Culturelle Probiotics Kids Purely Probiotic Packets: Review from a Mom of Two

Did you know that 70% of our immune cells lie within our gut? It goes to follow that when your kid’s microbiome is out of whack, they’re more prone to illnesses. But that’s not all. Without a healthy gut, they may also experience increased digestive issues and allergic reactions. Most of the time, the easy solution is to consume probiotic-rich foods. But sometimes–when you have picky children who hate yogurt with a passion, fall sick every four weeks, and struggle with recurrent constipation–probiotic supplements are the amazing solution you didn’t know you needed. 

Yes, my kids are those picky eaters. Recently, I started giving my girls the Culturelle Probiotics Kids Purely Probiotics powder packets. So far, I’m pretty impressed with the results. In this article, you’ll read about our experience with Culturelle and a few things you might consider before trying them out yourself. If you’ve been searching for a good probiotic supplement, I think you’ll be pleased!

Culturelle Probiotics Kids Review (1)



  • Tasteless Packets
  • Uses Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG
  • FDA Gluten-Free
  • Very dietary restrictions friendly
  • #1 Pediatrician Recommended


  • Just $20 a box
  • Not for children under Age 1 (babies should use the liquid drops)
  • Probiotics should not be consumed by children with a compromised immune system.

Bottom Line: Culturelle probiotic packets are an easy way to ensure that your kids are getting the good bacteria their gut needs to function well. The packets are manufactured by a reputable company, using a well-researched strain. These packets are a good option for most kids, but parents should be aware of age and immune system limitations.

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What is the Culturelle Probiotic Kids Purely Probiotic Packs

Let’s start with who Culturelle is and work our way down. 

Culturelle is a well-known brand that has participated in clinical studies since 1998. It was rated the most trustworthy probiotics manufacturer according to Brandspark’s American Trust Study in 2022. Not only that, according to another study in 2022, it’s the number one pediatrician-recommended brand. 

Neat, right? 

Needless to say, when a representative approached me about trying some of Culturelle’s products, I felt pretty confident. 

Culturelle produces a number of immune and gut health-related products, including daily supplements, weight loss capsules, and probiotics. In this post, we’re looking at the Culturelle Probiotic Kids Purely Probiotic packets specifically. 

Having said that, next week I’m also posting a review about Culturelle’s Women’s Health chewables. I’ve been using them for three weeks now, and I am very pleased with the results!

What are the Kids Purely Probiotic Packs?

Culturelle Probiotics Kids Purely Probiotics Packets Review (1)
Single serve packets are great for kids that hate chewables (mine!)

They’re single-serve probiotics packets that contain the strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. Which, as far as bacteria goes, is a really cool one.

Researchers have completed more studies on this strain than any other commercial probiotic strain. Meaning, they feel confident that it’s safe for your kids. In these studies, researchers found that lactobacillus rhamnosus gg actually colonizes to your intestinal walls, preventing harmful bacteria (clostridium, strep and E. coli, to name a few) from colonizing. 

Interestingly enough, one study found that people who suffered from chronic stomach issues like IBS, possessed less lactobacillus in their gut.

Another study found that rhamnosus gg actually helps reduce the risk and duration of respiratory illnesses in children. You know, runny noses, coughs, congested chests, and all of those other symptoms that moms dread on a monthly basis. 

Overall, this is a great probiotic to consume. I’m very happy that Culturelle chose it for their products.

There is one important detail to keep in mind though: The Culturelle Probiotic Kids Purely Probiotics packets should only be given to children over one year old. If you have a sick baby in the house, you should check out the Culturelle Baby Immune & Digestive Support Probiotic + Vitamin D Drops.

My Experience with the Culturelle Probiotic Kids Purely Probiotics Packs

Culturelle Probiotics Kids Purely Probiotics Packets (1)
Sometimes Lil C struggles with stomach aches and constipation. Exiting week 3 of using the Culturelle Purely Probiotics, I’ve noticed less complaints!

I’m not going to lie, my family has been through it these last few months.

We just moved to the South. Let me tell you, this move has wrecked havoc on our bodies. The South is filled with all sorts of microbes we’re not used to. 

Since we moved, we’re sick almost every month. We got hit especially hard last summer, when the respiratory viruses were spreading like wildfire. 

It was awful.

My eldest developed sinusitis. My youngest contracted an ear infection that resisted antibiotics. I got bronchitis, and my husband caught pneumonia. Oh, and we all got the stomach flu.

Have you ever caught your child’s vomit in your hand before? It’s the height of parenting, let me tell you.

Our current mental status is: tired of being sick all the time. 

I’ve known about the benefits of probiotics for a while now, so I used to give my girls probiotic yogurt. That didn’t take. They complained about the tart taste. Since then, we’ve settled on eating plenty of dairy. 

The only problem? Dairy stops them up. So, constipation is also a recurring issue in my household. 

Needless to say, when Culturelle asked if I wanted to try their probiotics, I was very interested. I know many of my readers struggle with the same symptoms as we do, so I thought this might be an incredible resource to share.

All that said, I’m excited to share our results with you!

Regular Stools

My firstborn has always struggled with constipation. We give her a daily dose of Miralax, based on her endocrinologists’ recommendation. This worked great until she took antibiotics for her sinus infection.

Antibiotics can actually kill the good bacteria in your body. As a result, you might experience some new digestive issues.

Probiotics help restore this good bacteria.

About a week after using Culturelle, I noticed that my daughter’s stools are mostly back to normal (hallelujah!)

Increased Immunity

My youngest daughter was struggling with a recurrent ear infection when we started the packets. A week in, she got the all-clear from her pediatrician. No more ear infection. At one point, she also started coughing again, but that cough quickly went away.

Obviously, I can’t confirm definitively that the Culturelle probiotic packets cured her, but I’d like to believe that it was a contributing factor. Your gut health is so, so important for your immune system! 

As I’m writing this review, we’re about to embark on our monthly illness. I’ll give y’all an update in a few weeks.

The Ingredients

Culturelle Probiotics KidsPurely Probiotics Ingredients (1)

The Culturelle packets are:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Peanut-free
  • Tree nut-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Yeast-free
  • And contain no synthetic dyes

Wow. That’s a dietary restriction-friendly product!

The only ingredients are the probiotic cultures in the picture above. 

My girls are decently sensitive to dairy. I love that I can give them this packet without worrying that about a reaction. 

I also like that the packets are completely tasteless and dissolve quickly. If you’ve ever given your kid Miralax, the Culturelle powder actually dissolves better than that!

FAQ: What You Should Know Before Giving Your Kids this Probiotic

Culturelle Probiotics Kids Review (2) (1)
My girls, ages 3 and 6, are taking the Culturelle Probiotics Kids Purely Probiotics packets. I’m taking the Women’s Wellness chewables.

The Pros and Cons of Giving Probiotics to Kids

Research shows that children who take probiotics may be less prone to respiratory symptoms, digestive issues, and allergic reactions. The thing is, probiotics contain digestive enzymes that help children break down food more efficiently. The end result is a happier gut, more nutrients, higher energy levels, and a more efficient immune response.

Interestingly enough, one study also found that probiotics may reduce the occurrence of cavities. Heck yea!

Having said that, giving your kids probiotics can have some disadvantages.

Your child could have an allergic reaction or an upset stomach as a result of the probiotic. Researchers also believe that a child’s microbiome isn’t fully developed, much of that probiotic may just pass as waste. So…the probiotic might be useless. 

Finally, if your kid possesses a compromised immune system (or they’re a preemie), do not give them a probiotic. This can expose them to bacteria their bodies simply can’t handle. 

How Should I Give the Packets to My Kids?

Culturelle recommends pouring the packets over cold beverages or cold food. Like yogurt or cereal, for example.

The packets are tasteless and they dissolve incredibly well. However, pouring the powder over warm food or drinks can make them clumpy.


Culturelle Probiotics for Kids Review - Probiotics review (1)

So far, my little girls are really enjoying their Culturelle Probiotics Kids Purely Probiotic packets. We’ve noticed no adverse reactions, and our tummies are healthy and regular.

Having said that, two weeks isn’t a lot of time to fully evaluate the effects of the probiotic. In fact, I feel like we’re just now noticing some of these really good results. So, I’ll be updating this post in another couple of weeks to let you all know how it’s going.

The real test is illness. I’m very curious to see how we react to the next bug. While probiotics can’t cure illnesses, I’m hoping that when the next one hits it’ll be a shorter duration.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Culturelle for yourself! You can buy them directly from Culturelle (currently at a cheaper price) through this link here. Use the code babyland20 for 20% off.


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