50 Strong Scottish Boy Names With Meanings

First of all, congratulations! Having a baby is always exciting, but choosing the name? That’s definitely the cherry on top.

With a great-grandma directly from Scotland, I’ve always appreciated the Scottish culture. Whether you’re looking at Scottish boy names because you’re from Scotland, you love their names, or you’re simply a big fan of Outlander (mm-hmm…I see you!), I really hope you love this list I’ve compiled. 

Scottish Boy Names

The Scots have gone through many changes and challenges throughout their history and you’ll see that their names reflect that. Some contain ancient Celtic mythology, while others reflect the Scottish people’s conversion to Christianity and Catholicism.

Keep that in mind while you’re going through this list: it contains both Gaelic boy names (Scottish names that were not anglicized) as well as more common, modern versions. To help give you an idea on the background of the name you’re considering, I’ve also included the meanings. 

Hopefully you’ll find a Scottish Baby boy name that you fall in love with!


50 Scottish Boy Names with Strong Meanings

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Alexander is one of the most popular names across many languages. The Scottish version of Alexander, Alastair, is particularly charming. Like the other renditions, Alastair means defender of men.


Obviously a Gaelic boy name, Aodh just looks cool. And it is. Going back to the root of Celtic legends, Aodh means fire and represents the Celtic sun god.


Yet another cool Scottish boy name, based in Balgair is an earthy, natural name, meaning “Fox.”


This very popular unisex name actually means “yellow.” If you prefer the Scottish-Gaelic version, you can use Blaan.

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There is no shortage of Scottish boy names starting with C! Caelan is practical, historical, nad thankfully easy to spell. It’s kind of a toss-up whether this name is Irish or Scottish, but Caelan means “victorious people.” Perfect for an active baby boy.


Cameron’s name meaning might leave a little to be desired, but it’s still a very attractive name. It means, “crooked nose.”


Most of the time, we think of Dallas as an American Western name (at least, I did.) Actually, its an old Scottish surname, meaning “meadow dwelling.”


Do you love biblical names? Daibhidh is perfect for your baby! It’s Gaelic for David.

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If you’ve been searching for a strong Scottish boy name, check out Dunn. It’s a very old Scottish name, meaning “fort” or “dark.” It can also be a nod to a man inhabiting the region of “Dunn.” 


Another twist on a traditional biblical name, you’re probably more familiar with the English version of Eauan, Ewan. Both names are a different rendition of the apostle John.


A very regal name indeed, Eideard is the Gaelic version of Edward. It means “wealthy guardian.” 


Farlan is more typically used as a surname (McFarlan), but it can still be a pretty school Scottish boy name. It means “son of furrows.” 


This probably one of my favorite Scottish names for boys on this list. It’s strong, wrapped in history, and looks ancient. Fionnlagh (you’re probably familiar with Finlay), means “white warrior.” You can even nickname your boy “Finn” if you’re a big Tangled fan 🙂


An earthy name, Fraser means “forest men.”


There are several renditions of the anglicized name, Gavan (Gavin). If you prefer the Gaelic, check out Gawyn. The name means “white hawk.”


A Gaelic baby boy name meaning, “God’s peace.”

Scottish Baby Names for Boys


Henson is exactly as it sounds, meaning “son of Henry.”


This is another Scottish boy name that gained its popularity from local landmarks. “Irving” is thought to have originated from Irvine river, in Ayrshire. Irving means, “green water” or “sea friend.”


Iver is another rendition of the Scandalnavian name, Ivar, which means “archer.”


This one is for all you Outlander fans. Jamie means, “Supplanter” or takes the place of something that was there first. Pretty appropriate if you’re familiar with the premise of the series! 


Also spelled Kirk, is a simple but strong Scottish boy name, meaning “lives near a church.”


Surrounded by rich history, it’s thought that Knox became most popular from John Knox, the founder of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland. Knox means, “round hill.” 


I absolutely love this Gaelic name. Laighean, or Lane if you prefer the anglicized version, means “spear.” 


Also known as Leathan, is named after the respective river.


This name means exactly how it sounds, “loyal.” It was originally a Scottish surname.


This is a timeless name rich with meaning. Malcolm (Mael Coluim in Gaelic), is given to a boy dedicated to God.


A simple but beautiful Scottish baby boy name meaning, “man of the sea.”


Another one of my personal faves, Neil (AKA Nial) means “champion.”

Scottish and Gaelic Baby Names for Boys


This is another cool, landmark name. It comes from the Northern Scottish town and meaning “alder tree river.”


Still looking for strong Gaelic names? Ogilhinne is an earthy name meaning, “on top of the mountain.”


This is a hauntingly beautiful Gaelic boy name, meaning “night.” In the Gaelic language, Oidhche mhath translated to “goodnight.”


This popular Scottish boy name means “royal.”


Phearson is the Scottish version of Parson, meaning “priest.”


This is a very unique name, meaning “proud.”


A favorite in Scotland and the U.S., Quinn is actually a unisex name meaning “5th in family.”


If you suspect that your baby is a mild-mannered boy, Rae is perfect. It means, “timid or shy person.”


Another strong Scottish name for your hearty boy! It means “red” or “ruddy complexion.”


Ross’ namesake is the Scottish clan. It means “headland.”


Both a popular English and Scottish surname, Shaw is regal and timeless. Its given to someone that lived in a thicket.


Gaelic for Simeon, Simidh means “hearkening.” 


If you like to be challenged, you can also try the Gaelic version, Sluaghadh. It means “raider.”


Also known as Sruthan in Gaelic, Straun means “small stream.”


Do you have twins? Congratulations! Tamnais is perfect for one of your boys, meaning “twin.”


A traditional, yet timeless Scottish baby boy name, Tod means fox. In the past, it was given to a wiley or cunning boy. 


Another old Scottish boy name meaning bard or poet.


A famous clan name, Urquhart means “upon a rowan wood.”


Ualan is the Scottish version of Valentine, which means “strong and healthy.”


A Scottish surname more popular towards the English/Scottish borderlands. Wallace means “foreign or stranger.”


If you love William but want a different version, Wiley happens to be its Scottish pet name.

I hope by now you’ve fallen in love with a few Scottish boy names. They truly are unique, strong, and meaningful. If you have more you’d like to share, let me know below! Also, if you’re still looking for inspiration, check out these other baby names you might love!

Good luck and happy hunting!


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