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I love giving new and expecting moms the tips they need to rock their pregnancy and raise their babies confidently.

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  1. AvatarTricia Brockway says


    I love this! As a momma of seven kids, ranging in ages.
    Yep, seven! I can truly account for the importance of instilling God’s truth in the hearts of your children.
    My oldest is 28 and my youngest 4! I know, I’m a nut but that’s another topic.
    I’ve seen my children stray and struggle with developing their own identity in Jesus. It’s the hardest experience a Mother’s can endure. Besides the death of a child, a child denying Jesus is heart breaking.
    We have to instill HIS promises in their heart and they will come back to the only truth!
    Thanks again,
    Habibi House

    • AvatarErin A. says

      Wow, seven– that’s incredible! It sounds like you’re really intentional with teaching your children about Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing your insight…especially with older kids. These are little things that I’ve been using to teach my daughter about the Lord as a young baby. When she finally said “Jesus” for the first time I about cried my eyes out 🙂 Hopefully it translates into a fruitful relationship later

  2. AvatarSarah at BibleBaton says

    Erin, this is a BEAUTIFUL post. I am so glad you’re thinking about these things.. your tips are so simple & practical, and yet so intentional. I love the ways that you’re already sharing Christ with your baby! Keep it up. 🙂

    • AvatarDesignerRin says

      Thank you, Sarah! I’m really glad you liked it. Those little hearts are so important!! 🙂

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