How to Save Money on Diapers: Tips From a Frugal Mom of 2

Your baby is happily gnawing on her favorite teether when her face twists and she lets out a little grunt. Uh-oh. You let out a groan of your own. Time to change her diaper. Again.

The problem isn’t convenience. It’s just that diapers are so darn expensive. That “month supply” of diapers you just bought? Already half-used.

How to Save Money on Diapers

It’s no secret that diapers are expensive. In fact, the National Diaper Bank estimates that the average family spends around $900 on diapers a year. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend that money on other things. Like a mortgage payment.

There are a lot of tips on ways to save money on diapers on the internet. The problem is, most of these tips revolve around couponing. 

Now, as a stay-at-home mom of 2 (and the creator of the mommy budgeting class, Baby on a Budget), I have made learning how to save money on diapers priority #1. But…I hate coupons. Seriously. I waste time cutting them out and then I forget all about them when I go to the store. I prefer to find the best deals on diapers, which translates to saving money on diapers. 

If you’re the same way, I wrote this post for you! Below are just a few ways I’ve managed to score the best diaper deals.


How to Save Money on Diapers: 6 Easy Tips!

Tips to Save on Diapers

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1 Buy Bulk at Target

I think Target has a lot of good ideas. The Target Circle program? Hands-down the best one. If you’re not in the loop, Target Circle is basically a loyalty/coupon program. You can browse the Target Circle deals on the Target app and save each deal to your “wallet.” If you’re shopping in-store, you just have to show the cashier your barcode at checkout to receive the savings. Every time you use Target Circle, you also accumulate a little bit of cashback. 

Even though Target’s prices seem to be a little more expensive overall, the Target Circle program helps save a lot of money on select items.

Diapers are one of those items. 

For example, right now you can get a $20 giftcard when you buy $100 worth of diapers. Spoiler alert: if your baby is 2 years or younger, you will buy at least $100 worth of diapers within the next few months. If you purchase this month’s diaper supply and next month’s (keeping in mind your baby’s current weight and sizing), this deal can save loads of money.

(This is just one example of the Target Circle deals. Sometimes it’s $5 off $50, etc. Check out to see the best deals on diapers).

2 Use the Ibotta App before You Buy

If you’re shopping in-store at Target, make sure use the Ibotta app. They offer cashback when you purchase certain items. In the past, I’ve received $3.00 or $1.50 cashback for every Pampers box I’ve purchased. That’s on top of any offers Target has going. That’s real cashback, straight to your paypal account, by the way. 

To use the Ibotta app, just sign up here and receive a $20 welcome bonus. Then, go to Target. Search “diapers.” Add the offer to your account. After you’ve shopped at Target, just scan your receipt and you’re good to go. You can also just link your Target account to save time. 

3 Diaper Brand Reward Programs

Does require a time commitment but it is a lot easier than couponing. You can double-dip (with the Target deal and the Ibotta deal. Do you see how all of these savings are piling up?)

I’m a member of the Huggies and Pampers loyalty program. Basically, when I buy diapers or wipes, I just scan the code on the packaging of the diapers into the appropriate app. Over time, I’ve earned $10 in diaper rewards. KA-ching!

48 Hours only! You can snag my course, Baby on a Budget, and 37 other money-saving resources for only $39! Get the deal here.

4 Buy “Open-Box” Diapers on Amazon

The next couple tips revolve around ways to save money on diapers on Amazon. So, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you’ll need to sign up for that before you can take advantage of these deals. 

You can try Amazon Prime Family for free for 30 days here.

Buying open-box diapers was my secret to saving money on Amazon. It has saved me so much money. Once, I found Pampers Swaddlers for $.16 (this is a phenomenal price for Pampers).

I promise I’m not asking you to purchase used diapers from Amazon. “Open Box” diapers are being sold at a steep discount because the box is damaged, the manufacturer pulled the diapers because of a new design, or someone ordered the wrong size and returned it. The actual diapers are completely sealed and new. 

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    5 Amazon Diaper Subscription

    In the past, I’ve avoided diapers subscriptions like the plague. My fear was that I would buy too much of the same diaper or I’d run out. 

    So, if you think diaper subscriptions are a little scary, I get it. This is why I only recommend Amazon’s diaper subscribe and save

    First of all, you can save up to 20% (if you’ve signed up for 5 subscriptions). Secondly, they send you a notification before your diapers ship so you can update the sizes. Or, you can cancel or pause at any time. There’s a lot of freedom in Amazon’s diaper subscription that makes it work for you.

    If you do decide to try it out, here’s a couple tips:

    • Always make sure that the sizing is right. If your baby is a size 2 but seriously close to a size 3, you may want to adjust the quantity of the size 2’s to reflect that.
    • Double-check the price of the diapers to ensure that you’re actually getting the best deal. Most of the time, Amazon’s diaper prices (with the subscribe and save discount) are better than box stores like Walmart. Sometimes they’re not.
    • Push out the delivery date if necessary

    6 Switch Up Diaper Brands

    This is my little trick that you may or may not love. I like to use the Target Up & Up diapers at night and Pampers during the day. Up & Up seems to absorb very well, but not during the day when there’s lots of movement. Let’s just say…“stuff” escapes. 

    Pampers, on the other hand, holds “stuff” in. Yes, you’re spending more money on Pampers diapers during the day, but you’re also minimizing the amount of diapers you use and how many clothes you’re washing.

    What are Your Best Tips for Saving Money on Diapers?

    Learning how to save money on diapers can take time. It really depends on your preferences, your baby’s needs, and what buying options you have available to you. I hope my ways to save on diapers at least get you started! If you’re looking for a good, free resource to help you save money, check out my free baby budgeting worksheets. That can help you keep track of your budget and not go overboard with spending. You can also check out my course, Baby on a Budget, to learn how to save hundreds of dollars on all things baby!

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      Do you have some good diaper savings tips? Let us know below so I can share them with our readers! 


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