40 Unforgettable Disney Boy Names with Cool Meanings

Are you a huge Disney fan? As in, seen pretty much every movie, subscribed to Disney+ (obviously), and already scouring the Disney store for cute outfits?

Me too! That’s exactly why I created this list of Disney boy names. Disney has so many likeable characters and incredible stories. This is the perfect combination for a memorable and unique baby name. 

Disney Boy Names

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite male Disney characters. I’m also really big on giving my babies names with special meanings, so I’ve included the meanings behind the names.  Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your own little one.


40 Disney Boy Names with Meanings 

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Jungle Book. Akela is a very cool Disney boy name because it actually has two meanings, depending on which origin you’d prefer. In Old German, Akela means “noble.” Hindi’s version means “alone.” Both are totally appropriate if you’re expecting a lone wolf.


Toy Story. Are you a big fan of Toy Story? Andy could be a great standalone name or a nickname of Andrew, which means “brave.”


Mary Poppins. Short for Bertram or Albert, Bert was a very popular name in the late 1800s, early 1900s. I think it needs to make a comeback! Albert is English for “light.”

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Finding Nemo. Who doesn’t love Bruce, the new “vegetarian” shark of Nemo? In real life, Bruce means “from the brushwood thicket.”


Beauty and the Beast. There’s not really a deeper meaning to Chip, but it is a cool trendy name. Thanks to Fixer Upper, I always think of Chip Gaines when I hear it.


Pirates of the Caribbean. Looking for a traditional name with a twist? Check out Davey. Used as a standalone name or nickname, Davey is of Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved.”


Rapunzel. You’ll see that Flynn Rider’s aliases are mentioned multiple times in this post. Eugene is a classic name with great nickname potential. Eugene means “noble.”


Rapunzel. Flynn is actually an Irish boy name, meaning “reddish.” 


Jungle Book. Technically, this isn’t a Disney name, but it’s inspired by the grey Indian wolves from Jungle Book.


Do you remember the Herbie movies? This name is perfect for fun-loving, on-the-move baby boys. Short for Herbert, Herbie means “illustrious warrior.”


Pirates of the Caribbean. Looking for something adventurous? This Disney boy name might be perfect for you. Jack is considered the nickname for James or John, so it can mean “supplanter” or “grace of God” respectively. 


101 Dalmatians. In this case, Jasper is actually a villain (he’s one of Cruella’s hired dog-nappers), but the name is still really cool. Jasper appropriately means “treasurer” or it references the valuable stone.

Disney Boy Names - Disney Baby Boy Names


Bridge to Terabithia. Remember Bridge to Terabithia? (Insert sad emoji!) Jesse is kind and artistic; a special namesake for your little baby boy. Jesse is a Hebrew name meaning “God’s gift.”


Frozen. Let’s be real, not a ton of people will name their boys Kristoff. Kris is a good alternative that is still a nod to the original Disney baby name. If you’re dead-set on Kristoff, it’s actually a Scandinavian name meaning “bearing Christ.”


Car.s Loyal Mack is probably one of my favorite characters from Cars. If you’re looking for a modern Disney name for boys, Mack is super versatile and timeless. There’s a couple names Mack can stand for including, Malcolm, Mackenzie, Macon, Maxwell, and Cormac.


Mickey Mouse. On that note, Max is another good nickname for the long names above. 


Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Protagonist Milo is sweet, smart, brave, and adventurous. If this fits your baby boy, give Milo a chance. It’s a German name, meaning “merciful.”


Princess and the Frog. If you’re a huge fan of Princess and the Frog, check out this handsome Disney baby boy name. Just like the Prince, Naveen means “fresh” and “bright.” 


Zootopia. Nick, the main protagonist of Zootopia, is wily and witty. It’s typically the shortened version of Nicholas, meaning “victory of people.”


Oliver and Company. I love, love, love Oliver and Company. I can’t tell you how many times I watched this movie as a kid. Whether from the movie or Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Oliver is a popular name that continues to be a big hit on baby name charts. Oliver means “from the olive tree.” 


Rapunzel. Technically this Disney boy name comes from Rapunzel, but I always think of Pedro Pascal from the Mandalorian whenever I see it! Pascal is originally a Latin name meaning “born on Easter.”


Peter Pan. Peter is a timeless name, but if you’re looking for a cute nickname, Pete is it. Pete or Peter is a Greek name meaning “stone” or “rock.”

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Sleeping Beauty. Also a Greek name, Philip means “dear” or “loved.”


Mulan. Shang is possibly one of the coolest male disney characters on this list. I love that he’s strong and confident, but not the least bit intimidated by Mulan’s awesomeness. Shang means “esteem.”

Disney Boy Names - Disney Baby Names


Sleeping Beauty. You might remember that Stephan is Aurora’s father from Sleeping Beauty, and the true villain in Maleficent. Most appropriately, Stephan means “crown.”


Monsters Inc. Definitely one of my favorite Disney boy names on this list, Sulley is an Old English name meaning “south meadow.”


Aladdin. Is your little boy fierce? Rajah is the powerful but lovable tiger from Aladdin. Rajah is a Hindi name meaning “king.”


Rataouille. Remy is a French name meaning “oarsman.” You can also use Remy as a nickname or Remington.


Up. Old Norse for “red-haired,” Russel is a timeless baby name. If you don’t expect to have a red-haired baby, no worries. Russel from Up is kind and hilarious, the perfect namesake!


Rapunzel. Okay, last Rapunzel name, I promise! Rider is pretty self-explanatory and makes a great western name.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Looking for an older Disney boy name? Roger from Who Framed Roger Rabbit has made a decades-long impression on so many Disney fans. This is an old French name meaning “honor” or “fame.”


Little Mermaid. Sebastian is a Greek name meaning “venerable.”


Frozen. Will your baby be of Scandinavian descent? Sven is a popular Scandinavian name meaning “young warrior.”


Pocahontas. Thomas actually pops up in a few Disney movies. It’s a very popular with a lot of nickname potential. Thomas  means twin.


Fox and the Hound. Are you a Fox and the Hound fan? I love that movie. Did you know that Todd is actually Irish for fox? A little on the nose, isn’t it?


Moana. Tui is the Polynesian title for chiefs. Totally appropriate for Moana’s father!


Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Short for Vincent, Vinny means “to conquer.”


Escape to Witch Mountain. Do you remember Escape to Witch Mountain? This movie is an absolute classic. If you haven’t seen it, Tony is one of the two gifted siblings trying to make their way back to Witch Mountain. Tony is typically a nickname for Anthony, meaning “praiseworthy.”

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Will is a classic name that pops up in several Disney movies. Short for William, Will is an English name that means “desiring peace.”


Zootopia. Technically, this name is Disney-inspired. Wilde may not be too popular, but Wilder is a unique baby name rising up the popularity charts.

Who is Your Favorite Male Disney Character?

Did any of these Disney boy names look good? I hope so! If not, check out some of my other baby name posts below for more inspiration.

In the meantime, who is your favorite male Disney character? Let me know below!


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