Simply Earth May 2022 Box Review + Tutorials

We’ve all had those days. You know, the ones where you’re feeling off-kilter but you can’t explain why. You might feel a little down, sensitive, or a little angry.

Then the cramps art and the lightbulb goes on. Oh. It’s that

Simply Earth May 2022 Box Review (1)

Menopause, PCOS, and even the common menstraul cycle instigate hormone changes that leave us reeling. When our hormones are out of whack, it affects everything. Our work, family, and well-being. 

The Simply Earth May 2022 Box is all about women’s health. It’s packed with beauty care recipes, roll-ons, and diffuser blends that work hard to regulate your hormones and ease some of your symptoms.  

Below, I’m going to highlight four essential oils that are great for women’s hormonal health, plus some fun recipes that you recreate yourself.

Intrigued? I hope so!

The recipes and oils are included in the Simply Earth May 2022 Recipe Box. If you’re not subscribed to Simply Earth’s monthly box, I highly recommend you do so! It’s only $39 (if you’re an EO user you know how incredible that deal is). Plus, when you use my code BABYLANDFREE, you’ll receive this box and a full bonus box (which contains carrier oils and containers), AND a free $40 egiftcard for future purchases.

Let’s get started!


What is the Simply Earth Recipe Box?

Simply Earth May 2022 Box Review and Coupon (1)

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. I only recommend what I trust. Blunders in Babyland does not diagnose, treat, or advise medical conditions. I received this recipe box for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

If you’re just here for the recipes, feel free to skip this section! However, if you’re new to Simply Earth and their monthly recipe boxes, here’s what you need to know about them!

Finding a GOOD essential oil company with GREAT prices can be tough. Most essential oil users default to the big companies like DoTerra or YoungLiving…and pay for it. 

Simply Earth is a small business based in Wisconsin. They manufacture oils that, like their competitors, are 100% pure therapeutic grade. Simply Earth works directly with the farmers, manufacturers their own products, and ships those products directly. The end result? MUCH CHEAPER prices. 

All of their oils are astonishingly less expensive than the competition’s. On top of that, Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to non-profit organizations fighting against human trafficking. 

Honestly, this is why I feel so good about recommending Simply Earth. They’re a great brand!

You can buy all their oils individually, but the best way to buy their oils is through their monthly subscription box.

Each recipe box includes:

  • 4 Essential Oils
  • 6 Themed Recipes
  • 3-4 Bonus Goodies

These boxes usually boast incredible values. For example, if all of the items from the May box were purchased separately, the total would ring up to $189!

What’s Included in Simply Earth’s May 2022 Recipe Box

Simply Earth May 2022 Box Review - What is Included (1)

Essential Oils for Women’s Health

Now, for my favorite part of this Simply Earth May 2022 Box review…the essential oils!

Can you really use essential oils to balance your hormones? Several studies suggest yes! The oils I’m listing below are FANTASTIC for women’s health and I’m linking to the studies that back up that claim. 

Let’s look at the essential oils we’re using to make these powerful women’s health remedies. 


Sweet and minty, spearmint is often used to relieve both stomach and headaches, but did you know it can balance a woman’s hormones? I didn’t! In fact, I had no clue about this benefit until I received the spearmint in the Simply Earth May box!

One study required women to drink spearmint tea for 21 days. At the end of this time, the women who drank the tea displayed lower testosterone levels and higher estradiol levels (which is important for ovulation). Another study with rats found a decrease in ovarian cysts.



Lemon is fresh and invigorating. We think of using lemon for cleaning solutions or to clean wounds. However, you can also apply lemon as a facial toner, to brighten your complexion (it contains antioxidants that are fantastic for your skin cells), and an astringent. 

Studies have also shown that lemon may reduce pain. So, when you’re experiencing painful migraines or menstrual cramps, give lemon a try!


Some of you culinary buffs might recognize marjoram as a dried spice. For those of you that aren’t familiar, marjoram tastes and smells a little like oregano. 

When used medicinally, marjoram can ease muscle cramps (yes, even menstrual cramps), relieve digestive issues like stomach ulcers, and calm your nervous system. 

Scientists are still studying the correlation between marjoram and the woman’s hormonal health, but one study found that women with PCOS that drank marjoram tea experienced improved symptoms. 

Ladies Choice

Do often find yourself struggling with PMS or menopause symptoms? You’re going to love Ladies’ Choice! It’s a blend of clary sage, marjoram, geranium, and lavender. Studies have shown that compounds in clary sage mimic estrogen and helps reduce period symptoms. 


Simply Earth May Box- Recipes (1)

Once again, the Simply Earth May 2022 box theme is…Women’s Health! So appropriate for Mother’s Day, wouldn’t you agree?

For this post, we’re going to make a few practical, DIY essential oil recipes that you (or your mom) can enjoy. 

If you’re not crafty and the word “DIY” makes you a little nervous, DON’T WORRY. I am the same. These recipes were incredibly easy to make (even the Beauty Skin Care Balm).

Here are the recipes included in the Simply Earth May 2022 Recipe Box: 

  • Moisturizing Hair Mask
  • Flow Roll-On
  • Tumeric Infusion
  • Beauty Skin Care Balm
  • Cooling Spray
  • Mother’s Day Diffuser Blend

Bonuses Included in the MayRecipe Box

Aloe Vera

Have you ever bought the bright green aloe vera gel from Wal-Mart? Yeah, the Simply Earth version is NOT that. Simply Earth’s aloe vera is 100% pure and actually soothes burns and heals wounds. 

I use it for all of my kiddos’ boo-boos! 

Spray Bottle

2oz spray bottle that you can use for sprucing up your home or dispersing essential oil remedies. 

“Homemade” Paper Tube

I love that Simply Earth sends these out for free! I used it in a prior box to create some homemade essential oil deodorant. So far, it has held up great! 

Today, we’re going to use it for the Beauty Skin Care Balm. 

Simply Earth May Box  Recipes & Tutorials

Are you ready to balance your hormones and improve your skin? 

Before we get started, ensure that you have the following ingredients: beeswax, carrier oils, solid coconut oil, roll-on containers, cornstarch, and distilled water. 

The first four ingredients I mentioned are included in the Bonus Box you receive for free when you subscribe to Simply Earth.

Beauty Skin Care Balm

Simply Earth May 2022 Recipe Box- Homemade Skin Care Balm (1)

Does the skin around your nails or cuticles ever dry painfully? Mine too. The winter months are the worst, but I found if I’m gardening a lot, they can get really dry as well. 

This beauty skin care balm moisturizes your skin and can help improve your mood.

This recipe is extremely easy to make but you will need to be quick since the oils solidify quickly.

To begin, we’re going to throw the solid coconut oil, almond oil, and beeswax together in a double-broiler. If you don’t own a double-broiler, you can microwave these ingredients in very short intervals (like 10 seconds). I boiled a pot of water and placed a heat resistant glass bowl on top to melt the oils. Because I’m fancy like that.

When the oils are melted, remove from the heat and mix in the essential oils. Then add the cornstarch. Pour your mixture into the cardboard tube (make sure that the bottom flap is all the way down!).

Give it just a few minutes to cool completely and solidify.

Ingredients Needed:

  • ½ cup coconut oil (solid)
  • 2 tsp cornstarch
  • 2 tsp almond oil
  • 1 tsp beeswax
  • 10 Drops Marjoram Essential Oil
  • 15 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 10 Drops Spearmint Essential Oil

Flow Roll-On

Simply Earth May Subscription Box- Flow Roll-On (1)

You will love this roll-on. It does such a wonderful job of easing those PMS cramps and remain more calm during moodier days.

Making it is a cinch. Add your essential oils to the roll-on bottle. Swirl. Then mix in the liquid coconut oil. Swirl again!

And you’re done. You can apply directly to your abdomen if you’re experiencing cramps. Or if you’re looking for some mood swing relief, try adding to your pulse points.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 5 Drops Ladies Choice Essential Oil Blend
  • 3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil Blend
  • 2 Drops Marjoram Essential Oil Blend
  • 10ml fractionated coconut oil

Cooling Spray

Simply Earth May 2022 Recipe Box- Cooling Mist (1)

Do you or your mother suffer from arthritis or muscle cramps? 

Try this cooling spray. 

The ingredients in this spray are known for their antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, aloe vera brings a quick cooling relief!

This is another easy recipe. Simply mix the ingredients together in a bowl and then pour the mixture into your misting bottle. 

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1 oz Spray Bottle
  • 1 Drop Ladies Choice Blend
  • 2 Drops Spearmint Essential Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1.5 Tbsp Distilled Water

For more awesome recipes, like the Mother’s Day Diffuser Blend, Moisturizing Hair Mask, or the Tumeric Infusion, grab the Simply Earth May 2022 Recipe Box!

The Big Bonus Box

Simply Earth Bonus Box February 2022

If you’re new to Simply Earth, don’t forget that you’ll also receive a fully-loaded BONUS BOX. The Bonus Box contains allll of this:

  • Liquid Almond Oil
  • Liquid Coconut Oil
  • Solid Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • 6 10ml roll-on bottles
  • 6 5ml bottles

The carrier oils alone make this worth it for me. It can be so hard to find high-quality carrier oils. And at Simply Earth, you’re receiving them for free!

Simply Earth’s goal is to keep you stocked up and creating toxin-free remedies for your home. So, you’ll also receive this big bonus box with every sixth recipe box.

How to Save on Your First Simply Earth Subscription Box!

If this Simply Earth May 2022 Box Review has got you all amped up and ready to grab your own box, look no further.

Grab your recipe box here and use the code BABYLANDFREE.

With this code, you’ll receive a $40 e-giftcard   and a free bonus box, which contains $50 worth of containers and carrier oils. 

The best part? You can unsubscribe or pause your subscription at any time! So, if you decide a monthly subscription box isn’t your gig, no worries! You still get all the goodies without the commitments. 

I’m pretty sure you’ll become as addicted as I am though 😉

The Simply Earth May 2022 Box Review Conclusion

Essential Oils Hormone Balance (1)

Are you a Simply Earth customer? Did you buy this month’s recipe box? Which recipes did you make? What’d you think? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 


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