35 Powerful and Unique Biblical Baby Names for Boys and Girls

There’s no doubt that choosing your baby’s name is one of the greatest honors of motherhood…but it’s also a tall order. Bible baby names are pretty easy to come by. In fact, Noah, was one of the most popular boy names of 2018!

But, if you’re looking for unique Biblical baby names, the search can be just a little bit more challenging. You’re looking for a name that is just as special as your little one, not one that is a passing fad. That’s where this post comes in. Here we’ll look at rare Bible baby names that will dedicate your little one to your faith in a very special way.

35 Powerful and Unique Biblical Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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35+ Powerful and Unique Biblical Baby Names

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A unique biblical baby name originally spelled “Adah,” Ada is Hebrew for “adornment”.


Most of us are more than familiar with the story of Cain and Abel. Abel is actually a sweet name, meaning “breath” or more literally, “son”.


A derivative of the Hebrew name, Rebekkah. It means, “to join or tie.”


While this Bible baby name may be quite the mouthful (but who doesn’t love the nickname Barnie!), it sure does have a spectacular namesake. Originally named Joseph, Barnabas traveled with the apostle Paul to spread the Gospel openly. Barnabas is Greek for “son of encouragement”.


Greek for “Queen Mother”, Candace was an Ethopian queen that converted to Christianity in the New Testament.


Although not typically depicted as a hero in the Bible, this unique Biblical baby name is a powerful. Cyrus is Persian for “sun.”


A beautiful Hebrew name meaning, “Avenged.”

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An older name from the Bible, meaning “fountain”.


Named after the beautiful garden in Genesis, Eden literally means “Paradise.”


Elian is a popular name in many cultures, but its original Hebrew meaning is “God is my family or the Lord is my God.”


While there isn’t a Frederick in the Bible, this unique boy name has a great namesake. Frederick means “peaceful ruler.”


Hadassah (maybe Haddi for short) is the Hebrew name for Esther. It means “compassion” or “myrtle tree.”


Taken from the infamous prophet, Hosea aptly means, “Salvation.”

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While Isabel isn’t technically mentioned in the Bible, any biblical baby names list is bereft without it. It’s a variant of Elizabeth, which means “devoted to God or promised to God.”


While Israel is certainly considered a unique biblical baby name, it has definitely grown in popularity this decade. Israel means, “wrestled with God.” Perfect for your feisty baby.

Judah - 35 Unique Biblical Baby Names - Baby Names from the Bible

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And what would Israel be without Judah? Judah means “praise.”


Many Christian’s aren’t familiar with the story of one of the Bible’s first heroines, Jael. Jael was fearless and strong, single-handedly taking down a war general. Jael means, “wild or mountain goat.”


Although Leah may not have the greatest meaning (to be weary), it’s still a beautiful biblical girl name.


35 Unique Biblical Baby Names


Named after the tribe dedicated to service to God, Levi means, “joined or attached.”


Michal is often thought as the female derivative of Michael. She was also King David’s first wife. Michal means “who is like God?”


Named after the prophet, Malachi has an incredible meaning, “my angel.” What mother hasn’t thought that about her son?


Also known as Neriya, Neri means “my light.” I think it’s ridiculously cute!


Not to be confused with Mason, Nason means “helper.”


Omar is a sweet Bible baby name that means “life or long living.” Definitely a wish every mother makes for her new baby.

Phoebe - Unique Biblical Baby Names - Baby Names from the Bible

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Phoebe was a special woman from the Bible. She was one of the first gentile converts. Her name is Greek for “bright or shining.”


Even though Perez is a little-known character in the Bible, he’s a direct ancestor or Jesus Christ. This name means “to burst forth or to breech.”


If you love the meaning of Rebekkah (to join or bind), Reba is a saucy variant.


Many times the Hebrew meaning of Rei is overlooked. It’s actually a sweet name from the Bible, meaning “my companion or my friend.”


Although Susanna was very popular last century, it’s been phased out with the modern variation, Susan. Susanna is actually Hebrew for “graceful lily or true beauty.” That’s a tall compliment coming from the Bible!

Biblical Baby Names for Boys and Girls - Biblical names


Silas was one of the first missionaries in the New Testament. His name is Latin for “of the trees.”


One of the youngest and most honored Christian in the Bible, Titus is Greek for “pleasing”.


A very rare name from the Bible but it has a beautiful meaning, “desiring God.”

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The first wife of King Xerxes, Vashti appropriately means “beautiful.”


An old Hebrew name for “second or changed.”


“Zac” for short, Zaccai is Hebrew for “pure or just.”


Zillah is a little-used biblical girl name that means “shade” or “shadow.”

Did you like these unique Biblical baby names? Here’s some more!

I hope you found some inspiration from these unique biblical baby names. If you did, I’d love to hear some of the name combinations you came up with!

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35+ Unique Biblical Baby Names

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