What is a Diaper Raffle: Best Prizes, Invites, and Tips for Success!

What is a baby diaper raffle and how do you host one? In this step-by-step tutorial, we’re going over the ins and outs of this fun way to help parents out! 


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Fun fact: you’re going to change about 3,000 diapers in the first year of your baby’s life. I’ll just let that sink in for a minute: 3,000 diapers. 

I’ll admit… Until about six months ago, I had no idea that diaper raffles even existed. Then my husband’s workplace hosted one for his coworker. I was blown away by this concept. Not only is it fun, but it helps alleviate the financial burden for new parents.

Whether you’re planning your own baby sprinkle or hosting a shower for a friend a diaper raffle adds a delightful twist to the celebration. The goal of this article is to show you how to host a diaper raffle step-by-step. We’ll go through the entire process, from choosing the perfect prizes to managing ticketing, drawing, and key insider tips (and by insider, I mean, me) that will make it a success. 

As a mom of two, I know how every single diaper counts! So, lets go get you some!


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What is a diaper raffle 

A diaper raffle is a fun alternative to a diaper fund. Like any other raffle, the guests are given a ticket after paying the entry fee. Then, the raffle winner is given an epic prize.

The difference here?

The “entry fee” is a box of diapers. Pretty cool, eh?

Now, just so you know, a diaper raffle does not take the place of a baby registry. This is just a fun addition to a baby sprinkle, baby shower, or “dadchelor” party.

Why Have a Diaper Raffle at Your Baby Shower?

Other than 3,000 diapers is a lot of diapers? It’s fun! A diaper raffle adds an element of excitement and engagement to the baby shower. Plus, it gives your guests a chance to win prizes!

This is also a fun activity to try at a baby sprinkle,

How to Do a Diaper Raffle: Step-by-Step

Okay, how does a diaper raffle work? It’s pretty easy. There’s just 5 (possibly six) easy steps.

1 Establish the Rules 

As the host, it’s essential to establish clear rules and guidelines before you even announce it in your invitations. That way, your guests will be prepared and will have the best chance of winning a prize.

Here’s some rules to think about:

  • Diaper Count: Determine the number of diapers each guest should bring to receive a specific number of raffle tickets. Make this count clear on the baby shower invitations so guests can plan. To incentivize guests, you could say something like “ten diapers = one ticket”. So, the more raffle tickets they receive, the greater their chances of winning.
  • Ticket Distribution: You don’t have to put this on the invitation, but it’s important to think about when you plan to distribute the tickets. Typically, the guests will drop off the diapers at the ticket station and the host or a helper will distribute the tickets at the entrance of the baby shower.
  •  Drawing Process: I mean, it’s pretty simple: put all the tickets in a bowl and pick one at random. 
  • Prizes: Prizes should be fun but not break the bank (that defeats the entire purpose of the diaper raffle).

2 Let the Guests Know About the Diaper Raffle

I’m a big fan of simply adding a separate insert to your baby shower invitation. This gives you more room to add the diaper raffle rules and information. However, you could just add the diaper raffle info to the baby shower invitation.

Specify the diaper count required for entry (e.g., “Bring a pack of diapers to receive 1 raffle ticket, bring two packs for 2 tickets,” etc.).

If you’ve created a Facebook Event or a webpage for the shower, make sure you mention the raffle in there as well. It’s easy to forget! 

3 Buy the Prizes

Diaper Raffle Prizes - Spa Basket

Choosing the diaper raffle prizes can be so much fun! Don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase expensive prizes. However, the prizes should make the guests feel like they legitimately won something.

Here’s a few diaper raffle prize ideas to get you started:

  • Gift cards: You really can’t go wrong here. I will happily trade a box of diapers for a gift card to Starbucks any day. You can give away gift cards of varying worth. For example, a gift card to a restaurant could be the grand prize. Then second prize could be a lesser amount at a coffee shop, department store, or an online store. You get the idea.
  • Handmade items: Check out your local artisan shop! Local pottery pieces or original art isn’t necessarily expensive, but it’s memorable and many guests love that kind of thing!
  • Gift baskets: These are fun to make and you can usually create one for under thirty dollars. Just a few off the top of my head: “spa day”, sweets, coffee, or spices. I like to shop at discount stores like Home Goods, Ross, or Marshall’s. They have lots of affordable pre-made gift baskets! Alternatively, if you’re hosting the baby shower close to a holiday, it can be seasonal-themed basket.
  • Chocolate: I’ve never said no to a box of chocolates. Neither would your guests.

The prize is important, but don’t forget to budget for the other items that go along with diaper raffles, like ticketing supplies (you can print out your own cute tickets, or you can grab some from Amazon for less than $5) and decor.

4 Set Up the Diaper Raffle Station

Usually the diaper raffle table is set up front and center of the baby shower, so guests can easily drop off their box and grab a diaper raffle ticket. 

Don’t forget to use proper signage.

You don’t need to go crazy on decorations, but it should definitely align with the overall theme of the shower. If the rest of the tables at the baby shower are adorned with a pink tablecloth and gold balloons, make sure your diaper raffle station is too. 

It’s helpful to place a bowl on the table, where the guests can throw the second half of their ticket in as well. 

Last but not least: showcase the diaper raffle prizes prominently, either beside or above the diaper containers.

5 Draw the Winning Tickets

It’s the moment you and your guests have been waiting for; it’s time to draw the winning tickets.

The timing for the draw is up to you, but I recommend waiting until the baby shower is well under way, that way you can account for any late arrivals. Having said that, there’s some advantages to starting at the beginning and middle. If you decide to pull the winning tickets at the beginning, that kind of sets the mood for the whole baby shower. The middle ensures that the guests won’t get too bored.

Personally, I think the end is the best way to go. Save the best for last, you know?

6 Thank-You Cards

Okay, it is not necessary to send out a “Thank you card” if you’re already sending out cards for the baby shower.

However, if you’re just hosting a diaper raffle (for example, if this is just a work-related event or something for “the guys” to do), it’s important to thank your guests for participating. 

Diaper Raffle Wording Ideas

I think we all want to be clever or elegant when it comes to wording these things. But, honestly? Simple is best. Here’s a few of my favorite diaper raffle wording ideas.

  • “Please bring a pack of diapers of {any size} for a chance to win a special prize.”
  • “Diapers are gone in a dash, so let’s build a diaper stash!”
  • “Poo is on the way! Help us stock up for the big day. Bring a pack to build up our stack. Any size could win you a prize!”
Baby Diaper Raffle (1)

Diaper Raffle FAQ:

Should I request a specific diaper size?

I’ll admit, this is the tricky part for guests…you’re never sure what diapers they bring! Generally, you don’t specify the size on the invitation. You might end up with lots of boxes of newborn diapers and no size 3s.

One option is to keep the receipts and exchange the (unopened) boxes later. However, that gets to be a little time consuming.

The simple solution is to include different diaper raffle cards in your baby shower invitations. For example, you could send out five baby invites that specify Size 2 and another ten invites that specify Size 3.

In all likelihood though, unless you get mostly newborn sizes, you’ll be fine. Babies go through a lot of diapers, almost 3,000, and most of those will be Size 2 and Size 3. 

Can I Ask for a Specific Brand?

Yep. You can politely express your mom-to-be’s preferences on the invitation, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect it. Some brands are pretty expensive and not exactly widely available. 

Can I Host a Diaper Raffle for Cloth Diapers?

If you know your mom-to-be wants to go the eco-friendly route, there’s nothing wrong with requesting cloth diapers. Just keep in mind that you won’t necessarily need to stockpile cloth diapers as much as you need to stockpile disposable diapers. Instead, maybe you could request cloth diaper inserts and liners and baby wipes. That way you can get a wider spread. 

Have You Hosted a Diaper Raffle? Let us know below!

I hope you’re getting really excited about your upcoming diaper raffle.

They’re super easy to host, and they tend to add another layer of excitement to the baby shower. I hope this article at least answered what is a diaper raffle and how to host one. If you take away anything from this post remember this: communicate the rules clearly on the baby shower invitation, choose your prizes carefully, and set up the station where your guests can easily access it. It’s really that easy. 

If you’re looking for more baby shower tips, check out my other posts below. 

Veteran parents, if you’ve hosted your own diaper raffle I’d love to hear your tips! Let us know below!

Have fun!


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