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If there is one thing that no new parent looks forward to, it’s sleepless nights with a wailing newborn. 

So, you’re constantly searching through Pinterest or Google for ways to get your baby to sleep through the night. You’ve bought newborn sleep books bought gaaah they are over 350 pages long and you’re exhausted. Not to mention, you don’t have time for that.

Baby We're Home Now Let's Sleep Review

You’ve looked up other sleep courses but they are SO expensive.

Whether you’re a new or an expecting parent, your main goal is probably the same: you want your baby to sleep so you can sleep.

There’s no shame in that. Science has proven that babies who sleep well actually learn faster, display a decreased chance of obesity later in life, and are not as likely to suffer from behavioral and emotional issues. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you that your quest for more sleep is an honorable one, let’s look at the benefits for you. When your baby has a healthy sleep life, you’re able to sleep. Sleep is a new mommy’s defense against postpartum depression, it helps you bond with your baby, and it helps your body heal.

If you’re here, it’s because YOU WANT MORE SLEEP and you’re wondering if this newborn sleep course can give that to you!

 My goal is to help you decide if this course is truly the simple, inexpensive solution you’ve been searching for. In this Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep review, I’ll go over what the course covers, my favorite, relevant highlights, and if I would actually recommend it to you.


Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep Review: At-a-Glance

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  • Teaches Foundations of Sleep Training
  • Tutorial Videos on How to Calm a Baby
  • 1 Hour Video Content
  • Easy-to-Digest Format
  • Excellent Supplemental Workbook
  • Excellent Price
  • Lifetime Access/30-Day Guarantee


  • Some audible issues in a couple lessons
  • Does not cover specific sleep methods
  • For newborn-3 months only. Do not buy if your baby is older

(Use the code BLUNDERSINBABYLAND for 10% off )

What is Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep?

Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep is a budget-friendly newborn sleep basics online class. It was designed to teach new and expecting parents the foundations of great sleep.

The course is actually a joint-effort between Leisel Teen (creator of Mommy Labor Nurse and the Birth It Up! Labor classes) and Andrea De La Torre, certified infant sleep consultant.

Both women are incredibly popular on Instagram and very passionate about helping their followers overcome the unique challenges of pregnancy and the newborn phase.

Why I’m Reviewing the Course

I actually started Blunders in Babyland two years ago because of my love for infant sleep.

I found a killer sleep training method that taught my daughter how to be an incredible sleeper and helped me thrive as a new mom. Over the last two years, I’ve shared my best sleep tips with my readers, hoping and praying they could find the same incredible results.

So, when I heard Liesel Teen and Andrea De La Torre came up with a newborn sleep course, I had to try it out. 

Having said that, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous when I first started the course. I’m a firm believer in sleep training and finding the right sleep training method for your baby (whether that’s Babywise, Ferber, Karp’s gentle sleep training, or otherwise). 

When I started the class, I was very afraid it would immediately denounce one sleep training method or another.

I was very surprised–and delighted–with Andrea’s philosophy. The course teaches that sleep training is simply helping your baby learn the skill of falling asleep.

It doesn’t focus on a specific method so much as it helps you–the exhausted, new parent–learn the foundations necessary to help your baby sleep a thousand times faster.

The Foundations of Great Sleep

The foundation of great sleep is just as important–if not more–than specific sleep training methods.

When you know the foundation for great newborn sleep, your baby will sleep much easier. But, if you skip learning these concepts and just move on to a specific method, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

Think of infant sleep as a math equation. The foundations of infant sleep is the constant whereas the sleep training method is a variable.

My point is, the content you learn in this course is absolutely essential to getting your baby to sleep at night. These are universal, scientifically-proven facts that many new parents miss.

I’m fairly confident telling you that you WILL understand the inner workings of how to get newborns to sleep by the time you finish this course. 

Because the thing is (coming at this from the other side), newborn sleep might be difficult to deal with, but it’s actually not that complicated. You just have to find the right rhythm for your baby. This course gives you the foundation you need to fulfill your baby’s unique needs TO GET YOUR BABY TO SLEEP.

Class Structure

The course is 100% online, with over an hour of video content. It also includes a robust ebook covering the concepts you learn, plus a narrative for those of you that prefer to read rather than watch videos. The course also gives you access to the Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep Facebook group, which is a fantastic place to bounce around your sleep woes progress with other parents.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Hmm, just an hour of video content? That seems a little light.” It’s not. There’s absolutely no fluff in this class. It contains tutorials, facts, sleep basics, and more, but there is no boring section on how your baby creates melatonin and how blue lights may actually reduce that production by 10%, etc., etc.  

I look at it this way: with just ONE HOUR of your life, you can learn the tips you need to know that can actually get your baby to sleep through the night.

 I’ve definitely spent that long searching through Pinterest for baby sleep articles…

The one disadvantage here is that the videos are not professional quality. The quality is very good, but not quite professional. In a couple lessons, you may notice some white noise in the background. For a course that is less than $50, it didn’t bother me too much though.


For the price, you are actually learning a lot about newborn sleep. I truly feel like Andrea is giving you a tremendous headstart with your baby’s sleep life.

Topics Covered:

  • Emotional Readiness (for you and your baby)
  • Introduction to (Andrea’s Version of) Sleep Training
  • Why Newborns Fight Sleep
  • Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment and Protecting Against SIDS
  • Feeding Babies and Sleep
  • Newborn Sleep 101
  • Calming a Baby
  • Middle of the Night (How to survive it!)
  • Sleeping Alone (That is, getting your baby to and what to do if your baby won’t)

Who This Course is For

If you’re not going to read a baby sleep book, you need to take this course. It was specifically designed to deliver the basics of newborn sleep to new and expecting parents. That age group is roughly between 0-3 months old.

 However, that does not mean that your baby will stop sleeping after 3 months and these tips are worthless. Once you’ve laid the foundation for great sleep, these techniques will apply for the rest of his life (that’s not an exaggeration). 

However, sleep training a 3 month old is A LOT different than sleep training a 5 month old. It requires different techniques and considerations that this class simply can’t cover.

Don’t Take This Course If…

Look, if you’re type A and you’ve already read all the sleep books, or you need schedules and step-by-step methods, or you’re the parent of a 4 month old baby, this class is not for you.

Baby We’re Home, Now Let’s Sleep focuses on creating the best environment ever for your baby while teaching you how to promote good sleep, not sleep training methods.

(Remember to use the code BLUNDERSINBABYLAND )

Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep Review: Highlights

Newborn Sleep 101

This lesson is worth its weight in gold because it’s basically teaching about everything new moms struggle with. 

When to put your baby to sleep, signs that she’s sleepy, how to correct the dreaded day/night confusion, how MUCH your baby needs to sleep… I mean, it’s all here. My absolute favorite part of these lessons was the actual example videos she uses to show a tired infant. “Knowing” the signs are one thing, actually being able to identify them is another. 

Finally, if you’ve read my blog at all, you know how much I adore a solid bedtime routine. Andrea dives into how to create a bedtime routine and be consistent with it.

How to Calm A Baby

At some point in your baby’s life, whether you sleep train or not, your baby will cry. First, I love that Andrea helps you realize that a crying infant doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong. It’s simply a baby’s way of expressing his needs and emotions. 

Moreover, learning how to calm a crying baby is a tool every parent (hopefully) learns at some point, but Andrea’s methods are honestly lifesavers. 

The main method she teaches originates from Harvey Karp’s 5 S’s. Now, if you’ve researched how to calm a crying baby at all, you’ve probably run into the 5 S’s (swaddling, side or stomach position, shush, swing, and suck). 

With that said, the way that Andrea connects these techniques to independent sleep is great. I blog about babies 24/7 and I learned so much from this section. 

What makes it great? 

She actually teaches you how to do it, step-by-step with her little “assistant.”

Feeding Your Baby and Sleep Training

Some days, it’s going to feel like you are feeding your baby every hour on the hour (if you haven’t gone through a growth spurt yet, just wait for it!)

BUT. Believe it or not–and contrary to what many moms say–this is not your fate for the next 12 months of your baby’s life. You can apply a consistent, flexible feeding routine to your baby’s day that fully nourishes him AND promotes healthy sleep.

Andrea shares exactly how you can do that.

On the other end of the spectrum, you will also hear from other parents that their baby slept through the night since week two. 


However, this type of sleep so early on can be very unhealthy for a baby and will not provide enough calories. So, Andrea also teaches how much to feed your baby and how to easily, quietly, and seamlessly deal with midnight feedings.

Sleep Training Without Obsessing Over the Methods

Okay, this isn’t technically a specific lesson, but I really wanted to drive this home as we close our Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep review. Whatever kind of negative connotations you’ve heard or felt about sleep training your baby, you can rest easy with this course. 

Truly, most of the methods and techniques taught here are focused on creating a positive sleep environment, educating you on the science and mechanics of infant sleep, and helping you develop a proactive, positive attitude about it.

 If you’ve read the testimonials Andrea’s business page, they’re raving. Honestly, I think the reason behind this is because her methods focus less on a particular methodology and making sure parents get the foundations right. 

Online Newborn Sleep Class - Baby We re Home Now Let's Sleep

Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep Review Conclusion: Would I Recommend It?

So, you’ve gotten through this entire review, looked at the features, content, and my favorite segments, and you’re still wondering…”Eh, is this course really worth the money?”

Let’s look at what this class is: it’s a budget-friendly course that teaches the foundations of newborn sleep. I think learning the foundations of great sleep will help most parents get their babies to sleep through the night.

While I am not against Cry-It-Out, I personally hesitate to refer parents to these methods because many people skip the key elements of newborn sleep (despite the warnings of the experts that actually wrote these tactics) and just move on to the cry aspect of the methodology. The end result is a baby will cry and cry and cry for hours, until they are so exhausted that fall asleep. 

Meanwhile, these parents may not consider the fact that their baby is uncomfortable because the room is freezing or overtired because someone told them that less daytime sleep=more nighttime sleep.
On the other end of the spectrum, you have parents that are TERRIFIED of letting their baby cry because of the potential emotional trauma that could ensue. Or because someone shamed them for dare trying to sleep train their baby. So, they pursue “gentle, no-cry” sleep training methods that leave them with a baby that doesn’t sleep for the next two years.

My point to this mini-rant is this: the foundations of newborn sleep are important. If you’ve already done your research, read the sleep books, and are looking for advanced techniques to help your baby sleep, then no, this course is not for you. You know the foundations of newborn sleep and investing in a sleep consultation or an advanced course would be a better fit.

However, if you’re completely new to infant sleep, you’re desperately looking for help NOW, and you don’t have the time or the money to go through a 3 hour sleep training course, Baby We’re Home! is perfect for you. The material you will learn in it will blow your mind.

How to Save Money on Ready to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night? 

Okay, I truly hope my Baby We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep review helped you get a better idea of if this newborn sleep class is a good fit for you. If you’re ready to take it, just hit the button below. Use my personal code BLUNDERSINBABYLAND for 10% off! 😉

If you decide to take the course, please let me know what you think of it below. Alternatively, if you have any questions, seriously, just ask them in the comments below!

Good luck and sweet dreams!


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