5 Simple Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms (Written by a Busy Mom)

When you’ve had a busy day and that chore list is endlessly looming, making the time for a little self-care feels like an impossibility. In this post, guest contributor Taylor from Positively Taylor, is going to share some powerful self-care tips for busy moms. 

If you’re anything like me, you simply don’t have time to hit up the spa to pamper yourself (though, wouldn’t that be nice?) In fact, the thought of interrupting your already packed schedule might sound even more stressful. If that’s the case, DON’T WORRY. Whether you’re a busy SAHM or a working mom, these self-care tips for moms are for every woman, with every kind of schedule. Let’s dive in!

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Do you feel like you never time for self care? 

If your life wasn’t busy before kids, it certainly is now! I think most women can agree that once you become a mom, you become more selfless than ever. 

And while it’s the greatest blessing to be there for our kids, it can very easily become draining trying to pour from an empty cup.

When you’re experiencing that mom burn out, self care can feel like something unattainable. Or something you think you have to give up all together.

But what if I told you that no matter how jam-packed your schedule is, you can still find ways to make time for yourself? You may have less time, but that doesn’t mean even the busiest mom can’t find ways to practice self care and take care of herself.

Let’s talk about simple self care ideas for busy moms that are totally doable for anyone!

Simple Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

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1. Ask for Help

One of the best self care ideas for busy moms is to delegate and ask for help. 

As a mom, it can be tempting to want to be “super mom” and juggle everything yourself. From getting the kids ready for school and getting them there on time. To going to work and still coming home to make a home cooked meal for your family. 

While it feels good to accomplish so much, it can also lead to burn out. Part of self care is knowing when to take a real break. 

If you’re like me, you may be the type who feels uncomfortable asking people to help and take over. However, once I became a mom, I knew that I couldn’t handle everything alone. 

Chances are your friends and family want to help. Make your busy schedule a little less hectic by accepting and delegating help.

If you don’t have a network of help, try looking at local resources:

  • Babysitters
  • Drop-In Daycares
  • Community centers and gyms that offer “parents night out” events

2. “No” Can Be a Form of Self-Care

Moms can have a tendency to people-please and want to say yes to everything. We don’t want to let our kids down or make it seem like we aren’t invested. 

But mom burnout is real. As I mentioned before, we may have moments where we feel proud of all we can accomplish at once. 

However, for your own mental health, start paying attention to how often you are actually doing something for yourself. And how often you put aside doing something for yourself because you are taking care of others. 

Remember: you are just as worthy of doing things for yourself as everyone else!

Yes, it’s our job as mamas to be there for everyone. But it shouldn’t mean we should normalize sacrificing our own self care.

So whenever you feel like you just don’t have time to yourself, remember that it’s okay to decline some invites if you feel like you just need time to relax. It doesn’t mean you have to say “no” to everything. It just means you need to prioritize what’s manageable.

You also don’t have to commit to signing your kid up for every single club or sport. Keep your household manageable and don’t overstuff the schedule

3. Make Time For Your Hobbies

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Self care is about doing things that make you feel good and bring you joy. Just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean you have to give up doing the things you love! 

After we have kids, it’s easy to let motherhood define us. Hobbies are an important part of rediscovering yourself after motherhood and holding on to your identity. I truly believe that we can make the time for things that are important to us, no matter how busy our schedules get.

Depending on your hobby, you may have to get creative with your time or find some extra help with your kids. 

You can even find a few hobbies to include your children:

  • Gardening
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Exercise

No matter what your hobby is, make time for it even if it means getting the family involved.

4. Schedule Alone Time

Part of the reason moms are so busy is because we are involved so much with others. An important aspect of self care as a mom is keeping your own identity. This involves getting to spend time with yourself and yourself only. 

No matter how busy you are, you can find a spare 10-15 minutes for yourself each day.

Why is it so important to find time to be alone? Because it gives you a chance to clear your head and reset

When you’re a time-starved mom always on the go, you aren’t taking the time to focus on yourself. This can take a toll on your mental health and lead to that dreaded burn out I’ve been mentioning.

If you’re a busy mama, evaluate your schedule and see where you can add in some “me time.” Maybe you can wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual or get some fresh air on your lunch break.

Ideally, you should find time to be alone while doing something YOU want to do, such as your hobbies as we discussed. 

There can still even be something refreshing about just running errands by yourself.

5. Five Minute Journaling

Journaling is wonderful for self care and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be time consuming! Literally anyone can find time to journal for 5 minutes a day. 

You can journal with paper and pen or simply use the Notes app on your phone. 

It can be done while you sip your morning coffee, sit in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or be a part of your bedtime routine before you go to sleep. 

As a busy mom, you probably have a lot on your mind! Journaling is a great outlet for reflecting on your thoughts and feelings.

6. Take a Walk/Quick Workout

Mother and daughter doing yoga exercises on rug at home.

We all know how important it is to get some movement in. Studies show that people who exercise daily have better emotional and mental health, and can reduce the chances of developing mental illness. 

It’s easy to make the assumption that you need to carve out a large portion of your day to exercise. 

But what’s most important is that you’re moving at all! 

Something as simple as 10 minutes of stretching before bed can be a great form of self care. 

Just like your hobbies, you can get your family involved with easy workouts too! For example, you can take a walk with your family after dinner. This way, you are still spending time together while getting your body moving.

Sometimes, it’s not making the time for a workout that’s difficult. It’s finding the motivation. 

As a mom on the go, the motivation may be hard to find. But once you find a form of exercise you enjoy, you’ll be more than happy to find the time in your packed schedule.

Simple Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms: Recap


You never realize how much free time you once had until you have kids! They are our biggest blessing and I know us mamas wouldn’t trade our roles for the world. 

But it’s important that we continue to take care of ourselves, no matter how chaotic our schedules get.

Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Ask for help, learn to say “no” without guilt, make time for your hobbies, schedule time to reset and recharge, try jotting down your thoughts, and keep moving! You deserve self-care and well-being. Embrace these moments for yourself, and let self-care become an integral part of your daily routine. You won’t regret implementing a consistent self-care routine in your daily life. It’s so worth it!

Which of these self care ideas for busy moms is your favorite? Share in the comments!


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