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  • 5 Things You Need to Look At Before Buying a Family Car (1)5 Things You Need to Look at Before Buying a Family Car
    Let’s take a look at five critical considerations you need to look at when buying a family car. Every family is going to be different, but hopefully this post will get you a little bit of a jump start on figuring out what will be right for your’s. […]
  • Baby Charm Stroller Organizer ReviewThe Baby Charm Stroller Organizer Review
    As a new mom, I really struggled to fit all of my baby gear in my stroller’s limited storage compartments. Most of the time, I could slug around my diaper bag, but during mall excursions this became a pretty cumbersome task. It was just about impossible to squeeze in diapers, wipes, bottles, and other miscellaneous baby paraphernalia and anything that I actually needed as well. How about you, […]
  • 10 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas for New Parents10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for New Parents
    Honestly, it can be rough trying to figure out how to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a new parent. You’re tired, your budget is dramatically smaller, and finding a babysitter can be a real bear (what babysitter wants to spend her V-day watching a baby?). Last year, my husband and I were in the same boat. We knew we needed a little romance in our lives, but without a babysitter and enough money to […]
  • 35 Powerful and Unique Biblical Baby Names for Boys and Girls35 Powerful and Unique Biblical Baby Names for Boys and Girls
    There’s no doubt that choosing your baby’s name is one of the greatest honors of motherhood…but it’s also a tall order. Bible baby names are pretty easy to come by. In fact, Noah, was one of the most popular boy names of 2018! But, if you’re looking for unique Biblical baby names, the search can be just a little bit more challenging. You’re looking for a name […]
  • The Best Meal Plan for Busy New MomsThe Best Meal Plan for New Moms – The Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019
    Hey, Mama! When you’re a new mom, you can barely remember how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, let alone cook a delicious meal for you and your husband! But, the thing is, when you’re breastfeeding, recovering from birth, AND trying to lose the baby weight, you need to eat wholesome meals that provide the nutrients your body needs. For this reason, meal planning isn’t just a matter […]
  • 15 Easy Freezer Meals for New Moms - Freezer Meals for Busy Moms15 Easy Freezer Meals for New Moms
    Putting dinner on the table as a new mom is HARD. With barely a few hours of sleep, you can barely remember the last time you ate, let alone construct a full meal. If you’re hoping to reduce your time cooking, I’m so glad you’re here. This list of freezer meals for new moms was chosen specifically for you! All you have to do is prep on a good day, freeze, and then put it in the […]
  • 5 Secrets for Effectively Meal Planning as a New Mom5 Secrets for Effectively Meal Planning as a New Mom
    When you’re a new mom, the cooking game definitely changes. Those gourmet meals you cooked for you and your husband pre-pregnancy? Gone. Not forever, but at least until you have enough time to eat, sleep, and shower in the same day. When I first became a mom, I definitely struggled putting meals on the table. I would buy a ton of healthy ingredients with every intention of making a killer meal, […]
  • 6 Breastfeeding Tips You Need to Know for Successful Breastfeeding6 Tips You Need to Know for Successful Breastfeeding
    Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding time between you and your baby…unless you hate it. Can I be brutally honest? At first, I hated breastfeeding. Hated it. It hurt, it was boring, and it kept me from the actual activity I desperately wanted to participate in: sleep. Breastfeeding is hard. You have so much to learn in such a little time. Your mind and your body struggles to keep up. […]
  • 45 Old Fashioned Baby Names - Vintage Baby Names45 Beautiful Old Fashioned Baby Names for Boys and Girls
    Do you love old fashioned baby names? I sure do! For our first pregnancy, I almost had my husband convinced that we should name our daughter either Adeline or Scarlette…both stunning vintage baby names with rich meanings and history.   The thing is, old fashioned baby names aren’t a passing trend inspired by the next big actor. No, these names have been around for a while. […]
  • Natural Childbirth Tips5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want a Natural Childbirth
    For new moms, labor can seem like a scary event. When you’d like to have an unmedicated birth, that pressure often increases. Since you’ve stumbled on this article, I’m assuming two things about you: 1. You want to have a natural childbirth. And 2., you’re researching everything you can about it to ensure that you’ll be successful. For most women, a natural childbirth is absolutely attainable. […]

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