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5 Best Online Birthing Classes Of 2024

Looking for the best online birthing classes? As a mom blogger (and somewhat of an online course nut), I’ve taken a lot of prenatal courses.

Below are a few of my favorites.

The Best Online Childbirth Classes for New Moms

There’s no doubt, online birthing classes are changing the way women are learning about childbirth. 

I first heard about online birthing classes back in 2017, when I was pregnant with my daughter. I pretty much dismissed the idea. For one, I didn’t trust anything online. For another, I felt that I needed interaction with an instructor to learn about labor effectively. So, on one sunny Saturday afternoon, I hoisted my heavy, pregnant body into the car (towing along my less-than-enthusiastic husband), and waddled right into the local prenatal class. 

Honestly, the class wasn’t bad. I took notes, I practiced the breathing techniques, and I memorized the layout of the hospital. Unfortunately, 4.5 weeks later, I forgot a good percentage of this information, I had no idea how to tell if I was in labor or not, and I was grossly under-prepared for the natural childbirth experience I wanted.

Like I said, my childbirth class wasn’t bad at all. It worked great for my classmates (one of whom delivered in the room next to me), but based on my expectations, needs, and learning style, the class did not adequately prepare me for childbirth.

If you’re here, you want to find the best online prenatal class for your pregnancy needs. You’ve probably already realized that there are A LOT of childbirth classes on the internet and you might be wondering how in the world you are going to find the right one.

I get it. I’ve been in your shoes and I want to help. I created this post to list off the 5 best online birthing classes I have personally taken and reviewed. And, to help you decide which one fits your personal needs,  I’m going to share the features, pros, and cons of each course. By the end of this article, you’re going to know exactly what your options are and how you can choose the best childbirth class for you.

Let’s get started!

The Best Online Birthing Classes: At-A-Glance

Mama Natural Birth Class10+ HoursYesYes$$$
Kopa Prepared Childbirth Course12+ HoursYesYes$$$
Online Prenatal Class for Couples2.5 HoursNoYes$$
SupportingHer (Class for Partner)2 HoursNoNo$
Birth It Up! Epidural & Natural3 HoursNatural Series - YesNo$

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. Blunders in Babyland does not diagnose, treat, or give out any professional advice for any medical conditions.

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What is an Online Birthing Class?

I’m sure you have a fair idea of what an online birthing class is, but let’s get to the core of this term. Pregnancy classes educate you on the ins and outs of labor, delivery, postpartum, and everything in between. Ideally, this information will prepare you for the rigors of birth so you can experience it confidently and with minimal pain.

Online vs. Traditional In-Person Classes

While pregnancy classes have been available for years and years, there are three issues with traditional, hospital-led courses: retention, inconsistency, and convenience. 

  • Retention – Unfortunately, once you’re finished with a traditional birthing class, you’re finished. All you have to get you through labor is your personal notes and any handouts your instructor gave you. That was my main problem with a traditional, hospital-led course.
  • Inconsistency – They tell you not to believe everything you hear on the internet, but no one ever warns you about the disgruntled, retired nurse teaching your prenatal class! Don’t get me wrong, most labor instructors are a GODSEND, but there are instructors that teach very outdated concepts that can cause more harm than good. 
  • Convenience – I mean…you’re sitting in a classroom for 5 hours with swollen feet and lower back pain…

For these reasons, many millennial moms are turning to the online space to receive their childbirth education. 

These factors are not meant to dissuade you from taking a hospital-led course. For some women, taking a traditional childbirth class is the best option. Some women will not be able to learn from video lectures, while others simply can’t commit to finishing an online course. Only you can decide what can work for your specific learning requirements.

Now, if you’re still concerned that you might be missing out by taking an online prenatal class, don’t worry. I get it. Below I’m going to share specifics of each class so you can decide if these courses are appropriate for you.

First, let’s talk about the different types of online birthing classes available.

Types of Online Birth Classes

Free Classes: Yay or Nay?

Okay, you’ve probably already searched for free online childbirth classes. These courses typically introduce you to the concepts of labor and delivery. I actually do recommend some free childbirth classes, but only to get your feet wet and only to convince you that you need to pay for a quality online childbirth class.

These courses are great, but they only offer the cliffnotes when you need to read the whole book.

There are situations in labor that you may not know how to handle. You’ll feel pain that–aside from a good natural labor course–no one can prepare you for. You don’t want to be stuck scared and clueless. Birth can actually be an incredible experience, but you have to prepare for it efficiently.

Note: If money is your concern, stick around. Some of the highly-reputable childbirth classes I recommend are less than $40.

Online Natural Childbirth Classes vs. Traditional Childbirth Classes

The other mistake I made in my own pregnancy experience was purchasing a traditional childbirth class when I should have went with a natural childbirth class. Knowing the difference between the two is incredibly important.

A traditional childbirth class (online or in-person), will teach you all about the phases of labor, possible labor positions to use, epidurals and other interventions, the delivery process, and may even touch on other topics such as c-sections, postpartum care, and early newborn care.

Natural childbirth classes teach all of these topics, but focus on specific pain-coping techniques designed to help you get through labor without the aid of an epidural or other medical interventions. These classes will train you how to employ relaxation techniques designed to shorten the length and intensity of your labor, positions that ease the baby through the birth canal, how to overcome real world situations that endanger your natural experience. A good natural childbirth class will also teach your partner how to support you and guide you through this process.

If you want to have a natural childbirth, taking a good natural birthing class is your best choice.

If you’re kind of so-so about natural childbirth and you’re totally okay getting an epidural, a traditional childbirth class should work just fine.

Reliable Best Online Birthing Classes for New Moms

The 5 Best Online Birthing Classes for New Moms

Below I’m going to share a few of my favorite traditional classes and natural childbirth classes. You can trust the quality of information with all of the classes. The trick is finding the one that best suits your needs. 

Here are a few last things to consider:

  • Quality and Quantity of Information: Childbirth classes should cover all aspects of the labor process and include topics like epidurals, interventions, pain management, at least an overview of birth, and touch on postpartum recovery. All of the courses in this post do this.
  • Price: Price ranges depending on the quality of production, in-course materials, demonstrations, etc. While all of the classes in this post contain great info, the production quality and additional materials are directly tied with price. Natural labor classes are typically at the top of the spectrum, because of the required material and exercises necessary to prepare for natural childbirth.
  • Pain Management Techniques (Natural): Some online birthing classes will tell you how to manage pain, but they won’t show you. I can’t stress this enough, preparation to give birth naturally is the key to success. The best natural birthing classes include interactive exercises that teach you how to confidently manage labor in any situation and make informed choices about interventions.
  • Access: Some online birthing classes include lifetime access, however that isn’t the standard. Most online childbirth classes include at least 3 months of access. I’ll let you know how long you can access these courses.
  • Additional Materials: Ah, yes, the extras that make the course worthwhile. Does it come with comprehensive workbook, meal plans, cheatsheets? These “extras” can actually be very helpful during your pregnancy.
  • Overall Course Quality: This includes the interactiveness of the videos, how easily is the information is retained, any additional support provided, how up-to-date the advice is, etc., etc.

Mama Natural Birth Class

The Best Natural Birth Class

Are you go natural or go home? This is the class for you.

Pretty much every crunchy mom alive has heard about Mama Natural (aka Genevieve Howland). At her blog, she offers practical tips on living naturally with your littles. Before I became a mom blogger, her articles helped me turn my breech baby naturally, learn about essential oils, and naturally overcome my uncomfortable third trimester symptoms.

If I had known that she offered an online natural childbirth course, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.

Genevieve’s co-host, Maura Winkler, is an IBCLC (lactation consultant), Certified Doula, Certified Nurse Midwife, and a fantastic childbirth educator.

Her natural childbirth course is stellar. Not only is the production quality and information top-notch, but you can actually take the course in your first trimester and learn concepts that will positively affect your entire pregnancy. It’s the perfect class for natural-minded mamas that not only want a natural labor, but a holistic pregnancy as well.

I also think it’s the most interactive natural birth course for dads, thanks to the dude segments.

The biggest complaint I’ve seen about this course is that it’s geared more toward home births. I had a hospital birth. While a lot of the content in this course is geared toward at home births, I didn’t feel pressured or let down because of this. I thought the lessons were completely applicable for hospital births or even natural birth centers.


  • Encompasses the entire birth process from a natural perspective
  • Lots of birth stories
  • Highly Interactive
  • Includes Workbook, Free Affirmation Cards, Relaxation Audio
  • Excellent Support for Partner
  • Discusses Pain Management Techniques In-Depth
  • Visual Aids, Including Practice Videos
  • Birthing Videos
  • 1 Year Access


  • Casual Discussion (vs. Lecture)
  • Higher Price

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Kopa Birth Class

Katie Griffin - Kopa Birth

The Step-by-Step Approach to Giving Birth Naturally

I often tell my readers that the KOPA PREPARED Childbirth Course is about as close as you can get to step-by-step instructions on how to give birth naturally. The course is taught by Katie Griffon, registered nurse and certified Lamaze educator. Like Mama Natural’s Birth Class, the KOPA PREPARED is absolutely stellar. I would recommend it over a hospital-led class any day.

If you’re a Type A, textbook kind of girl like me, you will LOVE this class. 

This online birthing class will teach you exactly what positions and techniques are best to do in what phase of labor, the science behind relaxation and how you can tap into it, plus everything else you need to know about labor.

It’s also the most in-depth labor course I’ve ever taken. In fact, Katie recommends that you spend 2 months taking it (although I took it in about 2 weeks and retained the knowledge very well). You will want to give yourself plenty of time to PRACTICE all of the techniques you learn.

I also thought the course relayed a wealth of knowledge about c-sections, epidurals, and other interventions in a very non-judgemental, objective way.

If you’re trying to choose between the Mama Natural Birth Course and the  KOPA PREPARED, you have a tough choice ahead of you, because truly it is about personal preference.

The Mama Natural course is much more casual and taught through a panel discussion. It’s very interactive and razor-focused on a natural experience. In contrast, the KOPA PREPARED offers a methodical, in-depth approach to natural labor, and an extremely well-rounded educational experience. This course includes a very in-depth printable workbook with lots of information and techniques. 

Both classes are great and you can’t go wrong with either one.


  • Excellent Information
  • Methodical, Step-by-Step Approach
  • Includes Workbook, Meal Plans, Prenatal Fitness Program, Mock Labor Program, and more…
  • Actionable Support for Partner
  • Visual Aids, Including Practice Videos
  • Birthing Videos
  • 3 or 7 Month Access


  • Lecture-Style
  • Higher Price

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Mommy Labor Nurse – Birth It Up

Birth It Up Epidural Series

Most Affordable Online Labor Class

Are you wondering how you’re ever going to afford a prenatal class? What if I told you that I can hook you up with a quality prenatal class for less than $40? 

Too good to be true? Nope.

The Birth It Up! Natural and Epidural Series classes offer quality, trustworthy labor education for a price any mom can afford. It gives you the information you need to give birth, without the bells and whistles or the price tag. 

The course is taught by Liesel Teen, registered Labor and Delivery nurse, and creator of Mommy Labor Nurse.  She is passionate about all things pregnancy and new mom. 

Aside from price, I think her approach to childbirth is really unique as well. She focuses on giving birth how you want to and actually provides two classes to ensure that you’re doing just that: the Natural Series (which focuses on a natural birthing experience) and the Epidural Series (which tells you everything you need to know about giving birth with an epidural).

The only downside is, if you plan on giving birth naturally, you are missing out on those helpful exercises and additional resources that Mama Natural and KOPA PREPARED offer. 


  • Quality Information
  • Epidural or Natural Version of Course
  • Excellent Price 
  • Contains Written Commentary
  • Birth eBook Included
  • Lifetime Access


  • Video Lecture with Minimal Visual Aids
  • No Labor Exercises Tutorials
  • Minimal Partner Support



Online Prenatal Class for Couples

Online Prenatal Class for Couples

The Best Well-Rounded Online Birth Class

Let’s say you’re reading this review and thinking, “Well, I need something with a bit more than Birth It Up!, but buying one of those natural birth courses is overkill.”

Plus, maybe you’d like your partner to be involved in the birthing process!

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples is the perfect online childbirth class for you. It contains all of the information you’d expect to find in a hospital-led class, for half the price. The course was designed by Hilary Erikson from Pulling Curls, a registered L & D Nurse with over 18 years of experience in birthing. 

I love that the class is quick, to the point (which is always a plus when you’re dealing with a guy), and contains discussion questions and exercises designed to keep your partner in the loop. 

It was also designed for busy families in mind, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time with anatomy lessons or material you don’t care about. Hilary walks you through your entire labor, from first contractions to the first month postpartum, without wasting a moment of your time.


  • Excellent Information
  • Covers Epidurals and Pain Management Techniques
  • Includes Discussion Questions and Helpful Exercises
  • Support for Partner
  • 9 Month Access
  • eBook Included (With Deluxe Version)


  • Video Lectures with Minimal Visual Aid
  • Minimal Labor Exercise Tutorials


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SupportingHer: Childbirth Class for the Other Half

Supporting Her Childbirth Class for Dads

Best Online Birthing Class for Dad

Dads, this one is for you. 

A support partner can make or break a woman’s labor. SupportingHer provides intentional tips and techniques specifically to help your guy become the ultimate labor partner. Many times women can’t express (or even acknowledge) their needs during and after labor. This course teaches the information dads need to know about how to support their partners, but would never think of themselves. 

Things like, how to help you handle the rigors of labor, deal with conflict with hospital staff, or assist with on-the-spot decisions moms face and desperately need help with.

My favorite aspect is the emotional component of this training. Every woman is so unique, so it’s hard to tell partners how to be physically supportive. This course trains your guy how to be emotionally supportive as well, which allows him to help you exactly how you need to be helped.

If you’re planning on taking the Birth It Up! Class, this is an excellent add-on for your partner!


  • Excellent Support for Partners
  • Trains Emotional and Physical Assistance
  • Very Interactive
  • 10 Month Access


  • No labor exercises (touches on pain management techniques but this is not the primary focus)
  • Information for support partners only (Not a Labor Class for Moms!)


READ MY FULL REVIEW: The Childbirth Class for Dads: The SupportingHer Review

Bonus: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology

The Best Breastfeeding Class for Beginners

Okay, I realize this isn’t an online birthing class per say, but it’s the only online class I recommend for beginner breastfeeding moms. I love this class because it’s professional quality, dirt-cheap (as in, less than $20), and contains updated, quality information on how to breastfeed. 

The Ultimate Breastfeeding class covers all of the burning questions rolling around in your head right now: how to latch, maintain your supply, what to do if you have a milk crisis or your baby won’t nurse, and much more. 

Stacey Stewart, the course creator and narrator, also created the Ultimate Back-to-Work Pumping Class, which I would recommend to any working mom!


  • Professional Quality
  • Takes Your Through Entire Breastfeeding Process: From Birth to Weaning
  • Offers Practical Latching, Supply, and Pain Management Tips
  • Inexpensive


  • Online Class (No in-person demonstrations)

The Best Online Birthing Classes: Conclusion

Okay, mama! Hopefully by now you have a pretty good idea of what options are available to you. Whether you want to go natural or use an epidural, have a big budget or a small one, there is an online birthing class for you!

Choosing a childbirth class is a very, very personal choice. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the benefits of these trustworthy classes and has made this decision a little easier.

If you’re still on the fence, please check out my in-depth reviews on these online birthing classes (listed below) or feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

Still looking atpregnancy classes in general? Check out my ultimate guide to pregnancy classes here!

I hope whichever class you choose will lead you to the incredible birth experience you’ve been dreaming of! Good luck, Mama!


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