50 Unique & Popular Gender Neutral Baby Names You’ll Love

Choosing a baby name is tough. My husband and I literally spent hours writing down baby names, narrowing our list, and then started from scratch the next day. 

But choosing a name when you don’t even know the gender of your baby? I definitely feel for you.

Gender Neutral Baby Names You Will Absolutely Love

Everyone loves buying babies personalized gifts, which can add a decent amount of pressure to choose a name before giving birth. So, if you’ve decided to leave the gender of your baby a surprise, gender neutral baby names could be the perfect solution.

Gender neutral baby names are actually quite popular right now. This list will highlight both popular and unique unisex baby names. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll hone in on the perfect name for your little one.


50 Unique and Popular Gender Neutral Names with Great Meanings

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Although Ashton is more commonly used for girls, it’s by no means uncommon for boys. Ashton is actually an English surname, meaning “ash tree town.”


This name has been one of my favorites ever since I heard it. It’s a variation of Alexander, which means “defender of man.” You’ll see quite a few Alexander variants on this list.


Bentley is a classy name, especially if you or your partner is a car-enthusiast. It’s Old English for “covered with bent grass.”


This is probably one of the most popular unisex baby names on this list. Literally meaning “follower of Christ,” the use of Christian spiked in the 1990s. While it’s still a very popular boy name, it’s becoming less popular for girls. 

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Aside from location, this gender neutral name gets its roots from the Gaelic language. It means “meadow dwelling.”


Devon is an old Irish word, that means “defender”. Alternatively, some believe it originated from the county in England.


Although it has several roots in other languages, the unisex rendition of this name stems from Hebrew. It can be translated as “God is gracious.”


Another gender neutral baby name with multiple meanings, the Teutonic meaning for Emery is “industrious”, while the German form means “brave.”


One of my personal favorites, Fallon is Irish for “leader.” Fallon is traditionally thought to be a girl name, but originally was old for men.  

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When you’re choosing a unisex baby name, you might want to stick with a nickname for now and adjust baby’s full name after he (or she!) is born. This post will list off a few gender neutral names that follow that idea. 

Fred is an excellent nickname for both boys and girls. Frederick or Fredrich in German means “peaceful ruler.” If you happen to have a girl, Winifred is a beautiful, Old Welsh name for “blessed” or “holy one.”


Gael is one of the most popular gender neutral baby names of this modern era. It’s a Celtic name, simply referring to a gaelic-speaking person.


Gene, or more commonly Jean in its feminine form, is a short version of Eugene. Eugene means “well-born.”


This gender neutral baby name just keeps growing in popularity. It’s a beautiful yet strong name, literally meaning “harp player.”


Traditionally, Hayden was considered more of a boy name. However, now it’s really starting to see some growth on the feminine side. The name is super cool as well; it’s Welsh for “fire.”


The man, the myth, the legend…or the heartland state. Whether you have fond memories of the state or simply love the connection to the adventurer, it’s a great name for both boys and girls.  


Izzy was considered more of a female name, but it’s definitely picking up some steam for boys as well. I love its versatility; it can be a shortened version of Isabella, Isabel, Isaac, and even Isaiah. 


50 Gender Neutral Baby Names Perfect for Boys and Girls


Originally Julian was a variation of the name Julius, which means “youthful.” During the Roman times, Julius was actually considered a gender neutral name. Julian simply followed that trend. 


Jerri (or Gerri) is a nickname for the English name, Geraldine or Gerald. Both mean “ruling spear.”


Before Kyla became popular, Kyle was considered a gender neutral baby name. The name was originally a Scottish surname, meaning “strait.” 


Still a popular unisex name today, Kasey means “brave.”


Traditionally thought of as a girl name, Lauren gained popularity for boys in the 1800s. It’s latin for “laurel plant.”


You can pronounce Laine as “Lane” or “Lane-ee”. In any case, Lane is a Finnish name meaning “wave.”


Another personal favorite, Max can be a nickname for Maxine, Maxwell, or Maximillion. Max usually takes on the definition of Maximillion, which means “greatest.”


Although Madison is more commonly used as a girl name in modern days, it was originally considered a male name, meaning “Matthew’s son.”


The next three gender neutral baby names can be narrowed down once your baby is born. Nat is the nickname for Natalia, Natasha, Natalie, Nathan, and Nathaniel.


Another popular nickname, Nicky (or Nicki) can be used for Nicole or Nicholas.


Ollie is a classic nickname for Oliver or Olivia.


Much like Bentley, Oakley is an ultra trendy English name. Oakley means “oak grove.”


Used for both females and males throughout time, Parker is Old English for “park keeper.”


Patton (or Peyton if you’re a football fan) is an old unisex baby name meaning “fighter’s town.” 


If you’d like to give your baby an intellectual head-start, Quinn is a traditional Gaelic surname meaning, “wisdom.”



Quade or Qade (sounds like “Wade” with a Q) is more often used as a boy name. However, in the past it was actually a gender neutral baby name bestowed on the fourth-born child.


Riley is a strong, feisty Irish name meaning “valiant.” 


In Old French, Raine was used exclusively as a feminine name that meant “queen” or “she sings.” In modern days, more and more boys are taking on the name. 


Sacha is the Russian variation of Alexander, defender of man.


Saffron actually gets its roots from Egypt. Originally, it was used as a unisex name referencing its yellow spice namesake.


An extremely popular gender neutral baby name, Taylor literally means, “to cut.”


Teagan is Gaelic for little poet. Or, if bestowed on a boy, it can also mean handsome man.


Tristan has a long line of heroic predecessors, mostly male. Before the myth, Tristan was a unisex Welsh name meaning “outcry” or “noisy.”


A perfect choice for your brown-haired boy or girl.


Unice (more commonly spelled Eunice), is greek, for “good victory.” It grew in popularity as a boy name in the 80s.


Vic is a great nickname for your little Victor or Victoria.


If you’re searching for a meaningful gender neutral baby name, Valen is a solid choice. It’s an English name that means “strong.” 


Wesley is a fairly popular English name that means “dweller of the western wood clearing.” Although in the past it was used more as a boy name, we’ve seen a spike in girl Wesleys in the last decade.


Another unisex nickname that’s seen a sudden increase in female namebearers. Will is usually a shortened version of the names Willow or William. 


Most of us are familiar with the male version of Xavier, a Spanish name meaning large house or castle. However, in Aramaic cultures Xavier is also considered a girl name and means “bright.”


If you’re expecting a Christmas baby, Yule is perfect! Yule means “winter solstice.”


York is a trendy, location-based unisex name gaining popularity quick. 


A unique variation of Alexander, that can actually be used for boys and girls.


If you suspect that your baby is a quiet soul, Zen could be the perfect name. 

What’s Your Favorite Gender Neutral Baby Names?

What do you think? Did you see any gender neutral baby names that inspired you? 

If you’re still looking, try writing down your top three before moving on to fresh ideas. Then, eliminate three from your top six. Try those remaining top three on for size for about a week. If none of them feel right, move on. 

 If you’re still searching for inspiration, we have several posts devoted to finding the perfect baby name! I hope you’ll check them out, as well as some of our most helpful pregnancy posts.

Good luck, Mama!

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