50 Stunning & Unique Italian Names for Girls

Italian names for girls are sweet, rich with tradition and history, and roll off the tongue like honey. If you have Italian roots, chances are you want your daughter to share in that heritage. So, in this post, we’re going to look at some popular and unique Italian girl names. The idea is to give you a broad selection so hopefully one name just “clicks.” 

Before we start, you should know that many of these names stem from Vulgar Latin. To give you a little more context, I’ve added the meanings and any relevant history so you can understand your baby’s namesake.

Unique Italian Names for Girls



50 Stunning and Unique Italian Names for Girls

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This is one of the most unique Italian girl names on this list and I LOVE it! It’s actually the Italian version of Dolores, which means “sorrowful.” Don’t let the meaning get you down though, try saying Addolorata a couple times and I think you’ll come to appreciate it.


Aida is simple yet beautiful that has flooded the United States. It means “happy.”


Are you looking for another cheerful name? Have an appreciation for music? Check out Alegra; it means “joyful” but also subtly references the musical term. 


Alessia is the Italian feminine variation of the name Alexander, which means “defender.”


Another popular Italian girl name that has reached celebrity-status in the American baby names market. In fact, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you probably already recognize this one. Aria actually comes from several languages and has several meanings, but in Italian it means “melody.”


Would you be shocked to know that Bambi is actually a girl name? In fact, it actually means “little girl.”


Bellina is petite and sweet, meaning “beautiful.”


Bianca is another popular Italian girl name that has transcended into different countries. It means “white.”


Probably one of my favorite Italian names for girls on this list, Calandra means “skylark.” Originally it was a surname or a nickname for someone whose singing talent was well-known.


Camilia is an ancient name used during the Roman empire. It means “of a flower.”


Chiara is the Italian variation of the name “Clara.” It means “clear or bright.”


Another Game of Thrones name (kind of). Dani was originally an Italian surname. It stems from the Hebrew name, Daniel, and means “God will judge.”


If you’re a Starbucks fan, I probably don’t have to tell you what this Italian girl name means! Dolce is Italian for “sweet.”


There are a lot of variations of Elena, including Alaina, Elana, and the English version, Helen. In any case, Elena means “light.”


Meaning “industrious”, Emilia is another one of those Italian names for girls that is popular across many languages.


Derived from the Hebrew name, Eve, Eva means “life.”


Do you suspect that your little girl is going to be a handful? You’ll love Fia. It means “flickering fire.”


Fiore is sweet and feminine, meaning “flower.”


Francesca is a very popular Italian name  that actually means “French.”


If you’re looking for an Italian name with strong Christian roots, Gabriella won’t disappoint. It’s one of many feminine renditions of the name Gabriel, meaning “woman of God.”


If you’ve taken a peek at my Italian Boy Names List, you’ve probably already noticed that there are several forms of Jane and John in the Italian language. Geanna is one such rendition of Jane, meaning “God is Gracious.”


Grazia is about as Italian as it gets, meaning “pleasing.”


I think we’re all familiar with the tragic tale of the couple from Verona, Romeo and Juliet. Juliet, however, is the English version of the name Giulietta. Guilietta means “youthful.”


With roots to the Greek, Spanish, and Italian language, Ines means “chaste” or “pure.” You might be more familiar with the English version of the name, Agnes.


Another Italian baby girl name that is perfect for a little firecracker! Iniga means “fiery.”


Isabella is a traditional Italian girl name that has stood the test of time. Like the other renditions of Isabel, it means “consecrated to God.”


This is actually a variation of Gemma, which means “gem or jewel.” Having said that, Jemma also means “dove” in Hebrew.


Technically a unisex name, Jovannie is another variation of John or Jane. 

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A sweet Italian name that means “beloved.”


The feminine (and slightly more eloquent) version of the name Carl, Karlotta means “freeman.”


Does your baby already have a distinct “voice?” Lalia could be the perfect name for her. It means “well-spoken.”


Leora has roots in Hebrew, Greek, and Italian. It means “shining light.”


Luca and Lucia are becoming quite the popular names. They both stem from the Latin word “lux,” meaning “light.” 


This name originates from Latin, meaning “my lady.” It’s usually used in reference to Christ’s mother, the Virgin Mary.


This beautiful Italian girl name has many variations, but it means “dark.”


A literal Italian baby name, meaning “mine.”


Mimi has quite a few meanings in different languages, probably stemming from its use as a nickname. However, in Italian it’s actually a variation of Maria and means “of the sea” or “bitter.”


This stems from the  Hebrew name meaning “candle.” Having said that, it can also be considered a local Italian name for girls born near the river Nera.

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Nicci is a unisex name that has become popular across many countries. It stems from the Greek word for “victory.”


This is a unique Italian girl name meaning “messenger.”


Orazia is the feminine version of the name Horatio. It means “keeper of time.”


This is such a bright, lovable name! Oriana means “sunrise” or “dawn.” Other baby name experts say that it stems from the Greek name Orion


Paola is a popular name favored in mostly hispanic communities. And why not? It’s adorable! Paola means “little.”


This is a very literal name, stemming from the Latin word, pius. Pia means “devout.”


Is this your firstborn? Prima could be the perfect name you’ve been looking for. It means “first.”


This is definitely a unique Italian girl name, especially since it starts with q (I’ve only found three Italian girl names that start with a q!) Quieteria means “red one” or possibly “quiet” if you divert to the Latin meaning.


The Italian version of the Hebrew name, Rachel. It means “ewe or lamb”. Perfect for your sweet, innocent little girl.


I love this regal name! Regina means “queen.”


Sweet and a little more complex than Rose, Rosetta means “little rose.”


This is another one of my favorite Italian baby names. It means “from the border.”


To me this name screams beautiful and fiery all at this same time. It’s religious in nature, meaning “burning one.”


Would you believe that Sofia is a top-ranking baby name in at least nine countries? In fact, the English rendition, Sophia, ranked third in the U.S. Sofia means “wisdom.”


Tazia is a unique Italian name meaning “reborn.”


Teresa has lost some of its popularity over the years, but it still has survived the test of time. It means “harvester.”


Most commonly used as a diminutive of Christine or Christina, Tina means “follower of Christ.”


This is another Latin-based name, stemming from the word valere. It means “healthy, strong.”


Viviana is a vibrant and sophisticated name, meaning “alive.”


Isabella a touch too normal for you? Check out this variation!


This is actually a really cool Italian name with a ton of history. It originates from the Italian play, The Tragedy of Zara, by Voltaire. Zaira means “rising dawn.”


One last Italian girl name starting with z! Zeta means “little girl.”

Did You Enjoy these Italian Names for Girls? What’s Your Favorite?

I hope by now you’ve fallen in love with a few of these beautiful names! Choosing a baby name can be tough, but trust me, when you’ve found “the one,” you’ve found it. 

My favorite technique was (and is!) to write down my top 5 baby names and compare them to my husband’s. Then, we look through that list of 10 names and narrow it down to 3. We use each name for a couple days. If none of these names feels right, we tuck them away and keep our eyes posted for new names. Eventually though, we usually roll back to that original top 3!

Good luck choosing your baby’s name, Mama! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the baby names posts below.


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