The Best Newborn Sleep Classes of 2021

Before becoming a parent, you had no idea that you were capable of surviving on this little sleep. The second your baby’s head touches her crib, she wakes up and starts wailing. You’ve tried everything. Nursing your baby to sleep, rocking, swaddling (crying with her…), and you just can not figure this out.

At best, you’re getting maybe 2 hours of consecutive sleep at night. 

Best Newborn Sleep Classes

Mama, believe me when I say, I know exactly what you’re going through. As a mom of 2, I’ve sludged my through the bleary-eyed newborn days and lived to tell the tell.

Now that I’m on the other side, I can’t wait to tell you about some of the best newborn sleep classes that can make your life easier.

These online classes are designed to demystify infant sleep, help you learn how to calm your baby and lay the foundation for long, satisfying sleep later down the road. The end result is more sleep for you and your baby!

The internet is full of “sleep experts” that provide widely varying advice. So, I tested and reviewed the infant sleep courses below and rounded them up according to your needs.


3 Top Newborn Sleep Courses to Help Sleep Train Newborns (Without Crying!)

Newborn Sleep Class Comparison - The Best Newborn Sleep Training Programs

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What is a Newborn Sleep Program?

First, let’s start with what a newborn sleep course isn’t. A newborn sleep class is not sleep training in the traditional sense. 

These classes do not teach any “cry-it-out” techniques or depend on rigid schedules. In fact, newborn sleep courses teach techniques to minimize crying, help parents more easily meet their baby’s needs, and reduce frustration.

Just think about it. You and your baby speak an entirely different language. She has no idea what you’re saying and (at first!) you don’t know what she’s saying. A newborn sleep class helps you interpret your baby’s cues correctly while laying down the foundation for great sleep later.

Topics usually studied in a newborn sleep class:

  • Anatomy of infant sleep
  • Identifying sleep cues
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • How to create a positive sleep environment (to encourage your baby to sleep better and longer)
  • Sample schedules (these are guidelines only, babies are notoriously known for breaking schedules)
  • Tips and tricks for getting newborns to sleep

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    Why You Need to Take One of These Classes

    Make no mistake, sleep is a skill. Just like walking, talking, eating from a spoon, or tying shoes, your baby will eventually have to learn this skill. 

    Or maybe he won’t. 

    There is a lie that permeates the internet that most babies will learn how to sleep on their own. Don’t get me wrong, some babies will learn how to sleep by themselves. But, not every baby does.

    The AAFP estimates that up to 50% of children suffer from a sleep problem. Over 70 million adults suffer from sleep disorders. This is proof that people are not learning the skill of sleep!

    By taking a newborn sleep class, you’re learning how to better assist your baby. You’re learning how to create an environment that facilitates great sleep and how to reduce crying, night wakings, and harmful sleep habits later in life.

    Sleep Training vs. Newborn Sleep Classes

    I used to say that sleep training is simply helping your baby learn how to sleep. The method of sleep training depends on you and your baby. However, I think there does need to be a differentiation between using methods from sleep training programs and using common-sense principles from newborn sleep classes.

    Baby sleep training relies on specific techniques and routines. These techniques can range from cry-it-out or gentle, no-cry techniques. 

    In any case, most experts agree that you can practice sleep training techniques when your baby is about 4 months old. That’s because your newborn’s sleep life looks A LOT different than a 4 month old’s. Your baby will develop rapidly within the first few weeks at home. The tips and tricks you used on your newborn will likely not work on a 3-month-old. Likewise, the techniques used on a 4-month-old will never work on a newborn. 

    You can apply the gentle principles provided in a newborn sleep course right after coming home from the hospital. 

    What to Look for in an Online Newborn Sleep Class

    There are a lot of newborn sleep classes on the internet, all with differing methods and beliefs. Before we get started, you should know that I already vetted these courses for you.

    Every course on this list is taught by a certified sleep consultant and contains excellent content.

    However, there are a few last things to consider before purchasing your newborn sleep course.

    • Quality and Quantity of Information: Newborn sleep classes at minimum should cover the topics listed above. The goal is to give you a solid foundation for infant sleep. In order to do that, these topics should be at least touched on. Many newborn sleep classes also offer tutorials to help teach these techniques.
    • Price: Typically, newborn sleep classes range from $40-$100. The price ranges primarily on material included, the “extras” like written material and video tutorials, and quality of the production.
    • Access: Some newborn sleep classes are accessible forever. Others might be only accessible for 3 months. Obviously, since newborn sleep classes are only targeted for a specific age range, these caps will only affect your future children. 
    • Additional Materials: Learning how to use these techniques in your own life (with frustrations, visiting relatives, and revolving caretakers) is a little different.  “Extras” like printables, schedules, checklists, workbooks, and even some bonus content are designed to help you implement these techniques in real life.
    • Overall Course Quality: This includes the interactiveness of the videos, how easily is the information is retained, any additional support provided and quality of the video are taken into account. 

    The Best Online Newborn Sleep Classes Reviewed and Rated

    Taking Cara Babies

    The Most Comprehensive Newborn Class

    Taking Cara Babies Newborn Sleep Class Review - Taking Cara Babies Reviews

    Taking Cara Babies has become synonymous with infant sleep. I learned about her sleep course after visiting an infant sleep Facebook group. After the moms RAVED about their success after taking the course, I knew I had to test it out.

    I’ve got to say, I’m a huge fan of Cara’s newborn sleep course. “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” is worth 5 stars. 

    Not only is the production quality of the course fantastic, but I found all of her helpful tips, tutorials, and grace-filled approach to newborn sleep incredibly helpful. In fact, I took her course when my second daughter was 10 weeks old and, thanks to Cara’s C.R.I.E.S. method, she slept 1-2 hours more through the night almost immediately.

    If you do decide to get this course, I would highly recommend purchasing the First 5 Months Bundle. It includes the newborn sleep course and Navigating Months 3 & 4 ebook for only $20 more (you’re going to want that for the 4 month sleep regression)


    • No cry, pressure-free approach to newborn sleep
    • 3.5 Hours Instructional Videos
    • Highly Interactive
    • Includes printables, schedules, tutorials on how to implement infant calming techniques, and FAQ videos to deal with everyday hiccups
    • Contains tutorials (with real babies) on how to implement infant calming techniques and FAQ videos to deal with everyday life hiccups
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


    • Very laid-back (some type-A moms may not like it)
    • Access for only 4 months

    Baby Sleep Answers Newborn Sleep Class

    Best Newborn Sleep Class with Tutorials for the Money

    Baby We're Home Now Let's Sleep Review - Newborn Sleep Class Review (1)

    So, let’s say you’d love an in-depth newborn sleep class, but you can’t shell out the $80 for the Taking Cara Babies class.

    Baby Sleep Answers Newborn Sleep Class is the best of both worlds. It teaches many of the same techniques from Taking Cara Babies, minus a few extras and the price tag.

    Andrea De La Torre, owner of Baby Sleep Answers, created the course to give you the information you need to get your baby sleeping without the frustration and tears usually associated with this phase. The course covers such as creating the perfect sleep environment, how newborn sleep works, implementing  a schedule custom to your baby, and how to handle night feedings.

    Plus, the Baby Sleep Answers newborn sleep class includes helpful tutorials to help calm your baby.


    • No cry, pressure-free approach to newborn sleep
    • Contains helpful tutorials (with real babies!)
    • 1 Hour Instructional Video Content
    • Printable workbook
    • Lifetime Access


    • Not as in-depth as TCB
    • No FAQs

    BabyCenter Baby Sleep Course

    Most Universal Sleep Class

    Maybe you’re wondering what happens after the newborn phase? What happens if these tips don’t help your six-month-old sleep? What do you do when the dreaded sleep regressions hit?

    BabyCenter provides expert sleep tips for infants 0-12 months old. They will show you how to lay the foundation for great sleep during the newborn phase, tackle the terrible 4-month-sleep regressions, and implement the sleep training method that works for your baby.

    Speaking of sleep methods, I also love that BabyCenter teaches three different types: interval checking, no check-ins (more or less cry-it-out), and gentle-sleep training. So, whichever method you feel most comfortable with, you’ll have a solid plan that helps your baby find the sleep he needs.

    This is–hands-down–the most universal class on this list.


    • Wide age range- for newborns to 1 year
    • Easy, bite-sized lessons
    • Taught by a board certified pediatric sleep physician
    • Over 2 hours of instructional videos
    • Includes exclusive guides, schedules, and printables
    • Excellent pricing
    • Professional production
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


    • Online course
    • No lifetime access option
    • Tutorials aren’t as in-depth as other sleep courses
    • Less focus on daytime routine

    Postpartum Party

    Most Affordable Newborn Sleep Class

    The Keys to Zzzs Newborn Sleep Course Review -

    Created by sleep consultant Amy Motroni, the Keys to the Zzzs offers a great overview of newborn sleep as well as practical techniques for getting more of it.

    The Keys to the Zzzs does not teach any rigid, CIO techniques. It solely focuses on creating a great foundation for sleep and giving you the skills you need to comfort your baby. 

    The main difference between this course and the ones listed above is the scale. Think of it as Newborn 101. It covers most of the topics mentioned above and a few helpful common problems as well, such as sleep props, dealing with infrequent naps, and surviving night wakings. But, it doesn’t offer any “extras” like printable schedules, demonstrations, or workbooks.


    • Quality Information
    • Excellent Price 
    • Bite-sized lessons
    • 1-Hour Instructional Video Content
    • Lifetime Access


    • Not as in-depth as TCB
    • Video Lecture with Minimal Visual Aids
    • No Tutorials

    The Best Newborn Sleep Classes Conclusion

    Okay, mama! I hope this quick summary of the best newborn sleep classes of 2021 was helpful!

    Before you decide, I’d recommend sitting down and figuring out what’s most important to you. Are you a novice at this whole infant sleep thing and just looking to get some info fast? Maybe the Keys to the Zzzs is the best fit for you.

    Or maybe you know you’re going to need as much help as you can get. Check out the Taking Cara Babies newborn sleep course.

    If you’re looking for tutorials at a bargain price. Baby Sleep Answers could be the best choice.

    If your baby is struggling to sleep (or rather, if YOU’RE struggling to sleep), just know that there is hope! There are quality resources that can legitimately make your lives easier.

    Good luck, Mama. Please feel free to post your questions below!


    Newborn Sleep Class Comparison - The Best Newborn Sleep Training Programs 2
    Baby Sleep Training - Newborn Sleep Training

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