70 Best Middle Names for Ava with Unforgettable Meanings

Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect name for your little girl. Ava is a classic but popular baby name that has attracted parents for literally generations. Meaning, you’ve managed to find a unique name that will never go out of style.

Now, it’s time to choose your baby’s middle name! Sometimes choosing a middle name can be every bit as difficult as selecting a first name. Hopefully, this post makes your decision easier. Today, we’re going to cover some of the best middle names for Ava. Below you’ll find a few of my favorites, as well as the origin and meanings.

Middle Names for Ava

If you’re really struggling, you can also read the guide on how to choose a good middle name (tailored specific for Ava, of course).


How to Choose a Middle Name for Ava

Middle Names for Ava - Baby Girl Names

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Picking out a name (middle or first) is tough! It’s easy to look through hundreds of baby name lists, but actually choosing? Sometimes it can feel impossible.

This section is going to help you choose a middle name for Ava. Now, if you don’t need help (just looking for a little inspiration), that’s totally cool. Feel free to breeze past this and check out the baby names below. But if you are having a tough time, this little tutorial is for you.

Why You Need a Middle Name

Are you on the fence about giving your baby a middle name? Let’s take a look at why your baby needs a middle name. This will most likely help you choose which one!

  • More Namesakes: I don’t know about you, but I love giving my babies special names. I named my first daughter after a deceased family member, and my second after my favorite aunt. Middle names give you the opportunity to bless your child with a special namesake without compromising one of your personal favorite names. Plus, if you’re not a huge fan of a relative’s name, bestowing it as a middle name is a little easier to bite.
  • Easily Identifiable: Ava is kind of a popular name right now, so there’s a good chance there will be a couple “Ava’s” in your daughter’s class. Not only does a middle name help your child’s teachers and classmates differentiate who is who, but it’ll help little Ava out later in life.
  • Middle Names Can Be Nicknames: Love nicknames but not a huge fan of the potentials for Ava? A middle name can be the perfect solution! You can combine Ava with the first couple letters of her middle name to give her a unique middle name.

Things to Consider for a Middle Name


Your child’s initials can be a blessing and a curse. The right initials will amp up their cool-factor throughout elementary school…or be a constant source of humiliation. 

Consider the initials of little Ava’s name before you finalize. Also keep in mind, you could use her initials as a nickname.


Most parents choose a middle name by the flow. The “it just sounds right” factor. Everyone has their own set of rules, but these are a few guidelines that I’ve found useful for choosing a middle name that flows well.

  • Avoiding using two similar-sounding consonants. For example, avoid Kate Carrie.
  • Do use differing syllable counts. E.g. Rose Marie.
  • Avoid two names that sound too similar. For example, Marie Carrie.
  • Consider the meaning of the overall name. For example, Katherine Isabel would mean pure and promised to God.
  • Try names that end with the same letter but have different first letters and syllables. For example, Ava Isabella.
  • Choose a name that has the same “feel”. For instance, Ava is old fashioned, Latin/German originated, and has biblical roots. Choosing a middle name with one of these themes will naturally help with the flow.
  • Avoid hard-sounding consonants. This isn’t a definite rule but it seems like soft-sounding consonants sound better with Ava. Having said that, I included a few C’s and K’s below just in case they click for you.
  • If you can’t decide, why not two?

About Ava: Different Ways to Spell Ava and Origin

We’re almost ready to choose your middle name! That’s so exciting! Last thing to consider: what Ava means and how you’re going to spell it.

Ava is actually a German variation of the Hebrew name, Eve, meaning “to live.” Having said that, some experts believe it could also stem from the Latin word, avis, which means bird. 

It’s considered a classic biblical name with Latin and German origins, which makes it appeal to many different people.

Here’s a few ways you can spell Ava:

  • Avah
  • Aeva
  • Eva 
  • Evah

Best Middle Names for Ava

Are you ready to choose a middle name for your little girl? Most of the names below use a few of the guidelines we just talked about, but I threw in a couple that just sounded cool as well. You’ll also find the middle name’s origin and meaning.

I would write down all the names that even “kind of” sound cool, then whittled down the list later.

Ava Alice

Old French. Noble

Ava Astrid

Old Norse. Beautiful Goddess

Ava Beth

Hebrew. Can be a nickname for Elizabeth or Bethany. Bethany means “House of Affliction.” Elizabeth means “Promised to God.”

Ava Briar

English. Thorny bush of wild roses.

Ava Braelyn

Welsh. Strong or honorable. Considered a unisex name.

Ava Charlotte

French. Free Man.

Ava Ciara

Gaelic. Black.

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Ava Claire

English. (Latin word is Clarus). Clear, bright, or famous.

Ava Dawn

Old English. Daybreak.

Ava Deanna

Old English. Church Leader.

Ava Delaney

Gaelic. Originally an Irish surname. Essentially means, “black river.”

Ava Elizabeth

Hebrew. God is my Oath.

Ava Emery

Latin. Loving. Considered an unisex name.

Ava Evelyn

Norman French. Wished for Child. Actually a diminutive of Ava. 

Ava Gabriella

Hebrew. Female version of Gabriel. Messenger of God.

Ava Genevieve

French. Woman of the Race. Originally, given to celtic women.

Ava Grace

Latin. Referencing goodness and generosity.

Ava Fae

Old French. This is one of my favorite middle names for Ava. I think the “f” sound of Fae compliments the “v” of Ava really well. Fae means loyalty or belief.

Ava Faith

American. While this is an American baby name, it originated from the Latin word “fides,” meaning “confidence or trust.”

Ava Francesca

Italian. French man.

Ava Harper

English. Player of the harp.

Ava Hope

English. Desire of Fulfillment.

Ava Isabella

Italian. God is My Oath.

Ava Isla

Scottish. Island.

Ava Jane

Hebrew. Feminine version of the name John. God is Gracious.

Middle Names for Ava - Middle Names that Go With Ava

Ava Joy

Latin. Happiness.

Ava Julienne

French. Love’s Child.

Ava Kae

Can be used to represent several names. 

Ava Katherine

Greek. Pure.

Ava Kamilah

Spanish. Helper to the Priest.

Ava Kate

Nickname for Katherine.

Ava Kennedy

Gaelic (originally). Anglicized name for Cinnéidigh. Helmeted chief.

Ava Liliane

Spanish. A latin version of Lily.

Ava Lee

English. Clearing or Meadow.

Ava Louise

Old German. Famous Warrior.

Ava Madelyn

English. Woman of Magdala.

Ava Mae

Greek, Hebrew, or Irish. If you choose the Greek namesake, Mae refers to the goddess of the harvest, Maia. Mae can also be a nickname for the Hebrew name Mary, which means “rebellious.” Finally, Mae can also be considered an Irish name that means “honest child.”

Ava Marguerite 

French. Pearl.

Ava Michelle

French. If you’re looking for a biblical middle name for Ava, look at Michelle. It means “who is like God?”

Ava Natalie

English. Yet another beautiful baby girl name with biblical origins. It means “birth of the Lord.”

Ava Nadene

French. Hope.

Ava Noelle

Old French. Christmas.

Ava Odette

Old German. Wealth.

Ava Olivia

Latin. Olive.

Ava Ophelia

Greek. Help.

Ava Pearl

English. This middle name for Ava doesn’t have a fancy meaning. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it looks so good!

Ava Penelope

Greek. Weaver.

Ava Priscilla

Latin. Ancient.

Ava Pru

Latin. Referring to the name Prudence, which means, “of good judgement.”

Ava Queen

This name is breaking theme, but it really has a great flow!

Ava Quinn

Irish. A unisex name meaning, “counsel.”

Ava Quirina 

Latin. Warrior.

Ava Rae

Hebrew (several origins). I’m of the opinion that Rae can go with just about anything. This middle name of Ava can be a nickname for the Hebrew name Rachel, which means Ewe.

Ava Rose

English. A beautiful flower.

Ava Ruby

English. Precious stone.

Ava Rylie

English. Why not give Ava a rustic twist? Rylie means wood clearing.

Ava Sabrina

Irish. Named after the river Severn. Could also mean Princess.

Ava Savannah

Spanish. Treeless plain.

Ava Sophia

Greek. Wisdom.

Ava Sage

English. Refers to the healing herb. Could also refer to a wise or intelligent person.

Ava Vale

Latin. Lives in the valley.

Ava Victoria

Latin. Feminine version of Victor, which means “victory.”

Ava Violet

English. Purple/blue flower.

Ava Teresa

Spanish. To harvest.

Ava Tianna

Russian. Christian.

Ava Theodora

Greek. Gift of God.

Ava Willow

English. Referring to the willow tree.

Ava Wynn

Old English. Friend.

Ava Zabrina

Irish. Form of Sabrina.

Do You Have any Great Middle Names that Go With Ava?

There you have it! 70 names with Ava to add to your list. I hope one stuck out to you! If you’re still having a hard time choosing, I would write down 10, whittle away to 5, then bring your top 3 faves to your partner. Then, I would walk away for a couple weeks. Sometimes time is the best determinant! 

If you’re still searching for inspiration for middle names for Ava, check out some of our baby names lists below.

Good luck!


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