The Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle Review 2022 – From a Mom of 2 Girls

Do you want to share your love for essential oils with your kiddos? Simply Earth has thought of the perfect gift!

Let me introduce you to Aroma the Unicorn. She’s cute, she’s soft, and she’s ready to become your child’s sleepy-time essential oil companion.

Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle Review - Unicorn Holistic Aromatherapy Bundle (1)

This Simply Earth Unicorn Holistic Aromatherapy Bundle review has two purposes: to celebrate the release of this amazing product and to share what’s inside of it. Simply Earth sent me a bundle for my daughter to try out and she loved it. I can’t wait to share our experiences with you!


What is the Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle

Simply Earth Unicorn Holistic Aromatherapy Bundle Review (1)

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Okay, let’s back up. Who am I and what’s my connection to Simply Earth?

I’ve been a Simply Earth customer/ambassador for years and I adore them. I love that they offer 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for incredibly low prices. I also really appreciate who they are as a company. Great customer service, quick ship times, and they donate 13% of their profits to charities. 

I’m subscribed to Simply Earth’s monthly recipe boxes. As a mom of two, my favorite boxes have been the child-themed ones. 

So, when Simply Earth asked if I wanted to try out their new UNICORN BUNDLE, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. I mean, seriously. Unicorns and essential oils?

My oldest daughter loves helping me create essential oil recipes. Unicorns are pretty much her favorite thing ever. I knew this bundle would be a hit.

What it Includes

Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle Review - My Experience (1)

The unicorn bundle is designed to educate kids about aromas and emotions while gently introducing them to safe essential oils. It’s also the perfect bedtime companion. 

Let’s talk about what’s included.

A Stuffed Unicorn Diffuser

Watch out, Aroma the Unicorn is about to become your child’s favorite love-y. 

Using a stuffed animal to diffuse essential oils is brilliant. Inside the unicorn is a little plastic compartment with cotton inserts. 

Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle Review - Stuffed Animal Diffuser Instructions (1)
The essential oil diffuser compartment is very subtly hidden in the back of Aroma the stuffed unicorn!

Simply add 2-3 drops to the insert and velcro Aroma back up. The bundle actually includes 3 pads, allowing you to change out the scents as well!

A Clay Unicorn Diffuser

Did you know that you can use clay to diffuse essential oils?

Let’s say your little one doesn’t take stuffed animals yet or you’re looking for a more subtle way to diffuse. The clay unicorn diffuser is perfect for you. 

To use the clay diffuser, you just add a couple drops of the Unicorn blend to the figurine’s horn. The clay absorbs the essential oil. Over time, the oil inside the clay evaporates, releasing a gentle scent. 

Unicorn Blend 

Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle Review -What's Included (1)
The Unicorn Blend, Unicorn Roll-on, and the clay Unicorn Essential Oil Diffuser!

The Unicorn Blend smells amazing. It’s a combination of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Jasmine. It smells subtly citrus-y, calming, and fresh! All of these essential oils are known for reducing stress and uplifting your mood. Which, in turn, can improve a good night’s rest. Studies have shown that jasmine oil specifically may aid with the release of Gaba, a hormone that promotes rest.

It’s important to note that the Unicorn Blend is NOT diluted. This is what you will use in your diffusers or mix with carrier oils. If you want to apply the Unicorn Blend directly to your child’s skin, you will need…

Unicorn Blend Roll-On

Sometimes kids get a little hyped up around bedtime. If you’re looking for some quick calming action, smooth some diluted Unicorn Blend on their wrists. This blend is extremely gentle (1%) and safe for children 2 years old and over. 

Aroma the Unicorn Book

Aroma the Unicorn Book (1)
This is such a fun book! My daughter loves it!

Aroma the Unicorn teaches children about different scents and you can use these scents to calm emotions. Most importantly, this book is just entertaining. Both of my daughters love it!

You will also receive the e-book version as well, just in case you want to take the book on the road 🙂

My Experience with Simply Earth’s Unicorn Bundle

Simply Earth Unicorn Holistic Aromatherapy Bundle Unboxing (1)

Spoiler alert: I love this bundle and, most importantly, my daughter does too. She tore into it as soon as she saw Aroma sitting in the box! Let me share a few of my favorite things about the Simply Earth Unicorn Holistic Aromatherapy Bundle!

The Stuffed Unicorn

First of all, I think the actual quality of this stuffed animal is great. It is holding up well against the shenanigans of an energetic five-year-old! Aroma is my daughter’s favorite toy right now. She sleeps with it every night and absolutely adores the scent.

I think it diffuses the blend very well. Strong enough for her to smell when she nuzzles against it, but not overpowering.

The diffuser part of the stuffed animal is well-designed, super subtle, yet easy to access. I love that Simply Earth includes spare diffuser pads. 

The Blend and Roll-On

Love, love, love the Unicorn Blend! I think the combination is just perfect. It smells lightly citrus-y but not overwhelmingly so. I was a little surprised that lavender wasn’t in the mix, but I’m also kind of glad that it isn’t. Everybody knows about lavender. I’m so glad that Simply Earth gives us a new, unique scent that also promotes sleep. The jasmine adds a hint of floral that is divine. Not to mention, jasmine essential oil is extremely expensive. I think that makes the blend a better bang for your buck.

I’m also pleased that Simply Earth included the pre-mixed roll-on. I don’t know about you, but sometimes essential oil ratios intimidate me. The roll-on eliminates any confusion! The ratio is incredibly gentle (1%), with just a hint of the scent.

The roll-on also allows your child to use essential oils (if they are old enough). My daughter LOVES putting this on herself and her sister. 

Aroma the Unicorn Book

Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle Review - Aroma the Unicorn Book (1)
If you want to teach your child about mindfulness, emotions, and scents, this book is for you!

Honestly, the book is just the icing on the cake.

My girls ask me to read it all the time! They love taking deep breaths with Aroma and making the “wah-wah-wahhhhh” noise. It is a very interactive book and the illustrations are stunning.

Aside from the entertainment value, I love that it introduces your child to different scents and how they can affect emotions. The book subtly talks about the science of smell as well!

How to Get Your Own Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle

Are you ready to introduce your child to Aroma the Unicorn? Get your Simply Earth Unicorn Bundle right here!

The Simply Earth Unicorn bundle is a great gift for any child two years and older! It’s just so adorable. I (ahem, I mean, my daughter) loves it! I think you will too.


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