10 Best Baby Shower Venue Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

When you’re hosting someone special’s baby shower, you want to find the perfect venue. In this post, we’re exploring the best baby shower venues ideas–indoor and outdoor! 


Baby Shower Venue Ideas (1)

Planning a baby shower can be a lot–and one of the most important decisions you will make is where to host it! Whether you’re leaning towards an indoor gathering or dreaming of an outdoor soiree, here are a few of the best places to consider. We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of each and cover important things to consider when you’re choosing the perfect place. 

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll have a fair idea of what you’ll do!  


Best Places to Have a Baby Shower Indoors and Outdoors (1)

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Best Baby Shower Venues for Indoor Parties

Booking an indoor baby shower venue is the safer bet, for sure! You don’t have to worry about inclement weather, and you’re usually equipped with the appliances and seating arrangements you need to pull off the event. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to have a baby shower indoors!

Private Event Space

This is probably the first option you might consider. Private event spaces are built specifically to host events like this and are typically equipped with everything you need to throw a ridiculously cute baby shower: chairs, tables, restrooms, and so much more.

Private event spaces are often beautiful and feature customizable decor.

Most of the time, when you rent out an event space, you also gain the services of the in-house event coordinator. Most of these spaces offer outdoor and indoor areas, particularly if you’re looking at a rustic location, like a winery or a barn. 

At an event space, you don’t have to worry about any awkwardness from unwanted onlookers or distractions. And, if the weather isn’t playing nice, you’re covered. Pun not intended 😉 

The downside?

Private event spaces can be expensive. They also tend to book up quickly. Especially during wedding season!

Also, double-check their catering policy. Some private event locations only allow a select number of caterers to service their location or only allow food from their own in-house caterers. 

Here are a few common private event spaces to look at:

  • Remodeled barns
  • Urban, formerly industrial spaces
  • Conference centers 
  • Historic estates

Restaurant or Café

Baby Shower at a Restraurant

If you’re expecting to host a small baby shower, consider a laidback dinner party. Many restaurants offer party rooms (with catering!). The ambiance of a restaurant or café can create a warm and welcoming environment. With this option, the staff usually takes care of the setup and cleanup.

Another advantage? You don’t have to worry about finding extra chairs or restrooms.

On that note, customizing your decorations at a restaurant can be a little tough. You’ll have to simplify your decor (and bring in whatever you want). And, unless you book a private party room, you’ll probably have to share the space with other diners.

Hotel Banquet Hall

Banquet halls provide an already upscale, elegant setting for your festivities. They’re often equipped with a professional staff that can assist you with planning, catering, and event coordination. Plus, if you have a lot of family members coming from out of town, they can stay right there at the hotel!

You’ve probably already guessed the downside–expensive. Banquet halls can be pretty pricey. Like a private event center, you also need to double-check on the catering options. Some hotels will only work with a specific list of caterers and/or will not allow outside food. 

Art Studio

When I lived in a small(ish) city, the company I worked for used to host meetings and events at a cool art studio above one of our favorite pizzerias. Not only could we view the local artists’ work, but the vibe was so fun! 

Check out your local art studios. Many rent out their spaces (its an excellent way to maintain revenue in between art shows). Art studios are usually more flexible with caterers and bringing in food, and they don’t seem to book up as quickly as private event spaces.

The downside? Sometimes seating and parking is a struggle. Many art studios simply aren’t built for a massive guest list. And, given its function, it may not be equipped with all the chairs and tables you need…

Community Center

Baby Shower Venue - Community Center
My family hosted my baby shower at a community center. It was a beautiful party, and we had a great time!

Fun fact: my baby shower was hosted at a community center. While it wasn’t necessarily the prettiest space, the decorations, company, and fun entertainment made it the perfect party!

9 times out of 10, community centers offer all the seating you could ever need, plenty of space for baby shower games, and good parking. They’re also usually pretty lenient on the food you bring in. 

The greatest advantage to booking a community center–they’re relatively inexpensive. I think ours was $150 to rent for a Saturday afternoon.

A few community centers to check out:

  • Senior Rec Centers
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • County Community Centers
  • National Guard Gymnasiums 
  • Golf Clubs


Many churches rent out their fellowship halls, classrooms, or gymnasiums to members and non-members. This could be a really good budget baby shower venue, considering churches are non-profits, and often rent for a less expensive rate.

From my experience, they are often great to work with–they provide seating and tables, ample parking, and are usually pretty flexible with food. 

Best Places to Have a Baby Shower Outdoors

Places to Have a Baby Shower Outdoors

While indoor spaces meet all the requirements for a baby shower, there’s something to be said for hosting outside. Outdoor baby shower venues are often less expensive (or free!) and very, very flexible with food options. 

Park Pavilion

One of my favorite places to host an event–the park pavilions. Check out your local park and rec’s website for rental information. Pavilions are often extremely inexpensive, provide great seating, and plenty of parking. They also provide a decent amount of shelter if it happens to rain on your mom-to-be’s special day.

The downside is…people. Sometimes the other park visitors do not like to play nice. They’ll try to steal your pavilion, even if there’s adequate signage stating that it’s rented out. Bathrooms and kitchen equipment can also be a bit tricky when you host your baby shower in a park.  

Backyard Garden

Look, if you’ve got a backyard, usually you can make a baby shower happen. Backyard baby showers are intimate and cozy. You have plenty of time to set up, and the sky’s the limit for décor. Not to mention, you’re saving a lot of money!

But, of course, you’re completely dependent on weather, the size of your backyard, and you’re responsible for providing all the refreshments, seating, and bathrooms.


For a serene baby shower, try taking the party to the beach. Many beaches will allow you to post a tent and host your party there. The sound of waves and fresh scent of seawater is good for an expecting mom-to-be’s soul!

Never mind the cool waves on her aching feet.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities for water-related baby shower games. 

Like all outdoor baby shower venues, you’ll be entirely dependent on the weather. But, parking and seating can be a challenge as well. Many beach parking lots are quite the walk and their picnic tables (if they offer them at all) are usually taken and not rentable.

Rooftop Terrace

Generally, you’ll find rooftop terrace venues more in larger cities.

It can offer the best of indoor and outdoor spaces. Like an indoor space, a rooftop terrace will likely offer seating, bathrooms, and catering options. However, your guests will also be treated to a stunning urban or scenic view.

Rooftop terraces are often fairly private as well…so no need to worry about randos wandering it.

The downside is accessibility. Some rooftops aren’t as accessible to guests with disabilities, and because of the urban setting, may offer only limited parking. You’ll also have to keep one eye on your weather app.  

Vineyard or Winery

Like rooftop terraces, a winery offers the best of both worlds. I’ve been to several events hosted at wineries–from wedding receptions to graduation parties–and they’ve all been absolutely stunning. 

Wineries or vineyards will usually rent smaller meeting rooms, plus plenty of outdoor seating options. Many offer catering options or allow you to bring select food items in.

At small vineyards, parking could be an issue, but that’s not generally a concern at larger establishments.

Indoor options at vineyards can be a little expensive. However, sometimes they offer pavilions or tents to rent as well that are much more budget-friendly.

The biggest downside to hosting a baby shower at a winery is actually it’s greatest advantage–the alcohol. Some guests might be morally opposed to wine or other alcohol offerings (which will be easily accessible at the winery). Alternatively, your mom-to-be might despise you for teasing her with dozens of delicious wine options without being able to partake!


Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Shower Venue

Now that you have a couple ideas for where to host a baby shower…let’s talk about the factors that will help you make your final decision. 


Set a clear budget for the baby shower venue, including any additional costs for decoration, seating, entertainment and food (whether catered or brought in). 

Don’t forget to consider hidden costs as well, like:

  • Service charges
  • Gratuities,
  • Cleaning fees
  • Parking fees

Guest List and Capacity

Nobody likes to feel like they’re squeezed into a space. Create an approximate guest count long before you book. There’s a good chance that not all of your guests will be able to attend–whether they RSVP or not. 

Space layout is also a consideration. What do you plan to do at your baby shower? Play some fun games? Cater food? Offer buffet style snacks?  Consider the seating arrangement, food serving area, and any additional activities or entertainment you plan to host.

Location and Accessibility

The location itself matters. Choose a place that is convenient for the majority of your guests to minimize travel time. Make sure that it’s easily accessible. There’s nothing worse than watching your Great Aunt Ruth struggle up a dirt drive just to get to your beautiful outdoor baby shower!


Alas, weather. If you’re dead-set on an outdoor location, you will have to keep an eye on the weather and make a solid plan B. You might state that on the invite as well. For example, if you plan to host at a winery, but list your address as a backup option in the event of inclement weather. Make your guests aware that you will contact them if there is bad weather, so they know where to go if necessary.

Venue Amenities

Check if the venue provides essential amenities such as restrooms, seating (whether or not they provide chairs and tables), and a kitchen for catering needs. You’ll also want to inquire about any restrictions on decorating the venue. 

Catering Options

Speaking of catering options! Let’s chat about how to feed your guests.

  • In-House Catering: Some venues offer in-house catering, featuring a full service wait staff and clean up. This is more popular with wineries, restaurants, or private event spaces. Most of the time, they’ll take care of the alcohol permit as well. This is the most expensive option, and they don’t always offer baked delights specific to baby showers. You know, the cute baby-shaped cookies, cakes, and other fun desserts you can find on Pinterest. 
  • Outside Catering: Some venues will allow you to hire a catering company to serve at your baby shower. Just call ahead to ensure the venue allows it and inquire about any associated fees. Hiring an outside caterer has many advantages (you know you’re dining with a company you love), but there’s a greater likelihood for hiccups since you’re dealing with two third-parties that may or may not work well together. 
  • BYOF: Bring your own food. If you want to throw a budget baby shower, this is your best option. You ABSOLUTELY can serve delicious (and adorable) food that you order or make yourself. Check out my Baby Shower Pinterest board if you don’t believe me!


This isn’t something you would necessarily think of, but let me tell you–it’s important! Case in point: my friends decided to throw me a bridal shower at a public park. While they rented out a very nice, rustic cabin for my shower, it just happened to be right next to right next to a playground and a lakeside beach. 

With no bathrooms.

At the time it sounded like a fantastic idea. Until people started lining up at our cabin door to use our bathroom. Just imagine unwrapping unmentionables with random people walking behind you to use the toilet. 

It was awkward for everybody. 

Moral of the story: if you choose a public location, be willing to share it with the rest of the world. Otherwise, choose a location that ensures privacy. 

Personal Preferences

The final and most important consideration: your Mom-to-Be’s wishes. Consider her preferences. What does she enjoy? And, how will she fare at the location you select? Since baby showers are usually thrown during the third trimester, she may not be as mobile (or comfortable) as she used to be.

Tell Me Some of Your Favorite Best Baby Shower Venue Ideas!

Selecting the best baby shower venue can and should be fun!

Just keep an eye on your budget, guest list, location, and personal preferences. Personally, I would make a list of your top three (or if you’re a little too analytical like me, a spreadsheet), with the venue, cost, capacity, and features. That way, you can easily weigh the pros and cons of each location.

 No matter which venue you choose, it’s the love and celebration that truly make the baby shower unforgettable. 


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