What Is a Baby Sprinkle and How to Throw One

Congratulations, you’re having another baby! It feels like a crime to not celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy somehow, right? But can you throw another baby shower? Is that even appropriate? Let me introduce you to the world of baby sprinkles! I hosted a baby sprinkle during my second pregnancy and it was a blast. In this post, guest contributor Cora Gold is going to share everything she knows about it: what is a baby sprinkle and a few tips on how to throw an amazing one.

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What is a Baby Sprinkle - Baby Sprinkle Tips (1)

Whether you have a baby on the way or know someone else expecting, you may consider throwing a baby sprinkle. It might sound a bit weird to those who haven’t heard it before, but it’s a similar to a baby shower but focuses more on the family itself rather than an abundance of gifts.

A baby sprinkle is worthwhile for families who may have most of the gifts they need but still want a celebration for their family.

In this post we’re going to answer your top questions: what is a baby sprinkle, how to host a baby sprinkle, and what are some adorable themes you can use!


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What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles are similar to traditional baby showers, but they’re typically smaller-scale. Some people choose to host sprinkles for a more intimate, private experience, but most often, sprinkles are thrown for families who already have a child.

The idea of the event is that a sprinkle is less “intense” than a shower, meaning the family doesn’t need as many gifts or pampering, as they should feel prepared for another baby. Baby sprinkles should be held for a couple with one or more children.

Essential Parts of a Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle Ideas (1)

A baby sprinkle can be as similar or different from a regular baby shower as you would like. The average number of people you should expect at a baby shower is 20, but if you’re expecting a more intimate affair, you can just invite immediate family or people who are important to the parents-to-be.

No matter how extensive the guest list is, you should consider these three components.

1. Gifts

When you attend a baby sprinkle, the expectant parents might have most of the things they need for their new baby, aside from disposables like diapers. If the parents have already had one or more children, a baby sprinkle might be more about appreciating the parents-to-be rather than showering them with supplies. However, if you still want to bring a gift – or ask for some yourself – there are some great go-to gifts that would work for any family.

Consider baby necessities that cannot be reused or see a lot of wear and tear, like diapers, fresh bottles, or new onesies. Gift cards to the parents’ favorite stores can also be a great way to ease some of the initial costs of buying these items.

If you’re looking for something more creative, food for the family is always appreciated. Sending them high-quality foods like meats and cheeses can help them have something at the house to cook and eat off of for a while so they can focus on taking care of their new baby once they arrive.

2. Games

What is an event without games? Just because the baby shower is downsized doesn’t mean you should forgo everyone’s favorite part. Find some games that people play at baby showers, focusing on ones that are more relaxed and can be played with fewer people.

No matter how many or what kind of games you have, aim to have prizes for all winners. Even if it’s something as simple as a candy basket, a prize can help guests feel valued and wanted at the sprinkle. Plus, it gives everyone an incentive to try their hardest during a game.

3. Guests

How to Throw a Baby Sprinkle

Even if a sprinkle is a smaller version of a baby shower, you still need all the right guests! If you’re throwing a baby sprinkle for a parent-to-be, you should consider what they want to prioritize.

Baby showers are often traditionally considered women-only, so it’s best to check with the person being sprinkled which genders they want to be represented at the event. Consider letting husbands, fathers or brothers in on the fun, especially if they weren’t included in the first shower.

What Are Some Baby Sprinkle Themes?

All the best baby showers and sprinkles have themes. Adhering to a theme helps you determine the best way to organize events during the sprinkle, and it all but chooses your decorations for you. Baby sprinkles don’t need to be as decorative or luxurious as first-time baby showers, but keeping with a theme can show the parents-to-be that their loved ones still care about honoring them and throwing them a grand party.

1. Ice Cream

What goes better with sprinkles than ice cream? Consider throwing an ice cream sundae party — featuring plenty of sprinkles — so your guests can have a treat while celebrating the new life the parent-of-honor will bring into the world. Incorporating bits of candy throughout can also convey a “sweet” theme. It’s all-around a great theme to celebrate a baby.

Make sure to keep in mind any allergies of any guests. If anyone is allergic to peanuts, you should build the sundae bar without them. Keeping your guests in mind can help them feel valued.

Remember that a sundae bar may not be the best idea for all pregnancies. Around 10% of pregnant people contract gestational diabetes, so make sure with the parents before planning to include sweets.

2. Rain

What is a “sprinkle” but a light shower? Consider having a rain theme for your baby sprinkle. You can decorate with rubber ducks and umbrellas. If you want to get creative, you can include rain motifs throughout the baby sprinkle. It has the potential for plenty of cute decorations — and possibly games — that could keep guests entertained.

If you want to lean into the theme wholly, consider asking guests to wear rain attire, like raincoats or ponchos and rain boots, and send out paper invitations with rain or rainbow themes.

3. Flowers

Baby Sprinkle Ideas - Baby Sprinkle Theme Ideas

If the baby is due in the spring, the cutest and simplest theme to tie in with the baby’s birth could be a sprinkle that grows metaphorical flowers. So many colorful flowers bloom in the spring, and they could make a beautiful color palette for a stunning sprinkle.

You can also find all sorts of floral decorations and decorate the venue in a bright, celebratory way. The colors can help keep the mood light. It’ll help people anticipate the little life you’re about to bring into the world.

Sprinkle Them With Love

The parents-to-be may know what to expect from their new child’s birth, but it always helps to shower expectant parents with love and let them know they aren’t alone. While gifts may not be a priority for many couples in this situation, they could still benefit from things like disposable diapers or extra clothes for the new baby that aren’t hand-me-downs. Show the family some love by throwing them a baby sprinkle to remember!

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