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50 Classic Boy Names That Don’t Sound Old

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Choosing a baby name is tough. There’s a lot of pressure to choose something that’s unique and cool, but it’s easy to fall into trends that go out of fashion. The classic boy names on this list have stood the test of time. Many of these names were consistently popular through the 19th and 20th century, and still are ranking on baby name charts. Not only that, but each one has a great meanings.

Whichever one you choose, you know that it won’t go out of style!


50 Traditional Baby Names that Never Go Out of Style

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Allen has held steady in the U.S.’s top 200’s until about the 1990s. Although it’s not as popular, it’s still considered a staple among American names. Ironically, Allen is actually Celtic, originating from the Gaelic name Ailin. It means “handsome” or sometimes “Little Rock.”


This name has held steads for over two thousand years. It’s Greek for “Defender.”


If you’re a fan of biblical names, check out Benjamin. It’s Hebrew for “son of the right hand.”


Like Allen, Bruce’s popularity has remained steady since the 1800’s until it’s recent decline in the 90s. Bruce has a vibrant history in England and Scotland. It means “willowlands.”


If you’re looking for something a little edgier than Bruce, check out Bryce. It’s an old Scottish name meaning “freckled.”


There is no better classic boy name than Charles! Charles is a French name that means “free man.”


Is faith a major factor in your baby naming process? Christian is one of the most simple classic boy names on this list, but it’s powerful. It literally means “follower of Christ.” 


This common Irish name is the anglicized version of Conchobhar, meaning “lover of wolves.”


Daniel is a strong Hebrew name meaning, “God is my judge.”


Yet another classic biblical name! David is Hebrew for “beloved.”


Derives from a celtic tribe. It means “defender.”


If you want to put a spin on the name John, check out Evan. It’s the Welsh version of John, which means “grace of God.”


This is also name with Hebrew origins, meaning “firm or enduring.”


This classic name for boys stems from the Irish Fion, meaning “fair.”


Do you love rustic names? Forest is a classic!

Classic Boy Names - Traditional Baby Names for Boys


This Welsh name means “gentle.”


Regal yet strong, George was the name until about the 1950s. It means “farmer.”


Definitely one of my favorite classic boy names on this list! Griffin is an old Welsh name referring to the mythical beast. Not surprisingly, it means fierce or dangerous.


This pet name for Harold is of Germanic origin and means “army ruler.” It was very popular in the 80s, but it’s recently seen an uptick (Harry Potter, anybody?)


This rustic classic baby name soared in popularity in the 90s and hasn’t looked back since!


Like Evan, Ian is a version of John. Ian is of Scottish origin.


Like the Biblical name Isaac, Ike means “he will laugh.”


Yet another awesome Biblical name! Hebrew is for “supplanter” or someone that takes what isn’t his. If you know the story, it totally makes sense!


A classic baby name referring to the stunning, vibrant precious stone.


This Hebrew name means “tenacious or aggressive.”


Kenneth is one of those classic boy names that doesn’t get enough love anymore. It originates from the Gaelic name Cainnech. It means “handsome.”


Kyle is a cool name that spiked especially in the 90s. It means “narrow.”


This pet name stems from the Latin name Leonard meaning “lion strength.” It has some pretty cool namesakes too, like Leonardo daVinci and Leonardo DiCaprio (or maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd?).


Let’s look at another pet name! Liam refers to William, which means “strong-willed warrior.”


Matthew is Hebrew for “gift of God.”


I think you’re probably noticing a trend now with these classic boy names. A lot fo them are Biblical and many are from Hebrew origins. Any classic baby name list is incomplete without Michael. It means “who is like God.”

Classic Boy Names - Classical Baby Names for Boys


Stemming from the Hebrew name “Natan”, Nathan means Gift of God.


Nicholas is a classic name that has given way to the modernized form, Nick. It’s Greek and means “victory of the people.”


I love Oliver! It’s modern, elegant, and yet totally timeless. Oliver is of Old French origin, meaning “olive tree planter.”


Yet another old Gaelic name! Owen means “young warrior.”


Do you love horses? Check out this classic Greek name! Philip literally means, “horse lover.”


I don’t think I can mention this name without thinking about Pierce Brosnin. It’s an English name that means “son of the piersman.” Alternatively, you could go with the Greek origin, “Peter,” which means “rock.”


This is a Germanic name meaning “bright.”


This classic unisex name refers to the beautiful bird.


Originally a surname, Ryan is Irish for “little king.”


Ready for another rendition of John? Check out the Irish version, 


I love Silas because while it’s still technically a classic boy name, it’s underused and somewhat unique. Silas is of Latin origin, meaning “forests.”


Stephan has ranked at the top of the baby name charts since the 1800s. It’s a Greek name that means “renown.”


Tad isn’t quite as popular today, but it could definitely be considered a classic name for boys. Most parents refer back to Thaddeaus. It’s a Aramaic name, meaning “heart.”

Classic Boy Names - Traditional Baby Names for Boys 2


Are you a romantic? Tristan is a beautiful celtic name meaning “sorrowful,” much like the classic tale of Tristan and Isolde.


Tyler wasn’t even on the baby name charts until the late 70s, after which it soared into popularity. It’s actually an Old French name, meaning owner of taverns.


If you’re looking for an ancient classical name, look no further than Ulysses! Ulysses is actually the Latinized version of Odysseus. It means “wrathful or hater.”


This name is Greek for “victory.”


Or, you can try the Latin version, Vincent. 


I theorize that this name was made popular by Chuck Norris. It’s German for “highwayman.”


This anglo-norman name means “western meadow.”


Do you love the idea of naming your little boy after a historical figure? Winston Churchill is a great namesake. Winston is old English for “joyful stone.”


A classic Aramaic name, Youssef means “God will increase.”


Like Tyler, Zachary’s popularity grew exponentially in the 90s. It’s a name with Hebrew roots, meaning “God remembers.”


Z names are the coolest. Zeke is definitely increasing in popularity right now! Most of the time, Zeke refers to the old name, Ezekial, meaning “God’s strength.”

What are Your Favorite Classic Boy Names?

Alright! There’s a few traditional boy names to get you started. I love these names because they’re not “old” sounding and they have great meanings. Did you see any you liked?

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out a few more of our baby names lists below.

Good luck!

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