40 Timeless & Unique Irish Boy Names You Need to See

Whether you’re an Irish descendant or a fond admirer of all things Celtic, sifting through unique Irish boy names can be downright fun. From its early clan system to Anglicization, and devotion to ancient mythology and Catholicism alike, Irish names are complex and rich with history.

Just in case you’re new to Blunders in Babyland, my baby name lists revolve around a common theme: I like names that are unique and meaningful. Every baby is so special and I believe his name should match!

40 Unique Irish Boy Names With Strong Meanings

If you’re like me and love the idea of finding unique Irish boy names for your unborn Celt, then read on!


40 Unique Irish Boy Names with Strong Meanings

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Just a quick note before we dive in!

As search through Irish baby boy names, probably notice that a few have interesting spellings and even more interesting pronunciations.

Names like Siobahn, Bebhin, or Bógáin are more closely related to the original Gaelic variations. Since Ireland came under English rule in the 16th century, many of these names were anglicized. Most of the time, that meant shortening or altering the name to its phonetic version.

The list below contains both Gaelic names and phonetic versions, with pronunciations as needed.


This unique Irish boy name has roots in both Arabic and Gaelic. In Gaelic, however, it means “little abbot”. If your religious terminology is a little bit fuzzy, an abbot is the head monk at an abbey.


If you suspect that you’re carrying a vibrant, feisty boy, Alaois could be the perfect Irish baby name for him. It means one who “enjoys the perks of life” or, alternatively, is “famous in war.”


Brogan is a strong, simple name that was decently popular in Ireland for a time. This particular spelling is the anglicized version of Bógáin, which means “little shoe.”


This unique Irish boy name is pronounced exactly how it looks and means “fair-haired one.”


(Shay-lan or Kay-lan). Just like its varied pronunciations, Caelan has multiple meanings. In some situations, it means “slender” or “child”. In others, it means “mighty warrior” or “victorious people.” The name is now considered unisex.


Daly stems from the Irish surname, O’Dalaigh. Dalaigh is best translated as, “one who attends an assembly” or “counselor.”


The old Irish version of this name is Deglan. There’s some debate on its pronunciation. Some pronounce it as “De-glawn” while others prefer its phonetic version, “de-clawn.” In any case, this traditional Irish boy name means “full of goodness.”


O’Coileáin is a common surname throughout Irish history. You might be more familiar with the anglicized version of the name, Collin. It means “cub” or “young one.”


This is probably one of my favorite Irish baby names on this list. It means “fierce bravery”. Not only can it embody your unborn baby’s developing temperament, but its a great motto for him to live by.


You might be more familiar with the phonetic version of this name, “Deermot” or “Dermot”.

Diarmuid has a rich history in old Irish mythology. He was the demi-god lover of Grainne, the daughter of the High King Cormac mac Airt. In the legend, Diarmuid and Grainne run away together, ruthlessly pursued by her elderly betrothed, Finn mac Cumhaill. In the end, Diarmuid meets an untimely demise, but his character was fearless and admirable.


Unique Irish Baby Boy Names


(Own) Eoghan is an ancient Irish boy name. He’s the infamous son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. Eoghan means “from the yew tree” or “young.”


(Ay-mon or Ee-Mon) Eamon is a thoroughly Irish baby boy name meaning, “guardian” or “wealthy protector.”


Fallon is actually a unisex name, designating that he or she is the offspring of a high king. In modern times, Fallon simply means, “leader.”


If you’ve checked out my Irish Baby Girl Names post, you might remember seeing this name. For both boys and girls, Fiadh means “wild.”


The anglicized version of the Gaelic name, Gealbhan, Galvin means “bright one.”


Pronounced exactly as it sounds, Hagan is the anglicized version of the surname O’Uiginn, which means “viking”.


The Gaelic version of Hugh, Aodh, means “fire.”

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There’s some debate as to whether this is a Scottish name or an Irish name, however, it means “supplanter”. It’s most likely derived from James.


A very unique Irish boy name, Jarlath (originally Iarfhlaith in Gaelic) means “tribulatory lord.”


(Ul-an) This unusual Irish boy name stems from another character in Irish mythology. Iollan was the pursuant of Dierdre and Naoisi.  Iollan means “one who worships a different god.”


Originally spelled, Cian, Kane means “ancient” or “enduring.”

Unique Irish Baby Boy Names


Keiran is the phonetic version Ciaran, which means “dark.” The name gained its popularity from the Irish saints, Ciaran the Elder and Ciaran the Younger.


Leith is actually a Scottish name as well as an Irish name. The Scottish version refers to river, whereas the Irish version means “wide.”


Lonan, or Lonán in Gaelic, means “little black bird.”


Merrick is a relatively popular name now, meaning “fame” or “popular”. However, this name actually gets its roots from Ireland. The original version, Merric, means “ruler of the sea.”


Nevan originates from the Irish baby boy name, Naomhán. It means “holy.”


Pronounced and often spelled, Neal, Niall rightfully means “warrior” or “champion.” Niall comes with an incredible, bordering on fantastical, history; High King Niall created a dynasty that ruled Northern Ireland for four centuries.


(O-rawn) Also known as Orrin, Odhran means “little green one.”


(O-sheen). Oisin was another important player in Irish mythology. He was the son of Finn mac Cumhaill, the warrior that pursued Grainne. Oisin had a slightly gentler spirit than his dad, and while he was still a warrior, he was also known to be a poet. warrior, poet. Oisin means “little deer.”


The phonetic variation of Faoláin, Phelan means “wolf.”


Quillan is a cool variation of Collin.


O’Riordan is another common surname, but typically considered an unusual Irish boy name. It means “royal poet” or “bard.”

40 Irish Boy Names - Rourke (1)


Sometimes referred to as a clan name, Rourke means “champion.”


(Seer-sha) Although Saorirse is more commonly used as a girl name now, it was originally an Irish boy name meaning, “freedom.”


This is a simple name, meaning “well.”


Pronounced TY-EG, Tadgh is Gaelic for “storyteller.”


Torin has a variety of meanings and origins, depending on how its spelled. The Irish varation, Torin, means chief from the crags. The English version, Tauren, means woodland.


Probably one of the most unique Irish boy names on this list, Veon is actually a variant of Taveon. Veon means hillside or sky.


Like Phelan, Whelan is a variant of the Gaelic name, Faolán, meaning wolf.


Technically, Yven is not an Irish baby boy name. It was a term used by the French to denote someone as a Celt. It stems from the word “yew” or “yew tree.”

You Can’t Go Wrong with an Irish Name

When you’re searching for your baby’s name, you’re not just looking for something that sounds nice. You want to find a name that not only speaks to your heart, but your child’s bright future and personality.

Without meeting your child, that can be quite the challenge.

The unique Irish boy names above are beautiful, yes, but they’re also timeless and special. Whichever one you choose, you know that his name will be as special as he is.

If one of these names just didn’t speak to you, check out our other baby names posts.

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