Second Baby Registry: The Important Items You Shouldn’t Forget

Your first baby registry was a success. Between friends, family, and yourself, you stocked your home with all the baby essentials.

Now that some time has passed and you’re getting ready for baby number two, there are probably some purchases you’d change or do differently. With more experience under your belt, you could choose more wisely.

Second Baby Registry (1)

 Having two kids to take care of instead of one will come with some more demands. You’ll need more gear to help you in this new phase of your life. With a registry, loved ones can once again help you prepare for your next bundle of joy.


What to Put on Your Registry for Second Baby

Registry for Second Baby

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1 The Basics

When creating your second baby registry, a healthy re-stocking of baby basics is a great place to start. You’ve probably used all or most of these items up and should replace others for sanitary reasons.

All babies will need a stockpile of diapers in different sizes, wipes and everyday toiletries like soap, baby shampoo, lotion, and diaper cream. If you don’t breastfeed, formula would also be a helpful addition to the list.

You should include new bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. The materials in these items break down over time and can leech microplastics or get cracks and not function properly.

Lastly, some clothing or other linens are a solid choice, especially if your next baby is a different gender than your first child. Also, frequently used linens like burp cloths and swaddles get nasty and stretched out after a year, so replacing them will give you and your baby a better experience.

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2 Double Down on Baby Gear

Baby gear is expensive, and depending on the age of your older child, you may need to purchase a second one of everything. Adding these items to your 2nd baby registry will help remove some of the financial burden.

Once your baby is ready to move out of the bassinet, they’ll need their own crib. If your oldest child is still using theirs or it was a convertible model, you’ll need a new one for this baby. The same logic applies to other large purchases like car seats, monitors, and high chairs.

3 Baby Sprinkle Supplies

If you went all out on your first baby’s shower, you might not want to spend the time or money to do it again. While many parents choose to have a  smaller party, or “sprinkle,” for their second baby, you can still make a low-key affair fun with the right decor, food and party favors.

You can reuse supplies from your first shower, but why not enlist help from others in place of traditional gifts? You can choose a theme or color scheme and ask your party guests to sign up to bring an item, like paper plates, balloons or snacks that coordinate.

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4 Double Stroller

If you planned for more than one child from the start, you’re way ahead of the curve. All you’ll need to buy are the appropriate attachments to convert your stroller into a double. If you’re more like the rest of us, you’ll need a different plan.

You have two main options: sell or donate your single stroller and get a double, or add a stroller board to your registry for second baby. A stroller board will undoubtedly save you money and is a great option. These attachments are universal for the most part and clip to the bottom of the stroller on the same side as the handles. Some boards have a seat, but most only have standing room.

Must Haves for Second Baby Registry (1)

5 Baby Carrier

Depending on your preferences and circumstances, while your first child was a baby, you may not have chosen to get a baby carrier. Once you have two children, you’ll find yourself out of free hands more often than not.

Choosing some form of baby-wearing device will give you back the use of your hands. You can more freely play with your older child, do household tasks, and take care of your needs. Besides, there are plenty of benefits to wearing your little one – including lowering your risk of postpartum depression and aiding their digestion.

6 Breastfeeding Accessories

2nd Baby Registry Checklist - Breastfeeding Supplies

Whether you breastfed the first time around or not, you may want to get yourself some great supplies if you’re planning to this time. It’s a rewarding experience but also very difficult, so treating yourself to quality gear can make a big difference.

A comfortable and supportive breastfeeding pillow is a must, especially if you have large breasts or deliver via c-section. Having a good pump is also essential. Some people try to rely on cheaper hand pumps, but if you plan on returning to work or need to leave your baby for more extended periods, an electric pump can give you that freedom.

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7 Robotic Vacuum

As a new parent of two, you’ll be eager to find ways to make daily life a bit easier. Having a baby makes keeping up with household chores extremely difficult for the first several months to a year – balancing two children can make it feel impossible.

Anything that allows you to automate a task that would typically take your full attention is a win. For example, a robotic vacuum could save you up to an hour, depending on the size of your home. Take the extra time and cuddle up for a nap with your little ones close by.

8 Food

One of the most helpful things when you bring a new baby home is to have plenty of accessible food options that don’t require much work from you. Hopefully, loved ones will bring you some meals during those first few weeks, but you can also add food right to your registry.

If you register with a place with pantry goods, you could include easy snacks like granola or power bars. Another option is to ask for meal or grocery delivery subscriptions.

9 Instant Pot

When you do need to cook your own meals, something you can set and forget is a great idea. Then, you don’t need to carve out time to stand in front of the stove to cook a whole meal – you’ll be free to tend to the baby and your other child.

Crockpots and instant pots are great options. If time isn’t a factor, a crockpot is a good solution. You can add all of your ingredients in the morning and have a delicious meal for supper. An instant pot is better for those times when you forget about making food until your stomach reminds you. Hello, mom brain.

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10 Activities for Older Sibling

This new phase won’t only be a difficult transition for you, but for your older child as well. For a while, most of your attention will go to the new baby, leaving your other child with less individual attention. Adding some things to the registry for them might help them feel special.

Include activities to occupy them while you keep up with the home or feed the baby. A mess-free coloring set or an open-ended toy like building blocks will keep them entertained for a long time.

Add Whatever Makes Sense for Your Needs

You’ll probably receive fewer presents for your second baby, so the second baby registry should be more about suiting your needs than having the “perfect” list. Add anything you think will help ease the transition from one child to two.

It’s perfectly OK for your registry to include some non-traditional items. This new phase isn’t all about the new baby. You’ll need new ways to hold your older child’s attention while yours is diverted. You might add some things that will help you maintain the home and give you time to take care of yourself, too. Accept any surprise gifts from loved ones, then buy the rest of your wish list at a discount.

What did you put on your second baby registry? Let us know below!

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