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  • The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class Review -The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class Review: My Favorite Online Breastfeeding Class!
    16 months ago, the idea of breastfeeding terrified me. I watched hundreds of videos with these beautiful, maternal women that somehow, someway, knew exactly how to latch their newborns to their breast. All I could think was, I am never going to do it right! How about you? Do you want to breastfeed but have no idea how? First of all, let me reassure you, even the most maternally-challenged mom can […]
  • Meaningful Traditions to Start on Baby's First Christmas20 Meaningful Traditions to Start on Baby’s First Christmas
    If you’re anything like me, you’ve looked forward to Christmas ever since your baby was born. Not only does the idea of reliving some of my greatest childhood memories appeal to me, but creating new traditions specific to our family is so exciting! But Christmas is more than just gifts and light shows, right? It’s about celebrating the most precious Gift in the world! The idea is to spend time […]
  • The Organized Home Course ReviewThe Organized Home Course Review – Is this Home Organization Class Worth It?
    Does it feel like most of your day is spent cleaning? Are you constantly picking up your kids’ messes only to have a new one reappear in five minutes? Is finding the simple necessities (say, your car keys, a pen, your shoes) a constant battle? From one frustrated mom to another, I see you! A while back, another blogger introduced me to the Organized Home Course by Hilary Erickson at Pulling […]
  • Encouraging Books for Stay at Home Moms to Renew Your Purpose7 Encouraging Books for Stay-at-Home Moms to Renew Your Purpose
    Whether you’re a new or veteran stay-at-home mom, sometimes the daily grind can get downright discouraging. Your kids are ungrateful, the messes are unending, and despite his best intentions, your husband’s lack of understanding leaves you lonely and underappreciated. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to keep going. You need that extra push to remind yourself why made the decision to […]
  • 5 Last Minute Hacks to Save More on Black Friday (1)5 Last-Minute Hacks to Save More on Black Friday
    Black Friday. The shopping event you’ve been dreading and waiting for all year long. Once upon a time, you might have ran to your nearest DSW for some designer shoes. But now you have kids. All of your hard-earned cash goes into stocking up on the essentials and that ever-growing Christmas list. Now its more important than ever to save as much as you can in the limited time that you have.  My […]
  • The Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon for Baby & KidsThe Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon for Baby and Kids
    Last year, we decided to shop online for Black Friday. This decision wasn’t really tactical; it was made purely out of necessity because shopping with a breastfed newborn seemed like insanity. So, instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to go to some retailer, we researched the night before for the best Black Friday deals online.  Do you know what we found? Massive savings and far less […]
  • 50+ Unique Baby Names with Fantastic Meanings50 Unique Baby Names with Fantastic Meanings
    Call me crazy, but I think a child’s name should be meaningful. It should represent more than a passing fad or whim. For my firstborn, I searched endlessly for unique baby names  with beautiful meanings. How about you, Mama? Have you been searching endlessly for “the one”? If so, I hope you find it here. Below are a few of my favorite unique baby names with a meaning.  When […]
  • KOPA Prepared Online Birth Course ReviewThe KOPA PREPARED Childbirth Course Review
    In an age of medical interventions and epidurals, natural childbirth can seem like an impossible feat. Like you, I desperately wanted to give birth without the assistance of an epidural. I wanted to feel my birth and have the reassurance that my baby would be born without any side-effects of an epidural. Most of all, I wanted to reduce my chances of a cesarean any way I could. Unfortunately, […]
  • The Cocoon Cam Plus Product Review -The Cocoon Cam Plus Review: One Mom’s Unbiased and Honest Experience
    Moving into SIDS Awareness Month, more and more parents attempt to provide a safe sleeping environment for their little ones. Regardless, you can follow every SIDS guideline in the book and still fear that your baby’s nap could be his last one. As a new mom,  I was terrified of this silent killer. I compulsively watched my baby monitor, scrutinizing the rise and fall of my daughter’s […]
  • How to Treat the Flu in Toddlers Without Losing Your MindHow to Treat the Flu in Toddlers Without Losing Your Mind
    The flu season. The truth is, no matter how you avoid it, your baby will probably get sick in the next couple months. So, WHEN your baby gets sick, you need to treat the symptoms to avoid further complications. If you’re a mother of a toddler, then you know that dealing with the flu isn’t as easy as it sounds. A baby will take any treatment you give them, but a toddler? A toddler will fight you, […]