mom with Zero Confidence
    Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already realize the importance of making mom friends. Mom friends provide the accountability and support you need to get you through this crazy new journey. The problem is, having a baby changes everything. Whether you made friends easily before or not, becoming a mom challenges every aspect of your self-identity. Suddenly you’re thrown into unfamiliar […]