Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course Review (2023)

Like any major medical event, having a baby requires some serious recovery. In this Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course review, I go over how you can benefit from taking this online class.

Plus, I give you a code for a juicy discount!

Mamas and Misses - Postpartum Recovery Review

As a new mom, I’d spent hours researching baby care, childbirth, and breastfeeding. I wanted to be prepared for every possible situation I might run into during those critical first few weeks of motherhood.

What I didn’t prepare for? My postpartum recovery.

My oversight pretty much ensured that I made every mistake in the book. Even for the most prepared mom, recovering from birth is tough. Your body is stretched, worn, torn, and sore in places you had no idea existed. During my postpartum recovery, every step was painful.

The sad truth is many women forget to respect their bodies and let them heal properly (as do some healthcare providers and employers).

Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery course is for the mom that needs to be on her feet as quickly as possible with as few complications as possible. If you want to recover from childbirth quickly and permanently, this is a fantastic class that will take you by the hand and help you prepare for every stage of your postpartum recovery.

Below, we’re going to talk about what is included in the premium version of the course, as well as individual lesson topics. Because the course is also sold in individual segments  (very helpful for you mamas on a budget), you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting here.


Pros and Cons: Pros & Cons: Postpartum Recovery Course At-a-Glance

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  • Over 3 Hours of Instructional Video Content
  • Includes Informational Handouts with Each Lesson
  • Created by an Experienced Physical Therapist
  • Covers the Full Spectrum of Physical Postpartum Recovery Topics
  • Includes 30 Minute Physical Therapy Consultation
  • Premium Picture Quality and Production
  • Available 24/7
  • Lifetime access 


  • Online course
  • Expensive for premium class (if no consultation is needed)

Use the code POSTPARTUM10 for a 10% discount!

What is the Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course?

The Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course was created and taught by Dr. Nicole Bringer, physical therapist. After experiencing the trials of childbirth and postpartum recovery firsthand, Dr. Bringer decided to specialize in pelvic health and pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy. 

In addition to this class, Dr. Bringer also hosts virtual sessions, online consultations, and offers helpful, factual advice for the burning questions new and veteran moms have about topics pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum.

The premium Postpartum Recovery course focuses on a full physical recovery. It offers best practices, easy exercises, resources, and personal experience to get you through this very taxing time. 

In all honesty, as a mom that’s already run through the gamut, I was stunned by the amount of information I learned from this class. And, frankly, a little bit annoyed with myself. I could have saved myself so much grief if I would’ve taken a course like this! Below, we’re going to talk about exactly what’s covered, so you understand what I mean.

Class Structure

Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course Review - Class Format

The Postpartum Recovery course is a hybrid of video and written content. Almost every lesson begins with interviews with several moms about their experiences on these topics. I think you’ll love this segment of the course. The experiences from these women are so valuable and creates an air of normalcy that new moms desperately need.

After the interviews, Dr. Bringer teaches about the topic. The lesson is lecture-style and is loaded with essential tips, tutorials, exercises, and resources to help you overcome these hurdles. 

Below every lesson, you’ll find the handouts. Some handouts are helpful graphics (which become helpful quick-references) or resource sheets for further research. 

The premium course also includes a 30 minute phone consultation (this article on her website does a nice job explaining exactly what that’s all about). If you know that you’ll need a therapy consultation postpartum, this feature definitely pays for the course.


This course primarily focuses on the physical recovery of your postpartum healing process. This actually covers a wide spectrum of topics. If you’re already in your postpartum period and you’d like to focus on only a few specific topics, you can actually purchase most of these lessons ala carte. Having said that, the premium course offers a few juicy lessons that can’t be found anywhere else. 

The topics included in the premium Postpartum Recovery course are:

  • Postpartum Bowel Movements
  • Breastfeeding
  • How to Move Safely during Postpartum
  • All Things Incontinence*
  • Sex After Baby*
  • Postpartum Exercise*
  • Special Considerations after a Cesarean Delivery*
  • Perineal Tearing and Episiotomy Considerations
  • How to Measure Diastasis Recti

Because you can purchase a few of these lessons individually, we’re going to discuss these topics in more detail below. That way, if you do decide to buy individually, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

*For sale individually

Postpartum Recovery Course Review: Class Highlights

Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course Review - Exercises

All Things Incontinence

Many, many women experience some form of incontinence after giving birth. 

However, for most women that suffer from postpartum incontinence, it’s just becomes a fact of life. I think this situation is perpetuated by older, experienced women that did not have the resources we do, and, unfortunately, some healthcare providers.  I’ve personally seen a doctor who dismissed my concerns and told me to simply work on my kegels.  If this is you, then lady, there is SO MUCH MORE you can do to help your body recover. 

Dr. Bringer discusses the two most common forms of postpartum incontinence and provides easy, actionable exercises that can eliminate these problems for good! She teaches you how to do a proper kegel (hint: you’re probably not doing it right. I wasn’t!) and how to gradually, yet effectively build up the muscles you need to control your symptoms. 

If you were recommended to this review from one of my other posts listed below, I can’t recommend this lesson enough.

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Postpartum Exercise

Want to lose your pregnancy weight without destroying your fragile muscles?

This class helps you develop a healthy exercise routine and makes you aware of the exercises you should stay away from that can actually lengthen your recovery time (and nobody wants that!).

She also provides helpful handouts that teach you exactly what exercises to use at the beginning of your journey, as well as advanced exercises to try once your endurance has improved. 

Sex After Baby

Oh, boy! Not your grandma’s ecourse, right? 

Despite common misconceptions, most women don’t just jump back into the saddle after the six week recovery period is over. Sex after birth can be downright painful and unenjoyable. And if it is, you’ll find that there’s actually not a ton of resources out there to help you get over this “little” hump. 

The title says it all. Dr. Bringer explains exactly what’s going on down there and how to train your body for great sex again. She also goes over specific techniques to gradually reduce pain during intercourse (hint: it’s not bearing through it!) and the best products to use. 

I love this section because so many women would never, ever, in 10,000 years ask their doctor these questions. So, they suffer in silence and lose an essential part of themselves. 

Do not let this be you! This section is worth its weight in gold and provides so many valuable techniques.

The “Bonus” Sections

Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course Review - Breastfeeding

Aside from these main sections that you can purchase ala carte, the premium course includes a few exclusive classes and the bonus segments.

My two favorite sections focused on episiotomies and bowel movements. Both very tricky, under-discussed topics! 

Most new moms actually do have perineal tearing to some degree. Once you get stitched up, it can make pooping uncomfortable…and more than a little nerve-wracking. 

The bowel movement class is nothing short of genius. It provides techniques for how you can prepare for pooping before you give birth and after (if you haven’t had a kid yet, this might sound so weird but TRUST ME you need to know this stuff.) The class on how to deal with pooping after perineal tearing and/or an episiotomy is great.

Which brings us back to my other favorite section: perineal tearing. After I gave birth, I was shocked by how little post-op care information there actually is for perineal tears and episiotomy. This class tells you everything you need to know, including how to relieve pain, minimize your scar, and why paying special attention to these techniques is so important.

Who This Course is For

Honestly, if you’re the kind of lady that wants to hit the ground running after childbirth, this class is a great resource for you. It goes over most aspects of the physical postpartum recovery and the essentials, tips, and hacks you need to know.

If you’re an experienced mom, I still think that this class can make your recovery so much better. I learned a lot from this class and plan on using it’s tips for my next postpartum period. Not to mention, the course includes a 30 minute physical therapy consultation (which, as you know, is not cheap by any means).

Who this Course Isn’t For

This is a hard question, because I believe every woman can benefit from the information in this class.

However, the downside to this course is the price. While the course is worth it, many moms have already spent all of their money on pregnancy and baby courses. Of course, if this is you, then I would consider at least checking out the lighter version, Postpartum Essentials Bundle. It includes the three main core modules All Things Incontinence, Postpartum Exercise, and Sex After Baby. Every single postpartum mom needs to know the information in these lessons and it’s only $79.

Also, I would not recommend any of these classes to women that can’t honestly commit to completing an online course. This is the downside to anything digital: accountability! If you know in your heart that you will buy this course and let it collect dust on the interwebz, you might want to spend the extra cash on an in-person physical therapy consultation.

Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course Review

Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course Review: Is it Worth It?

Five minutes into this class and you’ll see that it’s an incredible resource. If you’re a new mom that wants to learn as much about the postpartum period as possible, you’ll love it. Moreover, if you’re an experienced mom that has specific concerns, guess what? You’ll love it too! 

Having said that, if you’re concerned about the cost of the course stacked next to everything else, definitely check out the ala carte lessons. They’re resource-filled and can represent a happy medium.

I sincerely hope that my review of the Mamas and Misses Postpartum Recovery Course was useful and helps you decide if this is the right investment for you! 

If you’re ready to rock your postpartum recovery, check it out here. Or, if you’d like to check out some of our postpartum recovery articles, look below.

Good luck, Mama, and congratulations on this exciting new journey!


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