10 Genius Stroller Accessories That Make Every Mom’s Life Easier

After navigating the murky waters of stroller shopping, you’ve finally selected the perfect one for you and your baby. Congratulations! Now it’s time for the fun part–stroller accessories. Do you need any of the accessories below? Debatable. But do they make your life 200x easier and more convenient? Heck yeah, they do. 

I had none of these accessories for during my first baby phase. I mean, I survived, but there were definitely some hard moments of inconvenience. However, as a second-time mom, I was older, wiser, and had more cash to spend. Below are a few of my faves!

Best Baby Stroller Accessories


The Top 10 Stroller Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

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1 Fan

If you’re planning on traversing a theme park this summer, a fan is a must-have accessory. We started our tour of Disney World without a fan. Big mistake. We ended up buying one at the park which was incredibly expensive. These fans are battery-operated, pack a serious punch, and wrap around just about any surface.

2 White Noise Machine

I wish I had known about portable white noise machines earlier in my motherhood career. Getting your kid to sleep during a walk is easy. Getting them to stay asleep? Completely different story.

This white noise machine is awesome. We used it for our cranky daughter’s outings. If she managed to fall asleep during a walk or at the store (hallelujiah) we would simply turn this one, pull the stroller cover down, turned this bad boy on, and enjoy the peace and unquiet. 

My favorite is the Rohm. After almost four years, we finally had to replace it. It features three different sounds and has great volume. The battery is pretty good–it usually lasts about five-six hours without needing to be plugged in.

3 Rain Cover

Rain is the killer of good walks. While you might not care about a little drizzle, you definitely don’t want your baby to get wet. 

A raincover fixes that.

There’s a couple reasons why I like this particular rain cover

  • The material is thicker and non-toxic. If you live in the mid-west, wind can be a serious hazard for walks as well. This plastic won’t flap around as much and protects your baby from wind-burn. 
  • Multiple access points–it opens from the front and also features ventilation holes. 
  • Velcro straps–You’ll use these to velcro it to your stroller. This is especially helpful for windy walks.

4 Stroller Organizer

Baby Charm Stroller Organizer Overview
As you can see, our stroller organizer was well-utilized!

Taking a diaper bag on a walk is so inconvenient. That’s where a stroller organizer comes in. Ideally, a stroller organizer will contain your baby’s essentials–and yours! My stroller organizer featured an insulated pouch for snacks or breastmilk, cup holder, cell phone holder, and mesh bag.

Alas, that bag is no longer available, but this one is very similar to it.

If you buy one thing on this list, a stroller organizer should be it. 

5 Stroller Cup and Phone Holder

But let’s say you love your diaper bag and decide not to go for the stroller organizer. Try a universal cup holder and phone holder instead.

Basically, the clamp grips the handle of your stroller. You can also use it on other modes of transportation, like your bicycle or ATV.

6 Toy Straps

Teeeechnically, this isn’t a necessity, but it kind of is. Especially during the pre-toddler phase when your baby takes a liking to dropping their toys and pacifiers on the ground. If your baby tries that on the sidewalks of NYC, trust me, that pacifier is gone for good. 

Ideally, the toy trap will hook on to whatever toy you’d like to save and provide just enough slack to allow your baby to do whatever he wants with it, 

7 Universal snack tray

Baby Stroller Accessories - Universal Food Tray (1)
Many strollers feature removable snack trays. If they don’t, definitely invest in a universal one!

Today, most strollers already come equipped with a snack tray. If you don’t have one, you need one. A snack tray will secure your little one’s sippy cup and prevent the seat from becoming overrun with Goldfish crumbs.

This particular universal snack tray has great reviews and latches to most brands.

8 Stroller Shade

This SPF 30 stroller shade is helpful for sun protection, but also bugs as well. If you plan to go on any evening outings during the summer time, you’ll appreciate a barrier between your little guy and those mosquitoes. 

9 Seat Cooling Pad

Sometimes the air flow in strollers isn’t the best. As I’m writing this, there’s a massive heat wave going through the east part of the United States. I imagine that sitting in a stroller feels similar to a chicken roasting in the oven. 

If you have ever used a seat air conditioner, you know how amazing that feels on your hot body. This liner helps! It comes equipped with a gel ice pack that keeps your baby just a little cooler during those afternoon walks. Bonus feature–it’s machine washable!

10 Clip

We’ve talked a lot about summer stroller accessories. Here’s one that you’ll appreciate all year–a bag clip. Back in the day, we liked to bring our stroller to the mall. With a diaper bag and toys, the undercarriage filled up quick. 

That’s where these clips come in. You just secure it to your stroller handle and clip your bags onto it. I really like this set because it velcros to the handle and can carry up to 11lbs of weight. That’s almost as much as my daughter’s backpack!

What are your favorite stroller accessories?

Best Baby Stroller Accessories (2) (1)
This is such a good case study of what NOT to do! Our trip to Disney would’ve been so much more comfortable with a fan, universal snack tray, and rain cover! Don’t be like us 😛

Well, those are some of my top recs? Veteran moms, did you use a particularly helpful stroller accessory? Let us know below!

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