8 Expert-Approved Baby Sleep Products Moms Can Trust

With so many baby sleep products on the market, it is almost impossible for new moms or gift givers to know what is actually safe and what may promise something but not deliver.

As a mom of two boys, during the beginning of both my pregnancies I would spend time (ok, lots and lots of time) looking at pictures on Pinterest, pinning away, and dreaming of the amazing nurseries I would design for them.

Baby Sleep Products

But since I am a sleep consultant, I know the best sleep environment is calm, quiet and boring. This doesn’t mean you can’t create that dream nursery — just ensure that what is included is safe and positioned in the right areas.

For example, one big tip I always give to new parents is to move a perfectly matched mobile from over the crib to over the changing table. This way you can still have an adorable mobile, but instead of distracting from sleep, it can be used for practice reaching!

When looking at items for your brand new nursery (or for the rest of your house!), make sure to check if the product is actually approved for sleep. Only safety tested and approved by AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) products should be used for sleep. This ensures that the angle and materials used are not a danger for your precious little one.

Below is a helpful list of just a few of what I consider must-have items as a sleep consultant.


8 Safe Sleep Items for Newborns

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1 Halo Bassinet

Halo Bassinet

I used this bassinet with both of my boys and loved it!

Tested and approved by the AAP, the Halo Bassinet features mesh sides and a small firm pad. The height is adjustable so you can line it up next to any bed, and one side is able to bend to make it easy to get baby up and put baby back down. It includes specific sheets that are snug and secure around it.

There are a few different models of the Halo bassinet, one of which is mobile and able to move from room to room and placed onto a base.

This is an easy way for baby to get used to sleeping in the bassinet as it can be moved to any room you need to go to and be safely placed down.

2 Newton Baby Mattress

Newton Baby Mattress
The Newton Baby Mattress is a fan-favorite! With a 5-Star Rating and over 500 reviews, this mattress is one of the best baby sleep products out there!

This firm but breathable mattress is great for children from birth through toddlerhood. Its unique design makes it breathable and safe if baby has rolled to sleep on their stomach. It’s also completely washable to get rid of bacteria, mold and dust.

A lot of parents worry when babies start to roll independently and sleep on their stomach. This mattress offers a small piece of mind when this comes up.

The fact that it is washable is amazing with a little one, because as we all know, throw up/poop/and pee accidents happen!

3 Miracle Blanket Swaddle

Amazon Miracle Blanket

Swaddles are great to help baby feel comfortable and secure while sleeping.

The Miracle blanket offers the security of the swaddle with structure so the worry that baby can unswaddle and cover their face is gone. If you have a self proclaimed “Houdini baby” that somehow gets out of every swaddle you’ve tried, try this one! This swaddle can be used with babies in different stages (both arms down, both arms over chest, one arm out) until 12 weeks of age.

If your baby is nearing 10-12 weeks OR is showing signs of beginning to roll, going straight to the Miracle Sleeper sleep sack is recommended.

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4 Philips Avent Pacifier

Amazon Philips Pacifier

Research shows that children that use a pacifier are at a decreased risk for SIDS. Both of my boys used this pacifier to initially fall asleep, but did well about not turning it into a prop that needed to be re-inserted through the night at each wakeup.

Although loveys are not safe for unsupervised sleep before 12 months, introducing them before a year helps your child to build an attachment to them and relate to them as a comfort item. If you are looking for more information on baby safe loveys and sleep sacks check them out here.

5 Quick Zip Sheets

Amazon Quick Zip Sheet

This product helps with the endless sheet changes that can come with a new baby.

The sheet fully covers the mattress for safety, but zips on and off for ease. Perfect for middle of the night diaper blowouts or cleaning spit up. I often recommend these to clients as having to turn on the light, take baby out of the crib to then replace sheets leads to less sleep for everyone.

Having a product like this is literally a sleep saver for all!


Sleep Gear for Newborns - Baby Sleep Products - Newborn Must Haves

6 Graco Pack ‘n Play

Amazon Pack n Play
This particular Pack ‘n Play comes equipped with a bassinet and diaper changing pad attachment.

A Pack ‘n Play is an excellent option for putting baby down to sleep when not near their crib or bassinet. It has passed safety tests for newborn safe sleep, and comes with a variety of attachments that can assist with things such as diaper changes.

There are also specific Pack ‘n Play sheets that are fitted for the firm mattress to ensure the fit is correct and not too loose. Although extra mattresses are made for the Pack ‘n Play, it should only be used with the firm pad that comes in the original box.

7 Blackout EZ Covers

Amazon Blackout EZ Covers

Thinking about the environment that baby came from (i.e total darkness in the womb), babies sleep best in the dark. These covers are easy to put over any window to block out sunlight. No installation needed and can fit with almost any window.

Night lights are not needed by children until their imagination starts to develop around age 2 (usually later). However, a small red or yellow night light can assist you during late night feedings and diaper changes.

8 Dohm White Noise Machine

Amazon Dohm White Noise Machine - Baby Sleep Products

White noise helps block out external noise that could wake a child up. The Dohm noise machine is perfect. It plugs in and is able to continue for hours at night without turning off. It offers multiple settings to turn the sound up or down depending on the room size and location to baby.

Looking for More Baby Sleep Products You Can Trust?

I hope this list of safe baby sleep products gives you peace of mind! If you’re wondering if a product you have or are about to purchase is safe for sleep, check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website (CPSC).

Safe sleep and sweet dreams,



Baby Sleep Must Haves - Safe Sleep Items for Newborns

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