Breech Baby Posts

I found out that my daughter was breech 36 weeks into my pregnancy.

The following month was a race against time to turn her into the cephalic position. In the end, my daughter did turn (at 39 weeks, no less), but the journey getting there wasn’t easy.

Breech Baby Posts

Discovering that your baby is in the breech position isn’t always an easy thing to hear, especially when all of your birth plans go out the window.

The Breech Baby Series

Despite the increasing number of breech pregnancies in the US, there is very little information to help moms cope. After my own breech pregnancy, I was determined to share the facts I had learned so other moms didn’t face the confusion and anxiety I went through.

The Breech Baby Series includes information about breech presentations, breech baby complications, how to turn a breech baby, and more.

I hope this series gives you the information you need to embrace this final leg of your pregnancy confidently.

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