10+ Hacks to Save Money on Baby Clothes Without Clipping Coupons

Looking for easy ways to save money on baby clothes? Here’s some sneaky tips from a thrifty mom of two!


How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping for clothes for my babies. On one hand, I adore buying my cute outfits that make the elderly ladies at church say “Aww, ain’t she just precious?” On the other, it’s hard to whip out that kind of cash when my grocery bill inches higher every week.

My family lives primarily on one income. Every purchase we make needs to be carefully budgeted for. So, every penny–every article of clothing–needs to be planned out.

Do you feel the same?

Baby gear is not cheap. Thankfully, baby clothing is a relatively easy expense to plan for and save on!

Before we begin, some of these tips come from my online e-course, Baby on a Budget. I created this course to help new parents learn how to prepare for (and save) on all things baby. I share easy strategies, and helpful tools to help save money not just on the essentials you’ll need for baby’s first year, but also pregnancy and postpartum expenses as well.

To learn more, check it out here. 

Now that we’ve got that covered…let’s talk about some cools ways to save on baby clothes!


10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes

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Sell Your Used Clothes at Secondhand Shops

Uh, wait. I thought this article was about buying baby clothes for cheap? Hear me out.

Find a consignment shop and bring them your best baby clothes and baby stuff that is merely taking up closet space. Many shops offer in-store credit at higher margins and provide seller discounts for future purchases. So, not only are you making some cash on the side, you’re actually buying new items for a better price. 

Note: notice I make the distinction between consignment stores and thrift stores. While the latter does offer affordable baby clothes, the quality can be questionable. A good resaler accepts only gently used items that are desirable to customers. Keep that in mind when you bring in your baby stuff as well (including your car seats, cribs, and other gear). 

Buy Shoes at Consignment Shops

Save on Baby Clothes - Shop for Shoes at Consignment Shops
Can you believe these shoes are going for $50 on Amazon brand-new?

I can’t imagine paying any more than $15 for a pair of shoes for any child under the age of three. They grow so quickly. What’s the point?

My favorite place to shop cheap baby shoes is at consignment stores. Believe it or not, I don’t love shopping at resale locations for most baby or toddler clothes (unless they’re having sales or I’m looking for brand names). I find that I can purchase basic items at discount retailers brand new for the same price.

However, places like Once Upon a Child are excellent to buy shoes at.

Why? Most babies don’t wear their shoes for more than a couple months. Unlike clothing, shoes generally don’t get very dirty (unless your baby is toddling around in mud puddles). So, parents are left with practically new shoes that are just taking up shelf space.

The shoes pictured above was listed for $8. The shop also happened to have a 20% off sale. So, my two-year-old landed herself a pair of brand new light-up, sparkling Skechers for just over $6. 

(By the way, I did some research after I bought them…those shoes are selling for $54.99 on Amazon.com. Not bad, eh?)

When your kids get older, this concept still applies. Look for cleats, dance shoes, and boots at these shops first, then hit the discount retailers if you can’t find anything.

Buy the Next Year’s Seasonal at Consignment Sales

I will be the first to admit that it is HARD to buy items you don’t immediately need when you’re struggling to make it week-to-week.

Truly though, this is the best way to shop. Because eventually, you will have to buy size 24 months shorts. And you can do it now, when they’re half off because no one wants them. Or you can do it in July when they are selling for top-dollar.

Your best friend for buying off-season goods is consignment sales. Similar to resale shops, you’ll be buying baby items from other parents, sold through a third party business owner. However, these (usually weekend-long) events usually offer much steeper discounts.

Think of it as one large garage sale, except the items are usually vetted and purchased through the host.

Here are some ways to find local sales:

  • Facebook Groups/Events (Just search consignment sales event near me)
  • Just Between Friends
  • Rhea Lana

Shop at the Outlet Malls

If you love shopping name-brands, check out the closest outlet mall near you. I think I’ve shopped at in-store regular Carter’s a handful of times. But I’m a frequent shopper at the outlet! There’s usually an outlet location near any major city. Even if you have to drive an hour, it’s worth it, especially when you’re knocking out a year’s worth of shopping. 

If you absolutely cannot find an outlet near you, make sure you check out these baby clothing stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (when I happen to be writing this article):

  • The Children’s Place
  • Carter’s 
  • Gerber
  • Gymboree
  • Old Navy

If you’re reading this post or pre-Holiday season, make sure you check out their “Outlet” or “Clearance” site. 

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    Use Rakuten Whenever You Shop Online

    Speaking of online shopping… Did you know that you can be earning cashback with all of these purchases? As I’m writing this article, Rakuten is offering up to 15% cashback at Carter’s and The Children’s Place. 

    Rakuten is an affiliate for several large brands. When you purchase items through their app (or after activating the chrome extension if you’re buying on Desktop) they make a small commission at no charge to you. Then, they share a percentage of that kick-back with you.

    If you want to sign up, use the link for $10 in cashback right off the bat. 

    (Pro tip: I barely think about Rakuten. I activated the Chrome Extension on my laptop so that when I shop online, it reminds me that I can get cashback. Always check Rakuten before you book hotels or rental vehicles. I’ve earned a ton of free cashback this way.)

    Check out the Clearance Baby Clothes at THESE Retailers 

    Okay, let’s say you’re trying to save on baby clothes, but you’re not into online retailers and you despise hand-me-downs. I adore the stores below because they have phenomenal clearance sales on their baby items. 

    • Old Navy
    • Gap
    • Carter’s
    • Target

    A lot of times, you are buying off-season, but when you’re talking 50, 75, 90% off, it’s worth it. I think Target’s clearance rack is, ironically, the least noticed of all of these. It’s usually located at the back of the baby clothes and so stuffed with attire that it’s overwhelming at first. 

    Shop at Amazon or Walmart for Newborn Clothes

    If you want to pay $20 for a sleeper for your 8-month old, that’s understandable. But when you’re dealing with a new baby…poop happens. Like, a lot of poop.

    There’s a good chance that NONE of your baby’s onesies and footies will survive it.

    In the event that all of your newborn essentials weren’t provided at your baby shower, I highly recommend shopping at Wal-Mart or Amazon.

    I like Wal-Mart and Amazon for this reason: they offer trustworthy brands at a reasonable cost. Wal-Mart’s individual prices are better than Amazon’s (unless you happen to catch a sale), but Amazon’s bulk package prices for onesies and footies are phenomenal. 

    Also, another place to find ridiculously cheap baby clothes is…H&M. Shocker, right? As a new mom, I had no idea that they even sold baby clothes. H&M offers bodysuits, onesies, leggings, and socks for pretty competitive prices! 

    Add Baby’s Clothes to a Baby Registry for an Additional Discount

    You’ve heard about Amazon and Target’s baby registry right? Once your baby shower is over, you’ll receive a 15% completion discount on the items left over on your list. Including many new clothes for your little baby!

    When you’re having a baby on a tight budget and looking to save money, 15% goes a long way!

    Sign up for the Target Registry here and get a free welcome box.

    You can also sign up for the Amazon registry here and get another free welcome box. 

    Ways to Save Money on Clothes (1)

    Buy Clothing Sets at Costco

    Costco can be a dream or you’re worst nightmare when you’re trying to pinch pennies. If you use Costco right, you can save lots of money.

    Costco is one of my favorite places to buy “nice” casual clothes. They most sell 3-piece or 4-piece outfit sets, pajama sets, and coats. 

    The price is usually around $20, but on sale, I’ve seen the sets as low as $12. Also, I really enjoy the brands Costco offers, such as Carter’s, Puma (for boys and girls), DKNY, and Levi’s.

    There are quite a few items that I recommend trying from Costco, including baby formula. 

    Check out this article where I compare the Kirkland brand with Enfamil. 

    Shop at Thrift Shops on Their “Bargain Days”

    Many thrift shops offer additional discounts different days of the week. For example, in my home town, the Goodwill offered an additional 10% on all of their “green” ticket items. On Thursday, they offered a discount for another color.

    Goodwill and Salvation Army isn’t my favorite place to buy quality clothing, but if you’re looking for casual items like t-shirts, socks, or leggings, it’s a great store to check out.

    Finding Cheap Baby Clothes is an Art

    Here’s the thing, some or none of these techniques may work for you. Some people hate the idea of resale, while others hate shopping online. That’s totally fine. I recommend trying your top three and going from there.

    If you’re pregnant and not sure what your baby needs, check out my Baby Budgeting Spreadsheets above. It offers a handy checklist, as well as worksheets to help you budget for the other costs you’ll run into. And, of course, my course, Baby on a Budget, is the ultimate resource for parents who want to learn everything there is to know about budgeting and money-saving secrets on baby goods. 

    I hope these tips help you save money on baby clothes ASAP!! Veteran moms, do you save a ton on baby clothes? Let us know your best hacks below!


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