BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution Course Review {2022}

BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution

Whether you’re a new or veteran parent, sometimes it feels like having a baby is less about the cuddles and sweet moments than it is finding a way to survive their crazy sleep schedule. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of baby sleep courses to help you through this. 

But which one is right for your baby? For you? Which methods can actually help your baby go to sleep and stay asleep? Do you want to cry-it-out or use gentle sleep training? When do you start sleep training?

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There are so many questions!

I’ve blogged about babies for a while now and my favorite topic is infant sleep. Namely, how to improve it. Between my blog and raising two little girls, I’ve taken a few baby sleep courses. I’ve got to say, I am really excited about the BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution by BabyCenter.

This is a brand new baby sleep training course designed to help your little one fall asleep quickly and independently. I took the entire course from start to finish, to help you decide if its the right infant sleep training course for you!


Pros and Cons: BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution Review At-a-Glance

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  • Wide age range- for newborns to 1 year
  • Easy, bite-sized lessons
  • Great for formula-fed and breastfed babies
  • Taught by a board certified pediatric sleep physician
  • Over 2 hours of instructional videos
  • Includes exclusive guides, schedules, and printables
  • Excellent pricing
  • Professional production
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Online course
  • No lifetime access option
  • Tutorials aren’t as in-depth as other sleep courses
  • Less focus on daytime routine

What is the BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution

Baby Sleep Solution Dr. Brown

I love BabyCenter. BabyCenter created the app I used to track my second daughter’s progress throughout my pregnancy. They’re usually the website I go to for parenting tips and to make sure Baby Elle is meeting her milestones. 

I love that BabyCenter features contributors like me and also qualified baby experts. So, when I heard that they were releasing their own baby care course, I was all over it. BabyCenter is a widely trusted, objective resource that many moms love!

The BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution is a baby sleep training course that provides information and techniques to help your baby fall asleep faster and independently. Unlike most sleep courses that I’ve reviewed, BabyCenter’s course offers tips for babies from newborns to 1-year-olds. They also offer sleep training techniques that vary significantly, making this one of the most universal baby sleep training courses on the internet.

 But more on that in a minute.

Here’s the really cool thing, though: the course is taught by board certified pediatric sleep physician, Dr. Olufunke Afolabi-Brown. Anna Jimenez Lyle co-hosts and asks Dr. Brown the burning questions you would if this were an in-person course.

Class Structure

The majority of the course is taught through video lectures. However, there’s plenty of written content and notes to read through if you’re more of a visual learner. I actually found the written content extremely helpful. 

Aside from the introductory and support videos, the course is divided into 3 phases:

  • Stage One: 0-3 Months
  • Stage Two: 3-5 Months
  • Stage 3: 6+ Months

I love that they structured the course this way.  A newborn’s sleep habits are wildly different from a 3-month-old’s. Each age has it’s challenges. BabyCenter makes it very easy to navigate to each phase of your baby’s life. 


BabyCenter’s 3-Stage Sleep Solution covers a lot of material, but honestly, not in a cumbersome way

A few of the topics included are:

  • Newborn sleep 101: This section is so important if you’re a new parent! You’ll learn why you can’t expect to sleep train a newborn, what to expect with naps, how to start great sleep habits from the beginning, and–most importantly–how to survive sleep deprivation.
  • Preparing your baby’s sleep environment/sleep routine: your baby’s sleep will not improve without creating a great sleep environment first.
  • Safe Sleep: Safety topics like bed sharing, room sharing, and reclining.
  • Sleep Regressions: That is, when to expect them and how to cope with them.
  • Specific strategies for babies 3-5 months: You’re not “sleep training” yet, but you are continuing to implement positive sleep habits that encourage independent sleep. 
  • The myths about sleep training (this section is gold!): You will receive flak for sleep training your kid. I’ll talk about this in more detail below, but basically it goes over how sleep training and crying affects your baby long-term.
  • How to decide which formal sleep training method to use
  • How to sleep train babies older than 6 months
  • Learning the specific techniques, like sleep training with no check-ins, staying in the room, and interval check-ins

Who is This Class For?

Parents wanting to learn how to sleep train their baby! Seriously, because of the structure and multiple sleep techniques used, this course is extremely universal. 

 Even if you’re still pregnant, this is a great course to take now. It helps you set up the right sleep environment and develop positive sleep associations right from the newborn phase.

What if your baby is almost one and still wakes through the night? Still take this course. It demystifies the science of infant sleep and the strategies can be incredibly helpful for you.

Who Is This Class Not For?

If you do not like online courses, don’t take it. If you don’t think you’ll be consistent with the techniques you just learned, hire a trained sleep consultant to help you. This is a great course, but it’s only worth it if you make the commitment to do the work.  

If you love in-depth classes with highly specific strategies, this is also probably not the course for you. This course is very robust, but it doesn’t delve into the specific techniques as much as its competitors do. 

Also, I noticed that this class isn’t big on a specific daytime routine or feeding routines. That’s the life-blood of other sleep courses, like Taking Cara Babies or Baby Sleep Answers. If you need help getting your daytime routine together, you might check out those courses instead. The BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution does address naps, but not as in-depth.

Highlights from BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution

BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution Course Review - Highlights

It’s For Babies 0-12 Months!

Every baby sleep course I’ve take before this one is divided up similarly, BUT you have to purchase the content for each of your child’s age ranges.

The BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution is divided up into different age-groups and its all included in this course.

At the Newborn phase, we’re just setting up the foundation for great sleep. If you use these techniques, there’s a good chance your baby will become a great sleeper all on his own and formal sleep training will not be required later.

The same goes for the 3-5 months phase, which focuses on avoiding developing sleep props and giving parents reasonable expectations. 

On the other hand, the  6+ months will appeal to a lot of parents desperate for sleep. Maybe their baby has developed a pacifier addiction. Maybe your little one is still taking multiple feeds in the night. Or, perhaps your little one will only fall asleep when held. If any of that sounds familiar, you’re going to love this section.

 Simply watch the introduction, skip through the newborn and 3-5 month phase, and get straight into the techniques you desperately need. 

3 Different Sleep Training Methods

This is probably the ultimate reason why I really like this course. The BabyCenter 3-Step Sleep Solution teaches you how to use three different sleep training methods: no check-ins (think cry-it-out), stay in the room (gentle sleep training), and check-ins.

There are several sleep courses out there, but they rely on specific sleep training methods. For my first daughter, I used the Babywise sleep training method, which used Ferber techniques. There is no way I could use the same techniques with my second.  She would wail FOR HOURS if I let her.  My reactions were different as well. I was much more emotional with my second baby. 

My point is this: you might buy a sleep course, only to find out that their methods don’t work for you or your baby.

That’s why the 3-Step Sleep Solution is a good resource. This course allows you to CHOOSE. Can’t stand crying? Congratulations, watch the gentle sleep training tutorial. If you’re cool with a little bit of crying but not a lot, no problem. They teach you how to train with the check-in method.

Myths vs. Facts and Science Behind Sleep Training

I love that this course goes over some of the research done in these topics. Dr. Brown covers important topics, like when science says to start sleep training your baby (based on caloric needs and mental development).

BabyCenter also combats some HUGE myths surrounding sleep training. Such as, if you’re risking permanent emotional damage if you sleep train your baby. Or, the myth that allowing your baby to cry is cruel. Or, my personal favorite, that sleep training is selfish. There’s just no evidence to support any of these claims and this course explains why. 

The Written Material

When you’re exhausted, it’s dang-near impossible to track your baby’s sleep habits. The schedules and trackers included with BabyCenter’s course make it easy. The course also includes an incredibly in-depth FAQ section, which may be very helpful as well. 

Is the BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution Worth It?

I really love that the BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution gives parents the choice to decide how to sleep training their baby. If you’re a new parent that is searching for the basics of sleep training or a veteran parent who needs specific help for your baby’s quirky sleep habits, I think you’re really going to enjoy this course. 

You can buy the course for $75. However, particularly if you’re a new parent, the best deal is to get the Ultimate Baby Prep Course for $99. It includes an Infant CPR and First Aid course, Meeting Milestones Through Play course, and this sleep course. Definitely worth the extra $14!

Remember, if you don’t like this course, if the methods just aren’t right for you, you also have a 30-day refund policy.

Alright, Mama! I hope this information helps you decide which baby sleep course you should choose. If you want to read about more sleep classes, check out my post, The Best Newborn Baby Sleep Classes

Good luck! More sleep is coming!


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