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The SupportingHer Review: An Honest Review of the Childbirth Class for Dads

When you know that your loved one is about to go through the most strenuous event of her life, it’s only natural to want to help. Yet, somehow, many childbirth classes seem to ignore the  crucial role Dad has to play in a woman’s labor. 

If you’re reading this review, you want to do more than sit around and watch helplessly while the mother of your child suffers. You want to be there when she needs you, lead her into this new phase of life, and protect your unborn child. Or, maybe, you’re just looking for a few tips to simply help you survive the experience. 

SupportingHer Review - Online Childbirth Class for Partners

In either case, SupportingHer is definitely a class you need to check out.

I’m Erin, the owner and author of Blunders in Babyland. I’m passionate about helping new and expecting moms overcome the challenges of early motherhood. As part of this mission, I have taken and reviewed A LOT of labor classes. Six, actually. 

In this SupportingHer review, I’m going over it all: what the course covers, the pros and cons I experienced, and most importantly, if it’s legitimately a good fit for you.


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The SupportingHer Review: At-a-Glance

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  • Focuses on Emotionally and Physically Supporting Expecting Moms
  • No Cumbersome Biology Lessons or “Fluff”
  • Easy-to-Implement Strategies
  • 2 Hours Instructional Video Content with Complementary Handouts
  • Created by a Doula and Lamaze Educator
  • Low to Mid-Range Pricing
  • Access to SupportingHer Facebook Group
  • Available 24/7 with 10 Month Access 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Not a “labor” course. Does not focus on the technical side of labor
  • Mid-Range Pricing

What is the SupportingHer 

SupportingHer is an online childbirth class designed to train you–the dad, the partner, the best friend forever–to become the ultimate birthing partner. Alice Turner, the course creator, is a certified Lamaze educator and birth doula. After working with over 200 births, she saw a need that many dads didn’t know how to express: how can they support their mom-to-bes better during birth? Alice and her co-host, Kathleen, bring their professional and personal knowledge to the table, giving you invaluable tips on how to support your woman during this difficult time.

Class Structure

The majority of the course is taught via lecture-style videos. Having said that, the “feel” of the course is very informal and conversational. It was literally filmed in a brewery with a bunch of dudes. 

In addition to the lecture material,  you’re also shown interviews with actual dads that talk about their experience with the birthing process. I The interviews were, hands-down, my favorite part of the course. Their knowledge, regrets, and honesty will not only make you feel more comfortable with your upcoming role, but help you prepare as well. 

The course also includes a few helpful printables, such as a support partner interview sheet and partner packing list.


The content in this course is so unique; I’ve actually never seen it in another labor class. The team really focuses on helping you connect emotionally with your mom-to-be, which is exactly what she needs the most. 

This varies so much from other labor courses, which focus primarily on the technical side of labor.

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Your Role in the Labor Process (I think it will actually surprise you…)
  • Verbal Support
  • Physical Support
  • How to Take Care of Yourself During Labor
  • What to Do Once You Get to the Hospital
  • Dealing with Medical Staff and Interventions
  • Deciding on Additional Support (such as visitors and doulas)
  • How to Support Her After Birth

Who This Course is For

I think the quality of this course is great and the content is definitely there, but you should know that I wouldn’t recommend this course to everyone. 

If you’re a dad-to-be that wants to go a step further than a typical childbirth class and support your partner in the best ways possible, this is a great class for you. I think you’ll be very satisfied with the easy tips you’ll learn.

But, if you’re looking for a full-blown labor course that can teach you the ins and outs of childbirth, this is not the course for you. SupportingHer focuses on aiding a woman in labor, not giving a biology lesson about labor.

 If you truly want to learn more about advanced labor position techniques or the anatomy of labor, watching a couple’s childbirth class like the Online Prenatal Class for Couples might be a better fit. That class covers these topics and, like SupportingHer, it’s quick and to the point.

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SupportingHer Review - Childbirth Class for Dads

The SupportingHer Review: Highlights

Helping You Feel Comfortable in Your Role

Women are not themselves during labor. You’ll find that she develops these superhuman strengths that are both admirable and terrifying. However, you’ll also notice that she becomes uniquely vulnerable as well. Suddenly you’re dealing with someone you don’t really know, in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by complete strangers.

SupportingHer helps you come into your role as the protector, provider, and supporter

The course also stresses the importance of taking the initiative, a move that most men are hesitant to take during labor. 

Knowing Exactly What to Say

As a woman that has actually gone through labor, this section was definite the most impactful for me. 

Your words can make or break a woman’s labor. It will either give her the strength to carry on or just the push she needs to try another option. 

But, as you probably already know, women are a mystery- finding the right words to say during labor–encouraging without pushing or discouraging– can be difficult.

 The course tells you exactly how to lead her while being encouraging. And, most importantly, it’ll show you exactly what NOT to say.

Providing Physical Support

Once again, let me be clear: SupportingHer is not a full-blown technical class on labor. However, the course does mention a couple labor positioning techniques that can relieve your partner’s pain and how to suggest using these techniques when you’re in the middle of all the action.

The course also shows key tips on how to redirect your partner’s focus (essential for the active and transition stage of labor!)

However, you’ll also notice that this section was listed under my disadvantages of the course. If you purchase this course, it would be worthwhile to look up articles about the best labor positions, labor stages, and pain coping techniques. The course touches on these subjects, but it doesn’t deliver the deep dive you’ll probably want to know.

How to Handle Interventions and Surprises

While the course doesn’t go over specific interventions in detail, it does share a solid decision-making system on how to handle them. Alice’s simple system helps you logically consider medications and interventions in a calm way that allows you and your partner to select the best choice. 


Overall, I’d say that the SupportingHer class price should be ranked low to midrange.

It’s very difficult for me to rate this course because it’s so unique. Compared with in-person courses, SupportingHer is definitely considered a “budget” course (my labor class was $200 for 5 hours…).

However, compared with other labor courses on the internet, I’d say it’s mid-range. SupportingHer pairs great with Mommy Labor Nurse’s Birth It Up class, which does cover the “anatomy” of labor.

SupportingHer Review Final Look: Is this Class Worth It?

Your role in her upcoming labor is important, much more important than she’s probably letting on. If you want to support her to the best of your ability, this is a great class for you.

I thought the content was so unique and (as helpful and supportive as my husband was) I would have loved for my husband to know this information before I went through labor. I think it would’ve helped him feel more comfortable as well.

I truly hope my SupportingHer review helps your decision become a little easier. If you’d like to take the next step and enroll in SupportingHer, just visit Alice’s site here.

I just have one request! I hope you’ll come back here and let us know what you thought and give your best tips to our readers.

Good luck!

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