Free Baby Samples: How to Get Free Baby Stuff in 2022

Finding free baby stuff on the internet is a little bit like searching for unicorns. The good stuff (no shipping fees, no scammy, spammy email lists) is few and far between. 

As a mom of two living on one income, I’ve scoured the internet for really good, legitimately free baby stuff. A couple years ago, I created a post about legitimately free pregnancy freebies. Since then, I’ve had a lot of readers share it and appreciate it. After baby #2, I decided to compile all of my findings again.

Free Baby Samples - Free Baby Stuff

This post focuses on free baby product samples, free baby gear, and scoring some goodies for YOU. Some of the items on this list are for pregnant moms, but if you’ve already had your baby, you can still find some really good stuff!

Let’s get started!


Free baby Stuff - Free diaper samples - free baby formula

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. I only recommend what I trust. Blunders in Babyland does not diagnose, treat, or advise medical conditions.

Free Baby Formula Samples

First, let’s unpack the mother of all freebies…free baby formula samples. Calling these “samples” is kind of a misnomer. The goodies below are actually received full tubs of baby formula! 

You will want to sign up for as many as you can. Finding the perfect formula for your baby can be difficult. Even though baby formula manufacturers must adhere to strict guidelines and produce top-quality products, the ingredients vary based on the many different lines. Get a few and select the line your baby seems to prefer.

Even if you’re planning on breastfeeding, I highly recommend having at least a couple tubs of formula on-hand. You never know when you’ll experience a sudden milk supply drop or another emergency situation.


The “sample” box Enfamil sent me after joining Enfamil Beginnings. It’s huge…

If you want up to $400 in free baby gifts from Enfamil, sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings program. They will send you a TOTALLY FREE box that includes TUBS of formula, coupons, and other goodies. Plus, you’ll regularly receive discount certificates. And these are steep discounts. Like, $5-$15 off a tub. 

Get up to $400 in free baby gifts from Enfamil here.


Similac offers a similar program that also sends up to $400 worth of free baby formula samples your way (including tubs and coupons).

Sign up for the Similac Rewards program here.

Kabrita Toddler Formula

Does your little one have a sensitivity to cow’s milk? Try goat’s milk formulas! Kabrita is offering a free tub (14oz!) of their Toddler Formula. You’ll also receive $14 worth of coupons. 

Just sign up here. 

Free Newborn Samples

Which companies give free baby samples? The products in this section are individual samples from specific manufacturers. Skin care samples, vitamins, bottles, etc.

Now, a little note before we begin on baby freebies that…aren’t actually free…

There’s A LOT of “free” items that will still charge huge shipping fees. These items are honestly still good deals but I decided not to add them to this list. In this post, we’re primarily focusing on free baby samples and gear that have little to no shipping fees. ‘Kay?

This section is still being compiled. It is HARD to find legitimately free samples….as I find more I will update. In the meantime, you’ll find a lot of samples in the welcome boxes posted toward the end of this post.


Many newborns experience either sensitive skin or eczema after birth. My little one did! It’s still a struggle we go through now. 

Exederm offers a lotion and wash for baby’s with sensitive skin. Paraben-free and dye-free, Exederm’s lotion gently hydrates your little one’s skin. Due to demand, they’re about 1-2 months out!

Sign up for a free baby lotion sample here. 

Free Baby Food Samples

Free Baby Food Samples

Starting solids is an exciting time! From purees to puffs, you’ll discover that a whole new world has opened to you and your little one. Like adults, babies do not enjoy every scrap of food put before them. That’s where baby food samples come in handy.

Finding baby food samples for free can be a little difficult. Sometimes they are included in baby welcome boxes (more on that below) or signing up for the sample box programs (PinchMe is great for food samples). If you’re really struggling, your local food pantry is a great resource for finding purees.

Below are a few baby companies that send free stuff.


PediaSure offers nutritional drinks packed with vitamins, proteins, and minerals to help babies, toddlers, and kids grow. 

While this offer isn’t technically a free baby sample by mail, I thought it was too good to pass up. Right now PediaSure is offering a coupon for $3 off any of their products when you sign up for their coupon newsletter. 

Sign up for PediaSure’s newsletter here.

Nature’s One Toddler Formula or PediaSure Sample

Nature’s One offers delicious nutritional drinks for babies, toddlers, kids, and even pregnant moms. Right now, they are not offering a free sample of their organic baby formula. 

However, they are offering free samples of their Toddler Formula and PediaSmart drinks. Note that you do need to pay $5.95 for shipping.

Get a Nature’s One Sample here.

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    SpoonfulOne Assistance Program

    Before I wrote this article, I had no idea about SpoonfulOne. Now that I do, I’m heading straight to Target to buy their products!

    SpoonfulOne’s goal is to gently and safely expose babies to nutritious common allergen foods. (And early allergen exposure is so, so important so we can help prevent later catastrophes). SpoonfulOne creates delicious puffs, mix-ins and crackers. They offer a need-based assistance program that gives families ONE YEAR ($500 worth) of SpoonfulOne.

    It’s important to note that not every family that applies will be accepted. However, you can apply here. 

    Bundoo Bundles 

    Bundoo Bundles is kind of a baby box/review service hybrid. They ship out a box full of baby samples. However, these samples are determined by a questionnaire that you fill out beforehand. So, you might also receive a couple samples of food or lotion for yourself. 

     To get signed up, you fill out a survey

    Free Stuff for New Moms

    Freebies for Mommy

    Okay, Mama…but what about you? Don’t you deserve some goodies? Absolutely. Let’s look at the best freebies for mommy!

    Medela Family

    If you’re not familiar with Medela yet, you will be. Medela manufacturers top-quality baby and maternity items, but they are most famous for their breastfeeding gear. Breast pumps, nipple covers, breast pads, milk storage bags, and more!

    When you sign up for Medela Family, you’ll receive opportunities to beta test their new products BEFORE they hit the shelves. You’ll also receive shockingly over $100 in perks and discounts. 

    (They used to offer a free gift but it looks like that has disappeared). 

    Check out Medela family here.

    AeroFlow Breast Pump

    Did you know that you can receive a new breast pump for free through AeroFlow

    You’ve probably heard about this deal before and wondered if it’s legit. So, is Aeroflow a scam? 

    As a mom that has actually used AeroFlow, I promise they are legit! I signed up for their service for baby #2 and I wish I had done it before.

    Think of AeroFlow as a liaison between you, your insurance company, and breast pump manufacturers. AeroFlow takes down your information, qualifies you for a breast pump, gives you a list of them to choose from, and then deals with the rest. In a few DAYS, a breast pump will be sent straight to your door.

    Check out AeroFlow here.

    Free Prevail Maternity Pads

    Here’s some free postpartum samples for you! After you have your baby, things are going to be a little…messy. For the first few days, you’ll probably want to skip the regular pads altogether and strictly use maternity pads. 

    Since 1989 Prevail has created high-quality, leak-guarded pads for incontinence and maternity. Their maternity pads are everything! Comfortable and fresh, the maternity pad can capture all of your after-baby flow without the mess. 

    Try out a sample of Prevail Maternity Pads here! 

    (They do run out of stock of the samples. Keep checking!)

    Nanobebe Sample Kit

    Are you planning on breastfeeding? On the fence? Check out Nanobebe. They offer high-quality nursing pads, milk storage bags, bottle feeding bundles, and other fantastic breastfeeding and pumping accessories. 

    Right now you can try out their sample pack for free. It’s a great deal! It includes a pacifier, two breastmilk storage bags, and two breast pads. The only downside is that you need to pay for shipping. 

    Postpartum and Breastfeeding Accessories

    So, when you sign up for AeroFlow, you may also qualify for free postpartum clothes and breastfeeding accessories. These are free, full-sized items, like postpartum girdles, milk storage bags, nursing pads, maternity compression socks, and more. It just depends on your insurance company’s coverage.

    Seriously, if you haven’t already, you need to sign up for AeroFlow!

    Free Baby Gear

    Free Baby Gear - Free Baby Stuff

    What if I told you that you can score more than just free baby samples? You can actually have free baby gear sent straight to your doorstep? In this section, we’ll talk about how to get the larger baby items for your little one for free or severely discounted.

    Free Summer Baby Products

    If you’re not familiar with Summer Baby products now, you will be soon. Summer baby creates the most affordable, dependable baby gear you’ll find. Baby gates, strollers, potty chairs, monitors, and even baby baths (I’ve used their baby bath for both of my girls!)

    By signing up for their testing team, you can receive free baby products in exchange for your opinion. Awesome, right? 

    Sign up for their testing team.  

    KoloKraft Mom Matters

    This is another common baby brand you’ll probably recognize soon (especially if you shop at Wal-Mart). KoloKraft manufacturers everything from baby mattresses and cribs to potty chairs.They’re a fan-favorite amongst moms…some of their items receiving 4.5 stars with thousands of reviews.

    Right now, you can join KoloKraft’s beta testing team to try out their products before they hit the shelves. Sign up right here. 

    Parent Tested – Parent Approved

    Once you become a mom, your paranoia over the products you allow your little one to touch, put in their mouth, and play with will honestly shock you.

    That’s why Parent Tested – Parent Approved was created. As a PTPA member, you’ll be sent high-quality baby products to test in exchange for your opinion. As you review more items, you’ll also acquire loyalty points.

    Sign up for PTPA here. 

    Free Baby Books

    Free Baby Samples  - Free Baby Books

    Dolly Parton Imagination Library offers free baby books by mail, no matter what your household’s income. The catch? They only mail to certain locations. My children are craaaazzy for books. So, I tried to sign up. Unfortunately, my area doesn’t qualify.

    You should check to see if yours does!

    Cribs for Kids

    Baby cribs are expensive. My husband and I went shopping for cribs, expecting to pay maybe $100. No, not even close. If you’re experiencing a little sticker shock yourself (and maybe a little bit of panic) check out Cribs for Kids

    Cribs for Kids has partnered with over 1000 organizations to help provide safe sleeping surfaces for newborns across the country. They do this by educating parents on safe sleep practices through training videos and helping parents locate cribs. 

    When you visit their website, you’ll be prompted to type in your zipcode. Then, they will show you all of the organizations in your area offering cribs for free or low charge. Most of these organizations require that you participate in their training programs as well as meet certain low income requirements.

    Check for cribs in your area. 

    Become a Product Reviewer

    You can get tons of free baby products samples and full-sized free baby gear when you sign up to be a product reviewer. Let’s talk about a couple of those programs. It does require a slight time commitment, but when you consider the amount of money you’re saving, it’s totally worth it!


    First, let’s talk about Influenster because they have a ton of free baby products to offer! Basically, you fill out the online profile and connect your social media accounts. Keep an eye out for pre-surveys. Filling these out increases your chances of receiving products for free. Once you’ve been selected to test a product, make sure you share it on your social media channels (or blog). That’s the key to receiving more things!

    Here’s a few baby products that Influenster has given away in the past: nipple shields, step stools, carseat canopies, pump flanges.


    BzzzAgent is a very similar program. Fill out your online profile and wait to receive the email that a campaign has opened. Once you’re selected, make sure that you post about this product on your social media channels for more opportunities later.


    Not so sure if you want to do the influencer thing? That’s okay. PinchMe has you. PinchMe sends product samples to your door in exchange for your opinion (not social media shares). If you’re looking for free baby food samples, PinchMe is a good one to try!


    Similar to PinchMe, TryProducts sends samples and full-sized products to parents in exchange for their opinion.

    This isn’t actually a review website. simply alerts people about new deals available. For example, they’ll let you know if BzzAgent opened up a new campaign for one of their companies. Or if a diaper manufacturer is launching a new social media campaign. Using this website can be super helpful for keeping track of all your free stuff!

    Free Baby Car Seats

    If you’re struggling to pay for a car seat, there is help! WIC offers a program that allows you to receive a free baby car seat if you meet certain income requirements. Give Medicaid a call as well. Many moms are eligible for a free car seat with them. 

    You can also head to to look for free car seats in your area. Baby2Baby is also a great resource to check out.

    Finally, call your local police station or fire station (non-emergency number!) to ask about car seat donation programs.

    Free Diaper Samples

    Hello Bello Reviews
    My baby Elle, repping her Hello Bello diapers

    When you look at the cost of a single diaper free samples are a God-send. Parents spend an average of $18 a week on diapers. That’s over $900 a year! When you factor in the cost of formula and childcare alone, that can seem intimidating. Let’s reduce that cost for you a little!


    Check out one of my favorite free baby samples EVER! 

    Right now, Huggies is offering a free diaper sample pack when you join the Huggies Club. You can choose between three different free diaper sample packs (newborn/small, medium, and diaper pants). Just note that the deal is limited to one per household.

    Don’t confuse Huggies Club with the Huggies Reward Program. We’ll talk more about that in a minute. With Huggies Club, you can expect to receive updates, coupons, and parenting tips via email.

    Sign up and get your free Huggies diaper sample here.

    Diaper Banks

    If you meet a certain income threshold, you may qualify for free diapers from a local diaper bank.

    Diaper banks are local organizations that take donations from the generous people and businesses in your community.

    You’ve probably heard about the National Diaper Bank Network. It’s actually a partnership of diaper bank members across the United States. You can’t actually request diapers from the National Diaper Bank Network, but you can use their website to find diaper banks in your area.

    Here’s where you can find partnered diaper banks to apply to.

    Food Banks

    Believe it or not, some food banks actually offer diapers and wipes for free. It’s tough to find diapers here though. They’re constantly in demand and are given purely as donations from locals.

    Remember, you can also find other free baby items at food banks, like jars of baby food and formula.

    Abbie & Finn Trial Pack

    Ready for some high-quality, eco-friendly diapers? 

    Abbie and Finn diapers are free from chlorine, dyes, and fragrances. If you’re looking for a great hypoallergenic diaper, this free diaper sample is for you. 

    The only downside is that you do need to pay for shipping. BUT you’re not signing up for any subscriptions that you need to cancel later.

    Sign up for 8 free diapers and 20 water-based wipes here.


    Okay, there’s a reason for the name of this company…Cuties products are dang cute! 

    Cuties offers unscented, hypoallergenic baby wipes that are perfect for your little one’s delicate skin. They’re a small but loved brand, with a 4.5 star rating on 

    And they’re also offering free baby stuff! To get your free diaper samples, just sign up for their email list and fill out the form in your inbox!

    Diaper Discounts

    Hello Bello Diaper Bundle- What's Included in the Diaper Bundle
    I love Hello Bello’s Eco-friendly, budget-friendly diaper and wipe bundles!

    These diapers aren’t free but you can save a lot of money on them! 

    Hello Bello

    Let’s start with one of my favorite diaper brands, Hello Bello. I was first introduced to this eco-friendly diaper brand about a year ago. If affordability and eco-friendliness is your jam, definitely check them out. Right now, you can get 15% off your first order.

    RELATED POST: The Hello Bello Diaper Review: 2022

    Amazon Diaper Program 

    Never run out of diapers again! When you save up for Amazon’s monthly subscription service, you can save up to 15% on your monthly diaper bill (and 40% on your first order). 

    Membership Programs

    If you’re buying brand-name diapers every month, you NEED to be signed up for diaper rewards programs. You save a ton of money. Not only will you be sent coupons, but you’ll earn points that translate into free diapers. 

    I’ve accumulated over $7 from my Pampers reward program so far. That’s, like, free diapers! Here are a few diaper brands that offer a reward program:

    • Pampers
    • Seventh Generation
    • Huggies

    Pregnancy Freebies

    Free Baby Boxes (1)

    Honestly, scoring pregnancy freebies is kind of a rite of motherhood. There are tons of opportunities to find free baby stuff for expecting mothers. I already wrote a post about 17 of my favorite pregnancy freebies, but here are just a few to get you started. 

    Welcome Boxes

    Often baby registries give expecting moms wonderful boxes of free baby samples. These are called Welcome Boxes. These boxes are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they allow you to test baby products for free, but they also include coupons that save you tons of money.

    To my knowledge, all of the welcome boxes below require that you’re signed up for their registry.


    If you love free baby stuff by mail, the Walmart Welcome Box is perfect for you. You can get the Walmart baby box by signing up for their gift registry. I really enjoyed my box. It came with sensitive baby washes, a couple diaper samples, lotions, and some wipes. 

    Just note that due to high demand, sometimes it runs out of stock. It also took me about a month to get it. 

    To get the Wal-Mart Welcome Box, sign up for their baby registry and fill out this form


    Target Welcome Bag - Pregnancy Freebies (1)
    Target Welcome Box

    This is probably my favorite free baby box. The samples are really a great value (I’ve received diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions, FANTASTIC baby coupons, and even a free full-sized swaddle). The Target box also sometimes includes samples for moms as well, like stretch mark lotion. Plus, my box included another target coupon. Score! 

    The only downside, you have to go to the customer service desk to grab it. Just show an employee your code from the baby registry app and they’ll hand it right over.

    Sign up for the Target Baby Registry here.

    Buy Buy Baby

    The Buy Buy Baby box is super similar to the Target box. Go to the customer service desk, show them your baby registry code, and grab it. I thought the offerings were very similar. It mostly contains baby soap and lotion samples, diapers, wipes, and fantastic coupons.

    how to get the amazon baby registry welcome box - Free Welcome Box
    My latest Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

    The Amazon Welcome Box is the most popular free baby box out there and for good reason. It includes the most free baby samples of all of these. 

    The content in the box is always changing, but for my box, I received:

    • Huggies diapers
    • A Swaddle
    • Baby Detergent
    • A Onesie
    • Baby Lotion
    • A Bottle 
    • A Pacifier
    • Tooons of good coupons

    If you need help signing up for your free Amazon baby box, check out my tutorial here. Or, just sign up for the Amazon baby registry and box here.

    Vitafol Prenatal Gummies

    Finding a prenatal vitamin is essential to you and your baby’s health.  Try out Vitafol’s prenatal gummies for free here.

    Motherhood Maternity Preggie Perks

    This is the first pregnancy freebie I ever received! I remember that I was shocked when the good lady behind the counter handed me a bag full of goodies. I mean, diapers, wipes, baby bottle samples! The coupons alone makes this little bundle worth it. 

    Sign up for Motherhood Maternity’s Preggie Perks here.

    Other Ways to Get Free Baby Gear and Freebies for New Moms

    Aside from baby freebies and other boxes, there are lots of other ways to get free baby gear if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

    Ask Your Pediatrician

    This is the first place I would go to find free baby samples. Your pediatrician talks to hundreds of parents a week. They know which resources are hot in your community. If you’re struggling, they can point you in the direction of fantastic local programs.

    Not only that, but pediatrician offices are usually sent tons of samples from hopeful manufacturers. Don’t be shy about asking what deals they have available. They are probably eager to help.

    Join a Parent Share on Facebook

    Parent shares are the best thing since sliced bread. Your baby will grow at an insane rate, making the toys and clothes he used last month obsolete. Sign up for a Free Toy Swap or Cost Nothing Parent Share on Facebook. These Facebook groups usually have dozens of posts A DAY written by parents that just want this stuff out of their garage! 

    Don’t be shy about asking for items too!

    Instant Rebate Programs

    Did you know that you can get free cashback for your baby-related purchases? 

    I’m a member of both Rakuten and Ibotta. Both of these companies offer you cashback when you use their app to shop.


    I save at least a couple dollars every time I go shopping because of Ibotta. Think of it as a coupon app…but you’ll receive cashback in your PayPal account. All you have to do is open the app, select the retailer, and add the deals that apply to you. Then either scan your receipt, pay with the credit card linked to your Ibotta account, or click the link they provide.


    Formerly Ebates, Rakuten works much the same way… just on a bigger, more simplistic scale. Just click the Rakuten logo on your browser or go to the Rakuten app. They offer 1-10% cashback for many major retailers. I’ve received over $200 cash-back from Rakuten at this point because I’ve used their app to book hotels and car rentals.

    Sign up for Rakuten and get $30.

    What are the Best Baby Samples and Freebies for Mommy You’ve Gotten?

    I hope by now you see that there are tons of baby freebies available to you! Experienced moms, I’d LOVE to hear from you. Free stuff did you receive when you were pregnant or recently gave birth? Let me know below!

    If you’re still struggling with the financials of having a baby, I hope you’ll check out my other money-saving posts. I love finding ways to save money on baby stuff! In fact, I created a course dedicated to helping YOU budget and save for having a baby. Check it out here.

    In the meantime, I hope this free baby stuff lessens the financial load moving forward, or at least helps you decide which products will work for your little one.


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