Are you an essential oil lovin’ mama? This page is for you! I love using essential oils in my home. They are great for DIY cleaning solutions, skin care regimens, cold remedies, and insomnia-busters.

But Erin, this is a new mom and baby blog. What do essential oils have to do with babies?

Let me tell you, friend! I love, love, love using baby-safe essential oils. I’ve used them to help my daughter sleep during a fever, to heal her wounds, and eradicate bacteria in my home. Below are a few posts all about essential oils for moms.

Plus, I’ll introduce you to my favorite essential oils brand (and the only company I use).


Simply Earth Essential Oils Review & Coupon (2022)

Before I began my motherhood journey, I had no idea what essential oils even were. That is, until pregnancy rolled around. Nausea, brain fog, headaches, and insomnia. All pillars of pregnancy that essential oils can treat or at least alleviate. Not only were essential oils incredibly helpful for my pregnancy, but I discovered effective natural remedies…

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