70 Perfect Middle Names for Elizabeth with Beautiful Meanings

You’ve finally decided to name your darling girl Elizabeth. Great choice! Elizabeth is a beautiful name that never goes out of style.

Now it’s time for the second hardest part…selecting Elizabeth’s middle name. 

Middle Names for Elizabeth - Middle Name for Elizabeth (1)

I love the name Elizabeth. In fact, I love it so much that I used it for my own little girl. So, today I am extra excited to share some of the best middle names for Elizabeth. Below I’ve included a few names that go with Elizabeth, plus the meanings and a quick guide to help speed up the process.



How to Choose a Middle Name for Elizabeth

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Why You Need a Middle Name

True, you’re not require to choose a middle name for Elizabeth….but unless your last name is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious it’s a pretty good idea. Here’s just a few reasons Elizabeth will thank you later on in life for choosing her beautiful middle name now:

  • More Namesakes: Have a great aunt that you love dearly but you just can’t stomach the idea of naming your daughter “Bertha?” That’s the beauty of middle names. They allow you to carry on the family tradition without sacrificing your preferences. 
  • Easily Identifiable: Elizabeth is a timeless name that never goes out of style. Unfortunately, this also means that your daughter might share her name with a few of her classmates, coworkers, and friends. The solution? A middle name! Many teachers use the first initial of a middle name (or the entire name) to differentiate between students. Also, a middle name will help her out later when she’s trying to identify herself to others. 
  • Middle Names Can Be Nicknames: Not too fond of Lizzy or Beth? You can totally give her a  nickname based on her middle name. Or, you can combine her first name with her middle name to create something new and unique. We did this with our first daughter and love it!

Things to Consider for a Middle Name


Once you’ve narrowed your list down to your three faves, I would take a quick glance at potential initials. She may not appreciate initials that spell out EEK or EVIL. 


Have you ever heard a name that “just sounds right?” Believe it or not, there’s an unofficial set of rules that help names flow well. When you’re choosing middle names for Elizabeth, bear these guidelines in mind. 

  • Avoiding using two similar-sounding consonants. For example, avoid Kate Kerri.
  • Do use differing syllable counts. E.g. Rose Marie.
  • Avoid two names that sound too similar. For example, Marie Kerri.
  • Consider the meaning of the overall name. For example, Katherine Isabel means pure and promised to God.
  • Choose a name that has the same “feel”. For instance, Elizabeth is a biblical name. You can choose a middle name that follows this theme.
  • If you can’t decide, why not choose two?

About Elizabeth: Different Ways to Spell Elizabeth and Origin

Last thing to consider: what Elizabeth means and how you’re going to spell it.

Elizabeth is a variation of the Hebrew name, Elisheva. It means “consecrated to God.” When you break it down, it means “el”, God, and “shava”, meaning “oath.”

The cool thing about Elizabeth is that there are actually several variations and spellings of it.

Here’s a few ways you can spell Elizabeth :

  • Elisabeth
  • Alizabeth
  • Elysabeth

And a few variations of Elizabeth:

  • Elspeth (Scottish)
  • Isabel (Spanish)
  • Lisbeth (German …Lisbeth Salander anyone?)
  • Elizavet (Greek)
  • Liesel (German)

Best Middle Names for Elizabeth

Are you ready to choose a middle name for Elizabeth? Check out this list and write down a few (about ten) of your favorite names. Make sure you compare notes with your partner later so you can whittle it down to your top three!

My best advice: don’t think twice when you right down some of your favorites. Your subconscious will eliminate names as time goes on.

Elizabeth Aliese

Old French. Noble

Elizabeth Anne

Latin. A variation of the Hebrew name, Hannah. It means, “God has favored me.”

Elizabeth Brynn

Welsh. Meaning “hill” or “mound.”

Elizabeth Belle

French. Beautiful. Perfect if you’re a Disney fan <3

Elizabeth Brie

French. Marshland.

Elizabeth Charlotte

French. Free Man.

Elizabeth Camila

Spanish. Young religious servant

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Elizabeth Claire

English. (Latin word is Clarus). Clear, bright, or famous.

Elizabeth Darcy

Elizabeth Darcy

Old English. Daybreak. I mean, if you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice this is the perfect name. 

Elizabeth Deanna

Greek. After the Greek goddess, Diana. Meaning fertility.

Elizabeth Delaney

Gaelic. Originally an Irish surname. Essentially means, “black river.”

Elizabeth Eve

Hebrew. “Life giving.”

Elizabeth Elaine

French. Shining Light.

Elizabeth Everliegh

Old English. Honestly, you might want to just ignore the meaning on this one. It means “from the boar meadow.” Scary Mommy has the funniest definition for this name. “A pretty good name for a child who will tear through your house like a boar and eat you out of house and home.” 

Elizabeth Flor

Old French.  Flower.

Elizabeth Fae

Old French. Loyalty or Belief.

Elizabeth Faith

American. This American baby name originated from the Latin word “fides,” meaning “confidence or trust.”

Elizabeth Gwen

Welsh. Blessed or holy. 

Elizabeth Grace

Latin. Referencing goodness and generosity.

Elizabeth Harper

English. Player of the harp.

Elizabeth Hope

English. Desire of Fulfillment.

Elizabeth Isla

Spanish. Island

Elizabeth Ivy

Old English. Of the vine. 

Elizabeth Ivory

English. Pale. Referring to rare and expensive Elephant tusks. 

Elizabeth Jane

Hebrew. Feminine version of the name John, which means “God is Gracious.”

Elizabeth Jae

Korean. Wealthy

Elizabeth Joy

Latin. Happiness.

Elizabeth Kae

Can be used to represent several names. 

Elizabeth Katherine

Greek. Pure.

Elizabeth Kate

Nickname for Katherine.

Elizabeth Lacey

Old French. From a lassy.

Middle Names for Elizabeth (1)

Elizabeth Lynn

Welsh. Usually meaning “lake.”

Elizabeth Lee

English. Clearing or Meadow.

Elizabeth Louise

Old German. Famous Warrior.

Elizabeth Madelyn

English. Woman of Magdala.

Elizabeth Mae

Greek, Hebrew, or Irish. Mae refers to the goddess of the harvest, Maia, in Greek. Mae can also be a nickname for Mary, which means “rebellious.” It can also be considered an Irish name that means “honest child.”

Elizabeth Maeve

Celtic. Queen.

Elizabeth Mary

Hebrew. Rebellious.

Elizabeth Michelle

French. The feminine version of the name “Michael”, which means “who is like God?” Who, indeed!

Elizabeth Naomi

Hebrew. Pleasantness. 

Elizabeth Noelle

Old French. This is probably one of my favorite middle names for Elizabeth. It means Christmas.

Elizabeth Orla

Celtic. Golden princess. (A fantastic fall-inspired name as well!)

Elizabeth Oakley

English. Do you want to modernize Elizabeth a little? Check out this hipster unisex name! Oakley means, “oak clearing.”

Elizabeth Olivia

Latin. Olive.

Elizabeth Page

Latin. Helper.

Elizabeth Pearl

English. While this name is relatively self-explanatory, I chose it because, like Elizabeth, it grew in popularity significantly in the late 1800s, early 1900s. 

Elizabeth Piper

English. Once again, we’re dealing with a name that sounds nice and means exactly what you’d think. 

Elizabeth Peyton

Old English. This unisex name means “fighting man’s estate.” 

Elizabeth Queen

Elizabeth has always been a popular choice for royalty. Why not pay homage to that tradition?

Elizabeth Quinn

Irish. A unisex name meaning, “counsel.”

Elizabeth Quincey

Latin. Warrior.

Elizabeth Rae

Hebrew (several origins). Can be a nickname for the Hebrew name Rachel, which means Ewe.

Elizabeth Reece

English. Do you suspect that your little one is a passionate girl? Give little Elizabeth the name she deserves. Reece means “ardent” or “enthusiasm.”

Elizabeth Rhea

Greek. Flowing river.

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose

English. Beautiful flower.

Elizabeth Ruby

English. Precious stone.

Elizabeth Ruth

Hebrew. If you’re looking for biblical middle names for Elizabeth, Ruth is perfect. It means “friend.”

Elizabeth Sable

Irish. Named after the river Severn. Could also mean Princess.

Elizabeth Sage

English. Refers to the healing herb. Also refers to a wise people or scholars. (“Sage advice”).

Elizabeth Sabrina

Irish. Named after the river Severn. Could also mean Princess.

Elizabeth Sarah

Hebrew. Another biblical middle name for Elizabeth! Sarah means Princess.

Elizabeth Shay 

Shay is both Gaelic and Hebrew. Both renditions mean “gift.”

Elizabeth Sophia

Greek. Wisdom.

Elizabeth Vale

Latin. Lives in the valley.

Elizabeth Victoria

Latin. Feminine version of Victor, which means “victory.”

Elizabeth Violet

English. Purple/blue flower.

Elizabeth Teresa

Spanish. To harvest.

Elizabeth Tris

Yet another hipster name. Tris can refer to your little one’s birth order. Or it can be a nickname for beatrice.

Elizabeth Trish

Latin. A nickname for the Latin name, Patricia. Patricia means “noble.” 

Elizabeth Willow

English. Referring to the willow tree.

Elizabeth Wynn

Old English. Friend.

Elizabeth Zana

Hebrew. I think is such a pretty name. Somehow, the two Z’s in both names just work! Zana means “graceful lily.”

Elizabeth Zoe

Greek. Ready for another variation of Eve? Here’s Zoe, meaning, “life.”

Celebrity Inspirations for Names that Go With Elizabeth:

I don’t know about you, but I like to check out real life name combinations. Here are some popular celebs that might help!

  • Elizabeth Irene Banks (AKA Elizabeth Banks)
  • Actress: Rosemond Taylor (AKA Elizabeth Taylor)
  • Famous writer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Actress: Elizabeth Jane Hurley (AKA Elizabeth Hurley)
  • Elizabeth Chase Olsen 

What Are Your Middle Names for Elizabeth Ideas?

So, what do you think about these middles names for Elizabeth? Any good ideas brewing?

If you’re still having a hard time choosing, try writing down 10, then eliminate 5, and then 2 more. Bring your top 3 favorites to your partner. Think on it for a few weeks. I liked to try out each name combination for at least a couple days.

If you’re still searching for inspiration for middle names for Elizabeth, check out some of our baby names lists below.

Let me know what you choose!


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