10 Easy Easter Activities to Celebrate Jesus: Christian Easter Activities for Kids

I love Easter for a couple reasons: 1. It’s only 1 of 2 mainstream Christ-centered holidays. 2. It has way less drama than the endless shopping trip known as Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. Christmas is A-mazing. But. Easter really digs into the heart of Christianity—Jesus’s sacrifice and best of all, our salvation. Still, sometimes doesn’t it feel like there’s a little too much emphasis on Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies?

If you’re thrilled about the opportunity to teach your kiddos about the real story behind Easter but aren’t necessarily sure how to go about it, you’ve come to the right place! As a new mom, I can’t wait to teach my little one about Jesus. I pulled together this list of easy Easter Activities to celebrate Jesus, and make this holiday much more meaningful.

10 Easy Easter Activities to Celebrate Jesus


10 Easy Easter Activities to Celebrate Jesus

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Thumbprint Crosses

Thumbprint crosses are the perfect crafts for a busy family. The baking soda recipe is so easy to create and the finished craft leaves a lasting impression on your child (not to mention, it makes a great Christmas tree ornament!). After your kid molds the cross, he leaves his thumbprint in the center. Talk about a personal signature! This deepens your child’s personal connection to Jesus and the cross. It tells him that Jesus went to the cross for HIM.

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Read a Christian Easter Book

Reading is a wonderful bonding time for you and your little ones. There are plenty of age-appropriate Christian Easter books to choose from and they are so, so fun to read!

If you have a baby in the house, check out this post for the Best Easter Books for Babies for a few of my favorites!

Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Arabah Joy is probably one of my favorite Christian Mom blogs. Her blog has so many incredible devotionals and creative ways to implement Jesus into a busy mom’s life. The scripture scavenger hunt puts a new spin on a traditional Easter activity, all the while, teaching your kiddos about the Bible.

To play the scripture scavenger hunt, download the checklist from Arabah’s website and split the kids into competing teams. The goal is to solve the clues given by the scripture and find the objects. The clues for where and what items to look for are given by select scriptures from the Easter story. Once your child finds the item, they take a picture of it. The first group to find all the objects wins!

And the grand prize? Well, that’s up to you. My idea is a delicious chunk of milk chocolate bunny tail. 🙂

Christ-Centered LEGO

Legos are a staple of childhood…and the bane of a foot’s existence! If you have a mini-architect on your hands, check out the Christ-Centered Easter Brick Challenge. This challenge revolves around creating key structures and scenes from the Easter story for the entirety of Holy Week! It also includes a scripture plan and creative coloring pages.

Have a Play Dough Competition

This idea is a little something from my own childhood. I used to love play dough competitions at Sunday school. These “competitions” centered around reading scripture and recreating little vignettes from that specific Bible study. For example, with the Easter story, your child might create a little cave and stone to represent Christ’s empty tomb.

At the end of the competition, the teacher would look over our creations. Although there wasn’t an actual winner, it was so fun to see the projects displayed for the next few weeks.


10 Easy and Fun Easter Activities for Kids to Celebrate Jesus

4: Have a Seder Dinner

A few years ago, I ate my first Seder-esque dinner. Afterward, we read the story of the last supper. This simple dinner provided a completely different perspective on scriptures that I had read literally dozens of times. I can’t wait to share this experience with my daughter when she gets older!

Although there’s some debate as to whether or not Jesus’ last supper was actually a seder, this can be one of the most historically rich Christian Easter activities you can practice with your kids. Believe it or not, creating a Seder dinner is pretty easy. If you’re like me and know next to nothing about modern Jewish traditions, there are a few messianic Jewish websites that provide excellent instruction on how to make a Seder dinner.

5: Create a Seder Plate

To get the most out of a Seder dinner, involve your kids in the preparation! Check out this Seder paper plate craft. It teaches your kiddos a little something about Jewish traditions and make dinner clean up much easier.

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and discusses relevant events leading to Jesus’ resurrection on the next Sunday.

There are several ways you can teach your child about Holy Week, but my favorite activity is this calendar. It clearly breaks down each event leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion.

7: Watch an Easter Movie!

Look, if you’re a busy mom with little time to spare, there’s no shame in using multimedia to enrich your child’s Easter. My all-time favorite Biblical children’s series is Veggie Tales. Joshua and the Big Wall, Dave and the Giant Pickle, Rack, Shack, & Benny…these were the movies that actually got me fired up about the Bible. Veggie Tales has depicted some of the best Bible stories in a creative, memorable way.

If you just don’t have time for in-depth Christian Easter activities, seriously, check out Veggie Tales’ Night Before Easter. You—I mean, your kids—will love it!

8: Recreate the Garden of Gethsemane

I think one of the most important and forgotten scenes from the Easter story is the Garden of Gethsemane. It was that point in Jesus’ life where the weight of his sacrifice weighed heavily on him and his very human fears came to the surface. This event is a great opportunity to impress on our little ones to trust the Lord, even when his plan doesn’t quite make sense. It can also show them how real and human Jesus really was.

This Easter, try reading this portion of the story in an actual park or garden. Reading the story in a similar environment can help your child envision the scene and look at the story through a real-world application. A great Easter activity to go along with this trip is the praying hands craft. You can construct the prayer hands prior to your visit, so you can have an intimate prayer in the garden, just like Jesus.

9: Easter Story Table Runner

Yay, Easter decorations! Why not incorporate your children’s artwork and scripture into your home’s décor? Your kids can either fill in premade coloring or color-by-number pages, or draw their own version of the Easter story. After they’ve completed their artwork, tape each page to each other to create a one-of-a-kind table runner.

10: Scripture Verses in Easter Eggs

This last one is probably my favorite among the christian easter activities. If you host an Easter egg hunt in your home, you can easily augment it to be Christ-centered; simply write out verses from the Easter story and place them in the Easter egg. At the end of the Easter egg hunt, you can collect the verses and piece them together like a puzzle to reveal the full Easter story.

If you don’t have time to write out the verses, you can check out this free scripture templates by the Crafty Classroom (the pin above). The Happy Home Fairy also has a free printables of Jesus’s words.


What Are Your Favorite Ways to Celebrate Jesus on Easter?

If you’ve ever felt like your previous Easter celebrations have been all about chocolate bunnies before, don’t feel bad. There’s nothing wrong with a little lighthearted fun. But, hopefully this list of Christian Easter activities has proved how easy and fun sharing Jesus’s story can actually be.

This year, try out just one of these ideas. See how your children react. I’m sure the conversations you’ll have afterward will be incredibly rewarding!I can’t wait to hear which Christian Easter activities you try out. Let me know in the comments below. Until then, you can always check my Pinterest Easter board for more awesome Christian Easter activities.

Happy Easter!

10 Easy Easter Activities to Celebrate Jesus

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