15 Easy Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Steal

A baby is big news. With February just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate this amazing event with a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement.

For both of my pregnancies, I felt absolutely paralyzed by all the possible ways to tell the world! Don’t let this happen to you 😉 Here’s a list of my favorite February pregnancy announcement ideas. They make great baby announcement photoshoots for social media, or just fun (SIMPLE) ways to share the news with your spouse or family.

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15 DIY Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Try

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1 Message in a Box of Chocolates

This year, make that box of chocolates extra sweet. Hide a cute poem announcing your little one or (if you have one) and ultrasound picture.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could replace the original chocolates with a chocolate baby (here’s a mold).  

2 Note in An Edible Arrangement

I’m fairly certain that the only time of the year my husband eats fruit is when its smothered in chocolate. I’m not judging. I have a terrible sweet tooth.

For this Valentines Day pregnancy announcement, you could write a custom note on an edible fruit arrangement and have it delivered to your partner’s work. I’d recommend hiding out in the coat closet or having their coworker record the whole thing when they open the note.

You do not want to miss their reaction!

3 Conversations Candy Reveal

Valentine's Day Baby Announcement Ideas - Conversation Hearts (1)
The best part about using conversation hearts to reveal your pregnancy? It takes 5 seconds to recreate this little idea.

Just want to announce your pregnancy to the world? This one is easy.

Conversation candies are a staple of Valentine’s Day. Simply write the due date on the back or you can purchase wooden custom candies from Etsy.  

4. Pregnancy Reveal Shirt

Speaking of Etsy…

I’m 100% sure that Etsy has a shirt for every event. Valentine’s Day baby announcement? No problem. Wear the shirt, snuggle up to your love, and snap the picture. Easy!

My favorite is this sweatshirt, which says, “This Valentine’s Day all I got was morning sickness.” So. True.

5  The Onesie

Valentine's Day Baby Announcement Ideas - The Onesie 2 (1)
Yet again, Etsy is amazing. You find this exact onesie, but many like it!

Creating a flatlay with a onesie is a classic, but I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it. Instagram has some fantabulous ideas for how to pull this photoshoot off in a fun new way. 

Here’s one of my favorites.

6 Use Your Pet

I love it when people call in their pets to help with their baby announcements! Because, while you might be expanding your family, pets are still often our first babies. My dog sure is!

Etsy sells Valentine’s Day-themed bandanas for dogs that say “big brother” or “big sister.” Grab a red one (I love this red and black plaid pattern though). Through down an empty chocolate box, and snap a picture.

7 Balloons

Heart ballons are abundant during the entire month of February. They make the perfect back drop for a February baby announcement. You can go with simple heart balloons in the picture above, or you can buy letter balloons from Amazon and spell it out.

8 Heart in Front of Belly

Valentines Day Baby Announcement Collage 2 (1)
Here are a few of the baby announcement ideas I mentioned.

Here’s an easy pregnancy announcement for social media (for any time of the year). Simply have your partner stand behind you, and fold your hands to create one heart over your belly. Make sure that your camera focuses primarily on that shot. The background should be out of focus.


9 Sparkling Water

Looking for a fun, in-person reveal? On Valentine’s Day, have your Valentine pop the cork, only to discover that drink is sparkling water. Dead giveaway!

Alternatively, you could also try one of these fun custom labels from Etsy.

10 Love at First Heartbeat Photo Frame

Here’s another classic. This frame on Amazon is perfect for revealing your baby to family members and makes a great public photo reveal.

11 The Flat Lay Letter Board

I love letter boards because they’re extremely customizable and it’s easy to decorate the surrounding area. Literally just throw a few roses, a ultrasound photo and some chocolates and viola. Insta-worthy photo.

12 A Note in the Roses

Feburary Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Roses v2 (1)

Roses are a special way to share your pregnancy with your love or family members. Plus, it makes an easy photo op afterward. 

Every florist offers the opportunity to send a message along with your bouquet. There are a ton of pregnancy poems on the internet, but I think this one is short and sweet:

“Roses are red 

Violets are blue

Sometime in {insert month}

Our baby is due.”

Much like the edible fruit arrangement, it’s best to actually see the delivery in action. So, you might want to hide out or deliver the flowers yourself.

14 Message on a Bottle

When you’re at a restaurant, ask the waiter to switch the wine bottle with one of your own. Etsy sells adorable pregnancy reveal stickers that you can either attach at the restaurant, or bring a bottle yourself. 

13 Flat Lay Picture

Valentine Day Baby Announcement Flat Lay v 3 (1)
My ultrasound photo is super blurry, but I think you get the idea! I love flat lays because they’re easy to create.

Flat lays are an incredibly popular choice for any social media pregnancy announcement. Pinterest can provide a few ideas for placement, but Instagram is the best resource to use. Just search the #pregnancyannouncement or #babyontheway

15 Share it in a Valentine

Do you give your loved ones Valentines? We do! You can either write a note that announces your pregnancy or (if you’re far enough along), tape the ultrasound picture to the back. 

What Are Your Favorite Valentine Pregnancy Announcement Ideas?

Expecting parents tend to agonize over how they’ll share the big news with the world. Fight the temptation!

Baby or not, Valentines Day is all about love. You really can’t go wrong. I hope these ways to announce spark your own ideas and sweeten your holiday.

In the meantime, let me know how you decide to share the big news!

Cute Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (1)

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