30 Autumn Baby Names You Will Fall In Love With

In my humble opinion, Fall is the most beautiful season of the year. Crimson and umber leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and nippy weather. What’s not to love?

And giving birth to a Fall baby? Even better! My second daughter was a fall baby and you’d better believe that I extensively researched every autumn baby name I could find. If you’re a fall-lover like me, I hope you enjoy these fall baby names as much as I do! Just to make the process a little easier, I also included the baby name meanings as well as their origins.

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Many of these names are nature-inspired and rustic, so if you’re searching for more of the same, check out my post, 50 Rustic Baby Names for Boys.

I hope you find one that resonates with you!



30 Autumn Baby Names to Fall In Love With

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Ash (Ashoun)

Ashoun is actually Armenian for autumn. That makes the shortened version, Ash, one of the most clever baby names for the fall season.


I love Barley. It’s a twist on the more common name, Bailey, and a great nod to Fall’s harvest time.


Blaine is a more popular name, but once again, it’s a clever acknowledgement of fall. It’s actually Gaelic for yellow!

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This name is especially perfect for your little redhead. Copper is a classic name with a rustic twist.


Amber is a common fall-inspired name, that was, unfortunately, a little over-used in the 90s and early 2000s. Ember is a great variation of the common name and embodies everything fall represents.


If you believe in Zodiac signs, you know that Earth is Fall’s element. Forest (or Forrest) is a down-to-earth name that inspires a true appreciation of nature.


Autumn Baby Names


I don’t know about you, but when I hear the name Hazel, I think of hazelnut lattes, candles, and warmth.


You might think this is a stretch, but I think this is a definitely a baby name pertaining to the fall. Fall is the perfect time to cozy up and read a classic book. Naming your baby after your favorite author (Poe, Hemingway, Shakespeare) can add a special warmth.


Jasper comes in many colors, but most popularly the rich ochre and burnt orange tones of october.


Okay, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll probably recognize this name, But, it’s the perfect autumn-inspired baby name! Jorah is actually Hebrew for “Early Rain.” DEFINITELY a highlight of the fall season.


This is a bit on the nose, I’ll admit, but it’s so cute! Leif is Scandinavian for heir or descendant. Taken literally, of course, it’s so appropriate.


The harvest moon is a critical component of the season (and especially Halloween). Luna is a timeless, beautiful name that every little girl can appreciate.


Dutch version of Jasper, this “hauntingly” familiar name is a nod to the beautiful colors of fall and our favorite, friendly ghost.


Collecting brightly-colored maple tree leaves was one of my favorite activities as a kid. Maple is the perfect, and sweetest, autumn baby name you could ask for!


Octavia is simply a nod to October. It’s classic, beautiful, and embodies intelligence and confidence.


Oliver means olive tree. It’s an earthy name that invokes images of the classic tale, Oliver’s Twist.


This name is one of the most popular october-inspired baby names right now (don’t worry, it’s not popular enough that “everyone” is using it). Orla is gaelic for gold: the perfect representation of this season’s beautiful color scheme.


If you’re an Edgar Allen Poe fan, Raven is the perfect baby name for you. It inspires memories of gray, chilly days (if you’re a Fall-baby like me, there is no other warm and home-y thought!) and long, comforting nights. Plus, most of the time, ravens are our only avian friends during this season!


Another earthy name! Reeds are found in wet, marshy environments.


Rhea is a relatively popularly name that means flowing stream and acknowledges the gentle rains of Fall.


Herbs and spices are very common for autumn baby names. Rosemary is a less common name that provides provides endless nickname options.


French for “reddish brown”, Roux is also a popular october-inspired baby name right now. Personally, I think of roux as the essential ingredient for a good gravy. A less popular variation of this name is Rue (which is, ironically, an herb!)


Rye can be your baby’s full name or a nickname for Ryanna or Ryan. It’s another harvest essential, and very unisex.


Saffron is definitely of my favorite autumn baby names on this list. It’s an Indian spice that invokes images of rich crimson tones.


The moon phases are an essential part of the fall season. I love this name because its beautiful, rarely used, and not quite as on-the-nose as Luna.


This reddish brown color is found all over the place during October and November. Why not name your child after it?


How is Stella an autumn name? One word: Oktoberfest. Stella, French for star, is the perfect october-inspired baby name for Stella Artois fans.


Sorrell is French for reddish brown hair and a pretty amazing boot brand ;). It’s also unisex, and is perfect if you’re waiting to reveal the gender until birth.


Have you ever seen the Fox and the Hound? Remember Todd, the Fox? Of course, Todd is a variation of Fox (very on the nose, Disney!). I can think of no other animal that represents fall more than the fox.  


Wesley is an earthy, unisex name that means western meadow.  

There you have it, Mama! 30 Autumn baby names for babies born in the fall season! I hope you loved these adorable names and, most of all, I hope you found one that spoke to your heart. If you enjoyed this post, please share it and follow me on Pinterest for more pregnancy planning posts!

Enjoy this beautiful fall season!


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