SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program Review 2020

You’re exhausted. Your baby wakes up multiple times a night for seemingly no reason at all. At first, the rocking, nursing to sleep, or pacifier would do the trick…but now? Nothing works.

You’ve already heard the advice. Put your baby on a sleep schedule, teach her how to fall asleep independently. Maybe give cry-it-out a try.

Zoe Chu- Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program Review

Again, nothing works.

Whatever the “why” behind your baby’s lack of sleep, the end result is the same: you both need rest ASAP.

You’ve considered hiring a sleep consultant, but even one consultation is very expensive. Not to mention, you have to find the time to squeeze these consultations into your schedule. 

That’s where online sleep training classes come in. Online sleep training courses offer the programs and tips directly from sleep experts, without the hefty fees or time constraints.

SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program is one of those sleep training courses.

 The SG Supernanny online program claims to provide the solution parents of older babies and toddlers need in order to get sleep fast. It says it can help parents conquer common sleep problems (like sleep props, being held or nursed to sleep, never falling asleep at all, waking up multiple times through the night) with a simple 5-step approach.

If you’re an exhausted parent, let me officially welcome you to the Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program review. I went through this entire course so that I can tell you exactly what it covers, give you my full, unfiltered, unbiased opinion of it, and, most importantly, help you decide if its the online baby sleep training course you need to get more sleep.


SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program Review: At-A-Glance

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  • Step-by-step approach to sleep training
  • Includes scientific research behind methods
  • Gentle or Leave & Check Methods to Train Self-Soothing: Does not practice elimination C-I-O methods
  • Follows respectful parenting methods
  • Includes step-by-step tutorials, written guides, & sleep samples
  • 70+ Minutes of core content, 90 minutes of FAQs, case studies, and coaching calls
  • Online consultations add-ons available
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Access


  • Favors cold-turkey methods (not for moms that prefer gradual approaches)
  • Employs “protest” crying (not for moms that prefer “zero” tears methods)
  • Only for babies 4 and older
  • Does not mention specific calming techniques
  • Online course 

Why Take an Online Baby Sleep Training Course?

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Erin from Blunders in Babyland.

You probably don’t know this about me yet, but I LOVE blogging about infant sleep. If you check out my instagram or blog posts, you’ll see that it’s one of my favorite topics. Because of my hobby, I can’t tell you how many exhausted women have messaged, commented, or emailed me desperate for solutions for their baby’s (lack of) sleep habits.

So, when Zoe’s team approached me about reviewing their course, I was definitely interested.

Before we dive into this specific course, let’s talk about why you should even bother with taking a sleep training class at all. I mean, can’t you just read a sleep training book or go on Pinterest and find some good articles?

The short answer: YES, you could do that.

Reputable sleep training books do offer techniques very similar to Zoe’s class and other sleep training classes. In fact, I personally read two sleep training books and had great success with them.

But at the time, I was 8 months pregnant, I devoted hours upon hours (including taking notes) to research, and I had oodles of time without a little one demanding my every waking moment.

Learning how to sleep train your baby takes a lot of time.

An online baby sleep training course delivers reputable information in a fraction of the time it would take for you to read a book. Ideally, the courses will also include information and support to help you implement these tips in your own life, with your own unique baby.

What is the SG Supernanny Online Sleep Course?

Introduction to Sleep Baby Sleep Zoe
Zoe Chu is a renowned sleep expert and the Sleep Baby Sleep instructor.

The SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program was created by sleep consultant, Zoe Chu. 

If you’re an American reader, you may not have heard of her yet. Zoe is a renowned sleep consultant in Singapore. Typically, Zoe offers one-on-one video consultants, home consultations (locally) and now, this online sleep training.

Zoe’s approach to sleep revolves around respectful parenting

Let’s pause for a second: what’s respectful parenting? Basically, when you practice respectful parenting, you acknowledge that your child is a human being with individual needs, emotions, and personalities.

In the world of sleep training, this means that Zoe doesn’t believe in throwing your baby in a crib after months of bed-sharing and ignoring the screams until morning.

Her approach acknowledges that this is a completely new experience for your baby, who will mostly likely protest very loudly, and taking practical solutions to help your baby learn the skill of self-soothing.

In essence, the Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Course teaches her practical 5-step program to get your baby to sleep through the night quickly and effectively.

Class Structure

The Sleep Baby Sleep course offers approximately 70 minutes of video training to present her 5-step program. Her program is very easy to follow and the graphics included in each slide are actually very helpful.

The course also includes 90 Minutes–yes, 90!–of FAQs, coaching calls, and case studies. These videos are, in my opinion, what will really help you find success with her program. 

The coaching call especially really shows what her training looks like in real life.

The written material in the course is another one of my favorite features. 

When you purchase the course (any package), you’ll receive her ebook, Sleep Baby Sleep, plus the course’s written guide and sample sleep schedules

For someone that learns new concepts easier with written material, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the course nearly as much without these resources.

Speaking of resources, the course also includes a wealth of studies, articles, and supplemental material that I highly recommend you read (we’ll talk more about that in a minute).

Depending on what package you purchase, you can also gain access to one-on-one consultations, group chats, and the private facebook group.

SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program Review

Content Highlights

Let’s get down to the meat of this Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program review: that is, what it includes and how you can apply it to your life!

Since choosing a sleep training course is such an individualized, personal choice, I think you should know exactly what you’re about to be taught. So, let’s go over the main concepts in Zoe’s course.

The core part of the course goes over Zoe’s 5-Step Program to incredible sleep. Let’s unpack that first.

Science of Sleep

SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Course Review - Science of Sleep
The class covers your baby’s sleep cycles, hormones, and why it affects their sleep life.

 Zoe doesn’t give you a biology lesson here, but she does share the importance of sleep for you and your baby (including the benefits of sleep and lifelong negative effects without), the chemical process behind your baby’s sleep life and sleep cycles,and why you need to focus on creating an excellent sleep environment for your baby.

I learned so much from this section and I think you will too.

The fact is, people WILL question the fact that you are sleep training your baby. Not only does Zoe back up her methods with research, but you’ll have the proof and peace of mind you need to continue with sleep training guilt-free

Sleep Environment

When people think sleep training, they often think of self-soothing, schedules, and probably crying, but they often miss the important step of all.

Creating an environment that promotes healthy, long sleep is the backbone of sleep training. In fact, many parents experience improved sleep just by changing this factor alone. 

In this section, Zoe teaches you the core (age-appropriate!) elements of a good sleep environment.


Does the “S” word make you nervous? 

Don’t worry! The schedule/routine in this course is pretty laid back. Actually, if you’ve read any of my other posts about infant schedules, you’ll easily recognize the routine Zoe teaches.

Now, if you’re on the other side of your computer thinking, “Hello, I can’t implement a routine. That’s why I’m here!” Trust me, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Plus, if you have a baby that is resistant to structured naps and bedtimes, Zoe offer some great advice in the FAQs and coaching videos to get started.

Zoe also shows how to implement this simple routine in your everyday life, so that even if your baby is watched by someone else during the day, the caregiver can follow this routine without any hiccups. 

I also love that Zoe’s proposed routine only loosely follows a clock. The routine simply focuses on creating a structured environment that promotes faster, more restful sleep and avoid situations like over-tiredness and tantrums.

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Sleep Plan

Now we’re getting into the heart of the course, the actual sleep plan. You’ll learn how to implement all of the steps you’ve learned so far and how to get started. 

This was a surprisingly short video lesson and I needed just a touch more detail than the video provided, so I referenced the written guide. 

The written guide is a huge asset here because it tells you, step-by-step how to implement the plan. It’s very comprehensive and answered most of the questions that I had. 

If you have more questions, I would check out the FAQ and coaching calls too. Both of these resources helped the sleep plan finally click into place for me.

Self-Settling Techniques

When you’re dealing with a baby that needs to suckle, have constant contact, or rock to fall asleep, independent sleep seems like a lofty dream. But truly, it’s a gift you and your baby will appreciate for years down the road.

Zoe teaches two methods for self-settling. Why two? While the first method is not elimination cry-it-out, many moms may not be comfortable with it because there is some “protest crying” involved.

If that’s you, Zoe also teaches a gentle self-settling technique that allows you to stay in your baby’s presence.

Protest Crying

My favorite aspect of this section (and possibly the entire course), is that Zoe explains what protest crying is and why it’s a helpful communication method. Many moms feel that if their baby cries during sleep training, they are doing something wrong. Zoe explains the reason behind an infant’s protest cries and alleviates the guilt you might feel.

My One Complaint…

My one gripe about this section is her comfort tips. She suggests soothing your baby at intervals, but doesn’t get too detailed about the particular methods for soothing. I think learning how to comfort your baby effectively (but without stimulation) is an essential tool every new mom needs to master. I would love to see Zoe’s particular methods for comforting in the future.

If you’re reading this and getting a little nervous, don’t worry, this free youtube video teaches some pretty awesome comfort techniques.

FAQs: I.e. How You Will Apply the Course To Your Actual Life

SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Course Review - FAQs
The course includes 20 frequently asked questions

Learning sleep training techniques in theory is great, but when it comes to applying these tips to your own unique situation, with your very unique baby, it can be difficult.

The FAQs section answers questions you’ll probably have, such as how sleep training will affect your milk supply, what to do if your baby wakes too early, or what to do during sleep regressions. There’s a good half hour dedicated to solving these puzzling issues.

It’s a great reference to keep in mind as well, since you (hopefully) won’t be dealing with all of these situations at once.

“Bonus” Content

SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Course Review - Bonus Content
My favorite “bonus”! The online coaching call!

Aside from the core material and FAQs, the SG Supernanny sleep course includes an additional hour of “bonus” content. I hesitate to say bonus content, because looking through this material should be something you commit to.

This includes 4 case studies (real-life babies she helped of varying ages) and 2 online coaching calls.

The first coaching call is more of an online chat whereas the second is a video chat with a working mom with lots of questions about how to help implement the program with her baby (and the caretakers helping with her baby). I have a feeling you’ll love the last coaching call, because the woman’s questions are incredibly relevant.

Who The SG Supernanny Sleep Course is For

Okay. By now you’ve gone through most of my SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program review and you’re still wondering…is it actually right for you and your baby?

That honestly depends on your parenting style and your baby.

If you’re the exhausted parent of a baby 4 months or older, this course is a fantastic asset.

The course offers practical tips to help you conquer your baby’s sleep challenges and walks you through (step-by-step!) how to implement the principles of Zoe’s method in YOUR LIFE.

That means, whether you’re a working mom (and relying on your partner or caregivers to watch the baby), a stay-at-home mom, or if you’re dealing with a 2 year old that has NEVER slept, this course can help. 

I LOVE that the course does not shy away from sticky situations. It simplifies and addresses issues that real moms face. 


SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program Review

Who this Course Isn’t For

Having said all that….this course isn’t for everyone. Here are just a few basic precursors:

  • If Your Baby is 3 Months or Younger: I would recommend Mommy Labor Nurse’s Newborn Sleep Class or purchasing Zoe’s course with the support feature (she can help you create a personalized plan for your lil’ baby.) The methods in this course are specifically designed for older babies with older baby problems. 
  • You Can’t Stand the Thought of Your Baby Crying: This course is not a “cry-it-out” tutorial, but realistically, there will be protest crying. Zoe also suggests going cold turkey in some situations, which may not jive with your parenting style. 
  • You Can’t Fully Commit to Implementing the Techniques OR You Can’t Commit to Completing an Online Class: Be completely honest with yourself. If you think that hiring a local sleep consultant would be a better fit with your learning style or life, then an online course may not be your best option.

By the way, if you’re concerned that you may have questions about implementing the course after you purchase it, keep in mind that you can add the weekly group conference calls, plus one-on-one consultations as well.

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Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Course Review: Which Package Should I Choose?

As I’m writing this review, the pricing for the course seems to be right on par with the other baby sleep courses out there. Like many other online sleep courses, Sleep Baby Sleep offers different packages with upgraded features.

Basic Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program

  • All video content mentioned in this review
  • Written sleep plan
  • Sample Feeding and Sleep Plan
  • Sleep Baby Sleep ebook (This book is so helpful)

Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program + Support

  • Everything included in the Basic Plan
  • Group Chat (4 Sessions) 
  • Weekly Emails to Zoe (4 Emails) 
  • Lifetime Access to the Private FB Group

Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program + 1-on-1 Support

  • Everything included in the Basic Plan
  • Zoe looks over your baby’s sleep goals (based on the sleep audit sheet you fill out) and gives her input
  • Unlimited What’sUpApp/Email Support with Zoe for 1 week (really useful for actually implementing the program)
  • Lifetime Access to the Private FB Group

Because pricing may change, I’ll let you look at check out the current cost of each package.

Check out the price cost for Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Program Packages

The SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Training Course Review Conclusions: Is it Worth It?

To conclude my Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program review, let me just say this:

If you’re desperate for sleep, short on time, and looking for a sleep training course from a reputable source, The Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Course is a legitimate resource that can provide very quick results. It’ll take you roughly 3 hours to go through and her tips can legitimately help your baby sleep.

And if you implement all of the tips Zoe suggests and your baby still can’t sleep, you do have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to fall back on.

Whether you’re from the UK, Asia, or the US, I hope you’ll check it out. Most importantly, I hope this course helps your baby (and you!) get the sleep you both deserve.

If you’d like to sign up for the course or learn more, just click the button below. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the course, just let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to help!

Good luck!


Online Baby Sleep Training Course - Zoe Chu - SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Online Training Program Review

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