15 Best Easter Books for Babies: Book Recs from a Mom of 2

Looking for some sweet books to teach your little one about Easter? This post contains the best easter books for babies, from newborn to 12 months. 


Best Easter Books for Babies

I love using books to celebrate the holidays with my girls. Not only is reading a perfect brain-booster, but as an author and avid reader myself, I feel like it’s passing along a little piece of myself to them.

For my oldest daughter’s first Easter, I bought her quite a few books. Now, taking into account that she was only seven months at the time, some of these books were hits, and some of them were far above her age range.

Which brings us to this post. Are you looking for age-appropriate Easter books for your baby? I’ve curated this list for you! All of these books are perfect for your little one’s first year, and I’ll mention if they are better for smaller babies as well.

I’ve listed quite a few Christian easter books for babies, but you’ll also find a few that focus on secular elements of Easter, like chocolate, spring, and–of course–bunnies.

Just a heads up…there’s a lot of books in this post. I fully admit to going a little crazy. I suggest adding your top 5 to your shopping list in Amazon and going from there!



15+ Best Non-Religious and Christian Easter Books for Babies

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Baby’s First Easter (Baby’s First Holidays)

If you’re looking for baby’s first easter book, this one is a must-have. It’s incredibly simple (great if you have a wiggle-worm) and tells your child the basic elements of the Easter story.  The illustrations are adorable, but I also love that it includes real-life photography as well, which younger babies seem to prefer. 

Final advantage: it’s a board book! 

My First How to Catch the Easter Bunny 

Join the hunt to capture the legendary Easter bunny! It’s a very fun book with easy-to-follow rhymes and clever traps concocted for some bunny snatching.

Because there are a few more words, I would rate How to Catch the Easter Bunny a good Easter book for a 1-year-old.

A Very Happy Easter

Check out this delightful retelling of the Easter story. The book is advertised for kids 5-6, but honestly, I don’t see why it couldn’t be read to babies as well. It teaches about the resurrection with kid-appropriate language and stays true to the gospel message.

I also love how expressive the illustrations are. They cry, they laugh–All emotions that are easy for babies and toddlers to identify with. 

This Is Easter (Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts)

If you’re looking for fun ways to introduce your babies to Jesus, Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts is a great series you’ll want to check out.

This is Easter, of course, focuses on retelling the Easter story. In this book, we learn about why Jesus came to the Earth (to take away our sins), the events leading up to the resurrection, and paraphrases of the Bible verses.

There are certainly more words in this book, but I would feel comfortable reading it to babies 6 months and older because of the length. 

Good News! It’s Easter!

If you’re looking for a Christian easter book for babies that’s a little more on the lighter side, Good News! It’s Easter! will be a good one to have on your shelf. Also from the Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts series, this book follows forest critters as we celebrate the good news of Easter.

The language in this book is much more lyrical and engaging to little ones than This is Easter.

God Gave Us Easter (God Gave Us Series)

This Easter book is a little older (both in publication and age-appropriateness). I would say it’s a good Easter book for 1-year-olds and up.

This story follows a cub and his daddy bear as they talk about why God gave us Easter. It’s a fun way to explain God’s never-ending, sacrificial love for his children. 

I love the frozen, wild north illustrated in this book. It’s so unique among other spring-themed easter stories!

Happy Easter, Baby Shark!

Baby Shark do-do-do-do-do-do!

If your baby loooooooves Baby Shark like my girls did, this is the perfect Easter book! This isn’t a story, so much as it helps your little one get up, practice a new version of the baby shark song, and follow an adorable underwater easter egg hunt. 

The Story of Easter

If you’re searching for a Christian Easter book for toddlers that your baby can grow into, this is my favorite. I bought this book for my firstborn when she was a baby, and we’ve read it ever since. As a baby, we had to more summarize the pages rather than read the actual words because it’s a little detailed. 

However, once she hit the toddler phase, she really enjoyed the story! Now, at 5, she still loves it.

The illustrations are beautiful, the theology is sound, and it follows the entire story of the biblical first Easter.

Peek-a-Flap Hop – Children’s Lift-a-Flap Board Book

My oldest daughter’s favorite type of book as a baby was the peek-a-flaps! She found the flaps as endlessly entertaining as a game of peek-a-boo!

This non-religious Easter book for baby celebrates all things of the holiday! Painted eggs, parades, bunnies, baby chicks, and more! The illustrations are bright and beautiful while the language is easy to read and embellish with silly voices.

The book is advertised for ages 2+, but I think it’s a perfect fit for babies 6 months and older. 

My Snuggle Bunny – Personalized Children’s Story

Are you looking for personalized easter books for babies? This one is adorable!

My Snuggle Bunny allows you to place your child’s name on the front cover, create a personalized message on the beginning page, and include their name throughout the book. The message is so sweet: it shares the many ways you will love your child. 

I love the illustrations as well; they are gentle and beautiful. 

Jesus Loves Me Praying Hands Board Book

Cottage Door Press is quickly becoming a favorite children’s book publisher of mine. The Jesus Loves Me Praying Hands Board Book is nothing short of ingenious. As the name suggests, the book is cut in the shape of hands. It’s filled with prayers for every part of your baby’s day.

Prayers for dinner time, bedtime, and simply going outside and praising God for his natural beauty.

This isn’t an Easter book per se, but the overall theme is spring, making it a great fit an Easter basket. 

The Jesus Loves Me Praying Hands Board Book is perfect for newborns, all the way to 12 months!

Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Are ready for another Lift-the-Flap book? This one is so much fun! Like the little girl featured in the story, your little one is lifting the flaps to find Easter eggs. 

The language is super simple and appropriate for small babies. It also helps build vocabulary and identify everyday objects.

My favorite part is the illustrations. The illustrations are pretty simple, but the artist managed to incorporate tons of vibrant patterns that will enchant small babies.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Colors

My oldest daughter loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If your little one does too, check out this Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Colors book. Every page identifies a color and includes cute illustrations of an insect or animal that represents the color. 

The book is pretty simple; I would say it’s a good Easter book for newborns to 12 months. 

Happy Easter, Bunny! 3-Button Sound Board Book for Babies

Once your baby hits about 6 months, they will love sound books! 

This short baby sound book explores the different noises of Easter. There are only three buttons, but the story itself makes it fun and interactive (check out the book preview…you’ll see what I mean). 

Construction Site: Spring Delight: An Easter Lift-the-Flap Book

Okay, we’ve looked at tons of cute books featuring fluffy chicks and cute bunnies. But what about your tractor lovin’ baby? 

Well, this one’s for you. 

In this story, some friendly construction vehicles discover a surprising Easter object resting in the middle of their worksite!

Never Touch a Grumpy Bunny!

The cover of this book is hilarious. If there was ever a perfect book for my youngest daughter, this would be it. I’m pretty sure the grumpy bunny is her spirit animal. Haha, I’m joking. Kind of.

Never Touch a Grumpy Bunny is a hilarious touch-and-feel Easter book for 2-month-old babies all the way up to 3 years. Unlike many touch-and-feel books, this one contains mostly silicone with bumps, swirls, and other fun patterns. No stickiness or matted fur! Needless to say, it’s very engaging. 

Never Touch a Grumpy Bunny is also part of a series of similar books that are baby-favorites!

My Little Library: Bible Stories

So, this is actually a collection of books. This set includes 3×3 books of your favorite bible stories. Jesus Loves Me and Thank You, God might be good choices to read around Easter. Both of my daughters loved these types of books because they could pull them out of the box and “read” them independently. 

The illustrations are cute as well!

The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day (padded)

Telling the resurrection story is great, but, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard for babies and toddlers to track. If you have an energetic little one that needs a little more enthusiasm built into a book, The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day is for you.

This book is just fun! It takes the typical Easter story and infuses it with new life! You’ll find dancing rabbits, chirping birds, and upbeat rhymes.

My favorite part? It’s padded. Padded books hold up really well against any baby’s abuse, and they look really special. 

What Are Your Favorite Baby Easter Books?

Alright, that’s my (very long) list of best Easter books for babies. After this, I hope you have lots of fun ideas for your upcoming holiday. If you’re looking for things to do on your baby’s first Easter check out this post. If your baby is a little bit older and you’re a Christian mama, you can also check out these fun ways to celebrate Jesus on Easter

Do you have any good baby Easter book ideas? Let me know in the comments below!


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