Easter Activities for Baby: 10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Easter

Holidays always take a new meaning when there’s a baby in the house. You want to make sure that your baby’s first Easter is special. But, like most new parents, you’re probably wondering how the heck to do that. Sometimes it seems like babies are either sleeping or screaming, making fun Easter activities for babies a little difficult to plan.

Don’t worry, Mama. We’re about to go over a ton of cute activities for baby that will definitely give you some inspiration!

Easter Ideas for Baby - Easter Activities for Babies

As I’m writing this, my second daughter is just shy of 5 months old. I can’t wait to show her some of the traditions and fun activities that my firstborn has grown to love. I hope these Easter ideas for babies will inspire you as well!


10 Cute Easter Activities for Babies


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Make a First Easter Basket

Creating your baby’s first Easter basket will be the most fun you’ll have this year. Seriously! It gives you an excuse to go a little crazy with adorable gifts. 

What you put in this basket completely depends on your personality and your baby’s age. My advice: go with a few cheap, baby-friendly (and Easter-themed) toys and throw in one personalized “memory” gift.

For example, this year my second daughter’s Easter basket consists of a cute dress, carrot teether, stuffed Easter bunny, and a personalized name puzzle from Etsy.

Watch an Easter Egg Hunt

Is baby too young to participate in an Easter egg hunt? No worries! If your church, family, or local community center is hosting one, take your baby anyway. If you grab a comfy blanket and some munchables, your baby will be more than happy to watch the festivities from a distance.

It’s the start of a great tradition that gives your baby some much-needed outdoor time.

Read a Book

Look, this might not be the most creative suggestion, but reading your baby a Easter book is fun, educational, and it allows you both to bond.

For some great baby Easter book ideas, check out this post.

Make Easter Art for Babies

We all love the thought of creating cute infant Easter crafts but the clean up can be daunting. I love using magic markers with older babies and toddlers. It allows them to explore their blossoming creative skills with little clean-up.

But is it even fun when your baby keep trying to eat the marker? Probably not.

Don’t worry, I have a hack for that!

First, choose a cute Easter picture your baby will be amused by (you can’t go wrong with bunnies!). Place the picture on your painting surface and cover with plastic wrap. Tape around the plastic wrap securely. Squirt some non-toxic paint on top. I like to use multiple colors in different piles. Don’t use too much. We’re going to put plastic wrap over the paint and tape around that as well.

The paint and the Easter picture will be separate and should be totally sealed, allowing your baby to play with paint without the mess.

By the way, if you happen to have a toddler in the house, you can check out these awesome Easter crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. There are so many good ideas in this post! Some of these are perfect Easter crafts for 1 year olds as well!

Did you know that there is a CLASS that teaches about the best toys and activities to help your baby develop important skills? I recently took the BabyCenter Meeting Milestones Through Play online class and I loved the fun ideas it taught! If you’d like to learn more, check it out here. You can also read my full review here!

Visit a Garden

Looking for free easter activities for infants? Babies love new sights, sounds, and smells. Strolling through a garden for baby’s first Easter could be a memorable event for you both!

In April many of the plants are just barely blooming, but it’s still usually a fun place to stroll around with baby (we like to point out the sculptures and fountains as well). 

If you don’t have a community garden in your area, check out the local greenhouse. Our greenhouse is stunning, open year-round, and usually decorated for the holidays. Your baby will be fascinated by the many different plants and Easter lawn decor.

Play with a Bunny Puzzle

As a future homeschooling mom, I like to think of creative, new ways to help my little ones hone their skills. I find that holidays are the perfect time to give educational toys! 

If your baby is around 12 months, you can try introducing this fun bunny-themed puzzle. This Montessori toy helps babies develop their hand-eye coordination and animal recognition. 

Read the Easter Story 

Telling the story of Easter is, hands-down, my favorite activity to do with my daughter. She loves to be read to and it’s a fresh way to share the gospel (or Easter bunny tradition, if that’s more your thing). 

If you are religious, we purchased this padded Easter story book this year for our girls. We like it because it’s easy to read, durable enough for a teething baby, and has beautiful, engaging interactions. 

A fun alternative is to tell the story with felt characters. Just make sure you watch your baby carefully to avoid any choking situations! 

Have a Photoshoot

Is it possible to celebrate baby’s first Easter without a photoshoot? I don’t think so. Grab a huge Easter basket and some crocheted rabbit ears, and get ready to capture some memories. (Here’s a cute DIY Easter photoshoot post to help you get started!)

Many retail locations also host Easter events, if you’d like to snap some photos of baby with the Easter bunny.

Pot a Plant

This is your baby’s first Easter. It’s unlike any Easter in his lifetime! Commemorate this special event and celebrate new life by potting a plant.

Don’t exactly have a green thumb? No worries. Try potting a succulent like an aloe vera plant. These plants usually only need to be water once a week.

things to do for baby's first easter - easter traditions for baby

Fill Easter Eggs with Treats

If your baby is older, you can try creating a Easter egg hunt of your own. Fill these jumbo eggs with tasty puff treats or baby safe-toys. 

Buy an Easter Dress

This is another pillar of a traditional Easter celebration. There are a ton of places to shop for beautiful Easter clothes for your baby, but I like shopping at Hibobi. Their clothes are inexpensive and adorable! Plus, right now they have a line of Easter outfits that are totally insta-worthy.

Save a Memory in Baby’s Memory Box

Does your baby have a memory box? If not, maybe now is the time to get one. It’s a fun way to collect memories and time-stamps from his early years.

To celebrate baby’s first Easter, you can grab the flier from the church service, deposit an Easter egg, or maybe keep a ribbon from her Easter outfit.

Visit a Retail Easter Display

If you’re still searching for Easter ideas for baby, just head to your local crafts store. This might seem simple to you, but it’s free and a completely new experience for your baby. He’ll be absolutely mystified by the displays of Easter bunnies, crosses, and chocolate. My favorite places to stroll include Target (they have the best decorations!), Hobby Lobby, and Michaels.

Share Your Favorite Easter Activities for Baby!

As adults, it’s easy to over-complicate things when it comes to our babies. Just keep in mind that babies are experiencing everything for the first time. It’s super easy to impress them. 

I hope these ways to celebrate baby’s first easter give you some inspiration for your own little one. If you have a toddler or small child too, check out these Easy Easter Activities to Celebrate Jesus.

Do you have some good Easter ideas for baby? Share them below! I’d love to see them!


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