30 Disney Girl Names Perfect for Your Princess

When you’re looking for the perfect name for your little princess, there is no better place to draw inspiration from than Disney movies! Disney characters are often heroic, unique, and very memorable.

I love Disney characters. In fact, my daughter’s middle name is Isabel, which is about as close to “Belle” as I could get with my husband. I compiled this list to highlight the beautiful, but lesser-known disney girl names. Aurora, Ariel, and Elsa are on every list, so let’s draw inspiration from the other characters of Disney. To help you decide if these names are a good fit for your baby, I’ve also included their meanings and origins.

Disney Girl Names - Disney Baby Names

Are you ready to find your baby’s name? Let’s go!


30 Disney Baby Girl Names You Probably Haven’t Thought Of Yet!

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(Alice in Wonderland) Okay, we will get into the lesser-known Disney girl names, but first, it kind of feels like a disservice not to include Alice on this list. Alice is a courageous character worthy of being a role model for any independent little lady. Lewis Carroll also really hit the nail on the head with this girl’s name; Alice actually means noble or truth in Old French.


(Little Mermaid) Sweet Adela, otherwise known as Ariel’s other sister, doesn’t get a lot of the spotlight in The Little Mermaid. Still, it’s a beautiful Disney girl name that is distinctly elegant. Adela also means noble, but comes from Old German origins.


(Bo Peep, Toy Story) I love this hip rendition of Bo Peep. Bo is Old Norse and means “to live.”


(Pinnochio) Do you remember Cleo? She’s the happy goldfish in Pinnochio! Cleo is a shortened version of the greek name Cleopatra, and means “glory.”


(Cinderella) Drizilla is probably not your favorite Disney character, since she’s most known for being one of Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters. Still, her name is quite elegant. Drizella is a rendition of the Greek name Drusilla, which means “dewey-eyed.”


(Aladdin) Dalia is a new Disney character, but she made quite an impression as Jasmine’s best friend in Aladdin. Dalia originates from both Arabic and Hebrew, and means gentle or branch respectively.


(Brave) Queen Elinor is the perfect combination of elegance and strength. Her name is Greek for “bright.”


(Up) Ellie is the late love of Mr. Fredricksen’s from Up. I love that Ellie is essentially a nickname, and you can attach it to whatever meaning you’d like to. 


(Bambi) You may have to think really hard to remember Faline. She’s Bambi’s playmate and future sweetie. Faline is Latin for “like a cat.”


(Avatar) Let’s not forget that Disney owns Avatar! In case you need a recap, Grace is the passionate doctor that leads the Avatar program. I love the name Grace. It’s totally timeless yet not overused.


30 Disney Girl Baby Names you probably havent thought of yet


(Hercules) As Hercules’ (Disney) mother, Hera evokes a certain air of dignity and elegance. Hera originates from the Greek language and literally means, “queen.”


(Aladdin) Once, it felt like a disservice to write any post on Disney girl names without mentioning Jasmine. Jasmine is actually a very popular name in the US, ranking 136 in 2018. It’s Persian for Gift from God.


(Tarzan) Jane is the refined yet fearless heroine of Tarzan. A proper English name, I think Jane is timeless and elegant. It means “Jehovah has been gracious.”


(Tarzan) Since we’re on the topic of Tarzan, do you remember Kala? She was Tarzen’s energetic best friend. I love this name because it has so many meanings. It’s actually used in Sanskrit, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew. The meanings vary, obviously, but most of the time Kala means “beautiful” or “princess.”


(Lion King 2) King Simba’s daughter, Kiara is headstrong, feisty, and a natural leader. Kiara actually comes from two languages, Irish, which means “dark-haired,” and Italian, meaning “bright.”


(Star Wars) Now that she’s officially a Disney Princess, let’s add Leia to our list. As the fearless leader of the Rebellion, you’re probably asking for a little trouble with this Disney baby girl name. Leia is Latin for lioness.


(Hunchback of Notre Dame II) As Quasimodo’s love interest, Madellaine shows kindness and bravery. Her name is Old French for “high tower.”


(Hercules) Megara is somewhat of a villain and a love interest in the Disney version of Hercules, although she does redeem herself in the end. Her name means “great.”


(Lilo and Stitch) In the hilarious yet heart-warming tale of Lilo and Stitch, Nani plays Lilo’s practical older sister. This Disney girl name is Hawaaian for “beautiful.”


(Avatar) The deuteragonist of Avatar, Neytiri wins Jake’s heart and his loyalty with her ferocity and honesty. I’m fairly sure that Neytiri is a made-up name, but it is beautiful and has a great namesake. 


(Bolt) Penny is the spunky teenaged owner of the dog hero, Bolt. You can use Penny as the literal meaning (the currency) or as a shortened version of the Greek name Penelope, which means “weaver.”


(A Bug’s Life) If you suspect that your little baby is as fair as a rose, this name is perfect for her! Plus, Rosie from a Bug’s Life was an amazing character!


(Nightmare Before Christmas) Sally is probably one of my favorite Disney characters. Not only does she deal with Jack’s self-absorbed antics, but she’s adventurous and will stop at nothing to find her freedom. In real life, Sally is actually an English derivative of the Hebrew name, Sarah, which means Princess.


(Moana) You might recognize Sina as Moana’s cautious and wise mother. Sina is actually Hawaiian for “treasure” or “blessed.”


(Pirates of the Caribbean) Tia is the scary and dentally-unhygienic witch from Pirates of the Caribbean. If you actually knew what her name meant, it would’ve been a dead giveaway for her true identity. Spoiler alert! It’s Greek for “goddess.”


(Princess and the Frog) Tiana is a newish character in the Disney universe, but she’s definitely made ripples throughout pop culture! Her name is perfect for her role, meaning “princess” in Latin.


30 Disney Girl Names for your little princess


(Tinkerbell) If you remember the movie Tinkerbell, then you know Vidia is about as saucy as it gets. Vidia is actually a sanskrit name, meaning “learning.”


(The Incredibles) This is my absolute favorite name on this list. Violet is the teenage superhero from the Incredibles and (the long-awaited) Incredibles 2. Her name is perfect for spring babies!


(Peter Pan) Although Wendy is thought to be a classic name, it was actually created by Sir James Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan!


(Willow) Now that Disney also owns Lucasfilms, it also owns Willow. Although Willow was a boy in the movie, it still makes a great Disney girl name.

And that’s my VIP list of Disney girl names! What did you think? Did you find one that really spoke to you? If not, why not check out some of my other baby name posts? The perfect name is waiting for you somewhere, I promise!

If you think I’m missing some good ones, let me know in the comments below. Good luck with your pregnancy, mama!


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  1. what about Chiara is a good one

  2. What about Mia? Or Amelia? The Princess Diaries are Disney.

    1. Lucy green says:

      What about Elsa and Anna, Fred George Harry Draco Mcgonagall Ron Pansy Quirrell Hermione Luna snape lupin Nymphadora tonks

      1. Love Elsa and Anna! I want to see more babies with those names. I don’t think Harry Potter is owned by Disney yet but I am all for naming my girls Hermione and Luna haha!