The BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR Class Review

Being a parent is a whirlwind of fun, but it can also be a little scary. From the moment you come home from the hospital, that tiny life is in your hands. No pressure!

So, you do everything you can to protect your baby from danger. You follow SIDs guidelines, babyproof your home, and remove all potential hazards from your little one’s reach.

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But, we can’t protect our babies from everything, can we? As as your baby ages and becomes more involved with his environment, inevitably he’ll have a few misadventures.

It’s at that point that you seriously consider if you know how to handle an emergency situation. When your baby start solids, do you know what to do if he starts choking? If your baby experiences a respiratory emergency, do you know how to perform CPR?

Emergencies can be scary, but the good news is, you don’t have to wait until they occur to be ready for them.  

The BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR class teaches you how to perform infant CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, and first aid for your baby’s minor injuries. This course helps you prepare for the worst and avoid unnecessary situations.

Most of all, it can help alleviate your anxiety and confidently react in an emergency situation.

As a mom of two, the confidence this course left me with was completely relieving. I’m so excited to share the details of it with you!

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Pros and Cons: BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR

How to Perform Infant CPR and the Infant Heimlich Maneuver in Emergencies - (1)

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  • Taught by medical doctor
  • In-depth tutorials for infant CPR and Heimlich
  • Prepares parents for various emergency situations and minimizes risks
  • Helpful notes, dosage charts, and written tutorials
  • Professional production
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Online course (if you’re a hands-on learner)
  • No lifetime access option

What is the BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR Class?

BabyCenter All In One Baby Safety with CPR - Instructors (2)
The BabyCenter Infant CPR online class is primarily taught with video content. I would not call it “lecture-style,” however. It’s very interactive!

BabyCenter is an online resource for new parents. They provide factual answers for your pregnancy, baby, and postpartum questions.

I am a huge fan of this website. I was actually introduced to BabyCenter during my first pregnancy, after I downloaded their pregnancy tracker app. When they asked me to review their new classes, I was beyond excited. I’ve reviewed several classes parenting-related courses on my blog, and I knew anything BabyCenter created would be a valuable resource for my readers.

The team at BabyCenter created this class to prepare parents for emergency situations and take measures to avoid them altogether. It’s taught by C. Anthoney Lim, M.D., M.S.. He is the director of pediatric emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Hospitals in New York City. Talk about credentials!

Anna Jimenez Lyle, BabyCenter contributor and journalist, co-hosts the course. She helps us learn hands-on how to perform these life-saving techniques and asks Dr. Lim all the questions that you probably would!

Class Structure

The BabyCenter Infant CPR class is primarily a video course. 

The course is divided by these topics:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Choking and Heimlich Maneuver
  • More emergency preparedness

For being an online class, this course is incredibly hands-on. Ideally, you will grab a doll and practice right alongside Anna.

Let me be frank with you: I never thought I could confidently learn infant CPR on a screen. The tutorials with Anna and Dr. Lim are really, really good. I actually do feel confident that I can perform it in real life.

If you struggle to retain information through video lessons, I think you’ll be impressed by the written portion of this course. 

Each lesson contains lesson notes. This isn’t just a transcript of what Dr. Lim and Anna discussed. The pdfs contain screenshots, lists, and additional explanations for the lessons. If I didn’t quite grasp a concept from the lesson, I knew I could count on the notes to help me out.

The course also contains plenty of helpful charts (like a pain reliever dosage chart), emergency worksheets, and other helpful printables. 


A few of the topics included are:

  • First Aid: How to create your own first aid kit for your baby, plus how to treat minor wounds.
  • Infant and Child CPR: The steps to perform it, how to tell if you even need to perform it, and additional steps you should take for emergency preparedness.  
  • Choking and Heimlich Maneuver: How to avoid choking situations, what to do if one arises, how to perform the infant Heimlich Maneuver and adult Heimlich Maneuver. 
  • Water Emergency Preparedness
  • Treating head wounds
  • Treating fevers
  • Going to the ER vs. Calling an ambulance

As you can see, the BabyCenter All-in-One Safety class takes us through a lot of scenarios that could happen to any family.

Who is This Class For?

I’d recommend this for any parent who hasn’t already learned infant CPR.

However, as a mom of two who has already taking an online infant CPR class, I still learned valuable safety preparedness tips that will come in handy.

Highlights from BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR Class

BabyCenter All In One Baby Safety with CPR - Instructors 1

The Infant CPR Tutorial

Sometimes it is hard to learn a new skill online. I’ve watched infant CPR tutorials before and still felt a little insecure about my ability to perform it.

I love how these tutorials are structured. Dr. Lim and Anna make it so easy to understand the exact hand placement you need with an infant, pressure you need to apply, how many breaths to give, etc. etc.. I think it’s as close to an in-person class as you can get online!

Anna really worked hard in these videos too. I recommend grabbing a doll and practicing alongside her.

The Heimlich Maneuver

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen your baby gag while eating and immediately panicked (I hope I’m not the only one). When your baby attempts to dislodge a foreign object from their throat, our first instinct is to help.

Sometimes, “helping” can do more harm than good. It can disrupt a baby’s natural defense against choking.

Most everybody knows what the Heimlich Maneuver is, but just in case: the Heimlich Manuever is a life-saving technique you can use to dislodge a foreign object from your baby’s airway. I’m sure we’ve all seen it performed on adults, at least in movies.

In the course, we learn about the adult Heimlich Maneuver and the infant Heimlich Maneuver. Honestly, the infant Heimlich Maneuver is pretty easy to master, but you need to get your hand placement right.

I love this lesson. Dr. Lim not only teaches how to perform it, but he tells you when to actually perform it. That is just as important!

Baby First Aid

I swear, once my daughters started crawling they became little trouble-magnets! Both of my girls are explorers and have the highest energy-levels imaginable. Both, incidentally, chipped their front teeth shortly after turning one.

Needless to say, I learned very quickly how to mend scrapes and bruises.

I think this lesson in baby first aid is extremely important. Even after dealing with my children’s various injuries for five years, I learned a lot. In it you’ll learn how to treat minor cuts and burns, what medication can alleviate your baby’s pain quickly, and when to take your baby to a doctor for these injuries.

Dr. Lim also shares what you should keep at home to prepare for these scenarios.

This section of the course really provides clarity for worried parents.

Is the BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR Class Worth It?

Here’s the thing, an emergency situation can happen to any parent. Just the other day, my daughters were searching for acorns in the yard and my youngest wanted to gnaw on one like a squirrel. Just like that, innocent playtime turned into a potentially hazardous situation.

That made me realize how easily and quickly a choking situation could occur. It can happen to anybody.

While I would never want to be in that situation, I feel like I would at least know the steps I needed to take in order to help my daughter. There’s relief in that confidence!

If you’re a new parent or you haven’t had much emergency training, I definitely recommend taking this course. I think it’s a great resource that will give you peace of mind.

If you’d like to purchase the BabyCenter All-in-One Safety with CPR course, check out the button below. It’s a fantastic course that you won’t regret investing in.

BabyCenter also offers a bundle that I think you’ll love! The Ultimate Baby Prep Course includes the All-in-One Safety with CPR, Meeting Physical Milestones Through Play, and the BabyCenter 3-Stage Sleep Solution. If you’re struggling with your baby’s night wakings and sleep regressions, and maybe you’re not exactly sure which activities are age-appropriate for your baby, these courses can help you out a ton!

You can check out the bundle above, and I’ve posted the individual class reviews below.

I hope the BabyCenter All-in-One Baby Safety with CPR class helps you feel more confident that you can protect your baby from whatever the future may hold! Let me know below if you have any questions!

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