10 Memorable Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re a new mom, this holiday takes on a completely new light. After all, it’s your baby’s first Christmas! Everything is new, exciting, and completely Instagram-worthy.

For my daughter’s first Christmas, I really wanted to give her something special. We had plenty of toys (not that she used them), and I felt like her first Christmas present should be more meaningful than something we’d simply toss aside in a couple months.

Gifts for Babys First Christmas - Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you feel the same way.

In this post, we’re going to look at the sweetest, most meaningful baby’s first christmas gift ideas. And these aren’t just any Christmas gifts! These are the kind of keepsakes your baby will keep forever and cherish always.


10 Memorable Gift Ideas to Celebrate Baby First Christmas

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Snow Globe

There’s a reason why so many people love snowglobes! They endure through decades and (with your supervision) definitely provide some entertainment for your little one.

Amazon has seriously stepped up their game in the personalized snowglobe department. So, whether you have a perfect princess or a handsome boy, it’s easy to find a personalized snowglobe your child with always cherish.

Baby’s First Christmas Book

Gosh, I love this version of the Night Before Christmas. It’s so cute, the quality is amazing, and the pictures are absolutely enchanting. Not only that, but your baby’s name is repeated throughout the story. It’s a Christmas story completely customized for them!

Personalized Lovey

There are a ton of options on Amazon for personalized lovies. This particularly one has great ratings.

At some point in your child’s life, you’ll most likely purchase a lovey. Now 3 years old, my daughter’s lovey is her most treasured possession. It’s something I know she’ll hold on to for the rest of her life.

The attachment your little one will develop with his lovey makes it one of the best gifts for baby’s first Christmas. They may not be able to sleep with his lovie now, but it’s still a great time to find him one.

Personally, I love lovies that are personalized, like this one from Amazon.


Custom Rocking Chair

For my daughter’s first Christmas, she was gifted a rocking chair. Obviously, she wasn’t able to use it for quite some time, but it’s now a gift that she loves and plays with regularly. 

Rocking chairs are another one of those baby’s first Christmas gift ideas that last for a lifetime.


Sorry, Mama…your baby will outgrow this onesie much sooner than you’d like! However, it’s pretty much a rite of motherhood! When you’re searching endlessly for Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year, there is nothing wrong with going basic!

I STILL have my daughter’s First Christmas Onesie. It’ll be one of the main pieces in her baby memory box!

I love this First Christmas Onesie because it’s unisex (and it includes a bow and beanie!). So, if you’re waiting until birth to find out the gender, this is perfect for you.


This is another one of those traditional baby’s first christmas presents you don’t want to miss. Every single year your baby will see his ornament. In fact, he may even pass it on to his kids later.

There are so many options to choose from, but the one above is definitely my fave!


Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

Time Capsule

You’ve heard of time capsules, right? Some parents start a time capsule for their baby’s first birthday, and then have their child open it on their 18th birthday. 

So, going off that idea, what if you created a time capsule to commemorate his first Christmas? It could include his first ornament, little baby mittens, a ticket to his first light show, etc.

This is definitely one of the more unique gifts for baby’s first Christmas, but it has the potential to be so precious that you may want to consider it! 

Matching Pajamas

Matching Christmas pajamas is a relatively new trend that isn’t going away any time soon. I don’t mind admitting that it’s on the top of my list this year!

Now, your baby may or may not keep his pair of pajamas, but I’m sure he’ll get a good laugh at the pictures later 😉


Okay, this is one situation where I DON’T think you should get a present that says “Baby’s First Christmas.” If you choose the right stocking (personalized, timeless design), there’s a pretty good chance your baby will use it well into adulthood and even after he becomes a parent himself.

If that’s your ultimate goal, I would purchase a full-sized stocking with his name embroidered on it.

Christmas Countdown

This Christmas Countdown from Melissa and Doug has a 4-Star Rating with over 2,000 reviews! Definitely a favorite. As I’m writing this, it’s actually on sale too.

This is another one of those gifts for Baby’s first Christmas that translates into a timeless family tradition. A Christmas countdown calendar is usually wooden centerpiece that your baby can play with as he grows.

Some families choose an advent calendar, while others celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.

What are Your Favorite Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas Ideas?

Alright! Those are my baby’s first Christmas gift ideas! Is anything sticking out to you?

Honestly, sometimes choosing a gift for a baby can be a little perplexing. My advice is to stay away from toys and really focus on finding gifts that celebrate his first Christmas. That way, you won’t have to worry if your baby “likes it” or if you’ll be throwing it away in a couple weeks when he outgrows it.

Now that you hopefully have a few gift ideas in mind, I hope you’ll check out our post, 20 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Baby. These ideas go beyond seeing Christmas lights or Santa. They’re the stuff memories are made of!

And, if you have any gift ideas you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments below. Good luck!


Gifts for Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas Gift Ideas for Babys First Christmas

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