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The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle Review 2020: Great Deal or Scam?

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Your well-being matters.

Women have the tendency to sacrifice their own needs for whatever they are held responsible for. For moms, it’s their babies. For working women, it’s their career. College students, money and school.

But when you’re not focusing on your wellness, you’re only functioning at a portion of your potential.

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle was designed to help you prioritize your well-being, however you know you need to. Whether you’re a a new mom, struggling with your postpartum weight and confidence, a career woman trying to focus on her fitness and eating habits in the wee free time she has, or a Gen X’er, navigating the murky waters of menopause.

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle offers a little bit of something for every kind of woman.

Whatever brought you here, there’s probably one question on your mind: Is the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle worth my money?

Great question.

I’m Erin from Blunders in Babyland and I help new and expecting moms overcome the challenges of early motherhood. Writing trusted reviews for my readers is kind of my thing. I believe moms should be able to purchase quality products without wasting their money!

 When I learned about the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle, I was instantly intrigued because of all of the resources it represented for my readers.

I actually purchased this bundle (IT WAS NOT GIFTED TO ME) so I could look over all of the resources and write this review. After reviewing the materials, I can assure you that the bundle is not a scam, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone.

My goal for this Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle review is to show you exactly what’s included, how it applies to you (yes, you!), and help you figure out if this product is a good fit for you.

Let’s dig in!

Women Wellness Bundle 2020


Pros and Cons: Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle Review At-a-Glance

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. Blunders in Babyland does not diagnose, treat, or give out any professional advice for any medical conditions.


  • Over $4,000 of online resources
  • 32 ebooks, 32 ecourses,12 workbooks and printables, and 2 documentaries/summits
  • Most resources have lifetime access
  • Low price
  • Resources cover mental, physical, and hormonal health


  • Lots of resources (can be a little overwhelming)
  • Online Only
  • You may never use some of the resources


✅ Not a Scam: Ultimate Bundles is Legitimate

Chances are, you were recommended to the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle by myself or another blogger. Because of this, you’re probably not that familiar with the creators of this bundle, Ultimate Bundles.

Ultimate Bundles is an online company that curates educational digital resources for several themed bundles. This company only works with reputable bloggers, speakers, and authors to find the best resources available for their clients.

The best part is: they sell these bundles at rock bottom prices. In many instances, the bundle is sold for the same price (or much lower) than what one individual product sells for. When you have courses that cost, $100, $200–even $400, the bundle pays for itself very quickly. 

Personally, I love Ultimate Bundles because I have been their customer for years. I’ve actually bought a few of their bundles,  such as the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (which is directly responsible for my growing blogging business) and the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle. 

What is the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle?

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is a collection of online educational resources that cover many aspects of a woman’s mental, physical, hormonal, and spiritual health. The actual value of the bundle totals to over $4,000. It includes over 32 ebooks, 32 ecourses,12 workbooks and printables, and 2 documentaries/summits.

The bundle is ridiculously diverse and spans across these topics:

  • Chronic Illness (6 products worth $720.92)
  • Fertility and Pregnancy (7 products worth $101.92)
  • Fitness and Physical Health (5 products worth $395.96)
  • For Moms (5 products worth $505.95)
  • Food & Healthy Eating (11 products worth $544.90)
  • Hormones (7 products worth $334.78)
  • Menopause and Beyond (6 products worth $212.99)
  • Mental and Emotional Health (8 products worth $702.87)
  • Natural Health (5 products worth $185.58)
  • Planners and Trackers (5 products worth $80.96)
  • Selfcare and Confidence (8 products worth $727.97)
  • Skincare and Beauty (6 products worth $126.92)
  • + Bonuses (physical and digital products worth $186)

The UWWB is on sale RIGHT NOW until September 4th.

Who This Course is For

When you have a product this big, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, let’s break it down by who you are and what you might be interested in.


From conception to postpartum, this bundle has inexpensive but reputable resources for you. The bundle offers great resources to skyrocket your fertility, eat healthier during pregnancy, regain your postpartum body, and specific materials to help you become the calm, confident mom you’ve always wanted to be.

The physical fitness aspect of the bundle offers specific training to improve your core, lose the baby weight (the easy way) AND even learn how to dress your mom body (I can’t WAIT to reveal that course to you all!). 

Note: The one thing the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is NOT is a substitute for a childbirth course. If you’re looking for a great childbirth course, I have several recommendations!

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Women Approaching or In Menopause

Without revealing exactly what is included in this section of the bundle, I am very impressed with how robust the menopausal educational materials are. They have ecourses, ebooks, trackers, and even documentaries to help you get through this sometimes challenging new phase of life.

Women Who Want to Improve Their Mental and Physical Health

Let’s say that you’re not becoming a mom and you’re definitely not in your golden years yet. Does the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle have products for you? 

Yes. Many–in fact, most–of the material in the bundles can apply to women that just want to live healthier in 2020.

The bundle places a lot of emphasis on dealing with your mental and physical health.

The physical fitness side teaches you how to eat healthier (even if you don’t have time to cook!), how to avoid fad diets and still lose weight,  find the best diet that actually works for you, burn fat quicker with specific exercises.

But remember, the bundle also focuses on your mental health. So, you’ll find a lot of material that help you become a more confident, emotionally stable person, how to make time for your passions, and actionable tips for creating a self-care routine that actually works. 

To help you find the material that pertains to you, I’ve highlighted some of the “best of” courses below.

Women's Wellness

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle Review: Full Product List + Highlights

Resources for Moms

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Moms
5 Products worth $505.95
  • A Mother’s Meditation Card Set by Holly Chubb (Printable) $10.00
  • Calm in the Chaos by Catherine Wilde (eCourse) $397.00 – Definitely my favorite in this category. Catherine Wilde is a self-care coach (and guest writer on this blog, actually!) She has a talent for making you look deeper, at the root cause of your anxieties. Doing that–and dissecting your insecurities and accepting your natural flaws, can help you become the calm, confident mom you’ve always dreamed of being, no matter what life throws at you! This one is definitely a keeper.
  • Mommy is a Person by Saren Loosli (eCourse) $57.00
  • Self Care for the Special Needs Mom by Kelly Mantoan (Workbook) $14.95
  • You’ve Got This: 5 Minute Meditations for Mommas by Jenna Drew Dancy (Audio) $27.00

Pregnancy and Fertility

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Pregnancy and Fertility=
Fertility & Pregnancy (7 products worth $101.92)
  • 50 Shades of Green: The Pregnancy and Fertility Edition by Wendie Schneider & Lauren Manaker (eBook) $11.95
  • Beginner’s Guide to Growing Baby: Tips to Help You Through All Four Trimesters by Bonnie Way (eBook) $9.99
  • Help! My Baby is Preterm by Ewoma Ogbewe (eBook) $6.27 Naturally Fertile by Gemma McBride (eBook) $6.79
  • Pre-Conception Ninja: Meal Plan and Recipe Book by Alexx Stuart (eBook) $39.00
  • The Gentle Guide to Labour and Childbirth by Katie Schablon (eBook) $15.00
  • Well & Good: Supercharge Your Health for Fertility and Wellness by Nat Kringoudis (eBook) $12.92

Self-Care and Confidence

Ultimate Bundles Women's Wellness Bundle Selfcare and Confidence
(8 products worth $727.97)
  • The 30 Day Self Care Challenge:  Appropriate and Fun Ways to Engage In Self-Care and Be “Selfish” by Kris McPeak (eBook) $15.00
  • Frumpy to Fabulous: The Wardrobe Course for Moms by Corina Holden (eCourse) $79.00 Ladies, I LOVE this course. I’ll admit, I was frumpy long before I became a mom. I just have no fashion-sense whatsoever. That and I had no idea what went well with my particular body type. This course helps you determine your body type, tells you what looks good with it, helps you create a wardrobe based on your style (and if you don’t know what that is, it helps you determine that too!). Plus, the course helps you build a great wardrobe based on YOUR budget.
  • Mom Glow Binder: Create Your Own Healthy Self-Care Routine by Brianna Ognibene (Workbook) $15.00
  • Rooted in Self-Care: 30 Ways to Practice Authentic Self-Care by Rachel Silves (eBook) $7.99The Average Girl’s Guide to Living an Above Average Life by Heather Montgomery (eBook) $3.99
  • Be Here Now: The Benefits of Mindful Living by Christina Lerchen (eBook) $14.99
  • The Quiet Miracle by Céline Harleaux (eCourse) $513.00

Fitness & Physical Health

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Fitness and Physical Health
(5 products worth $395.96)
  • 30 Day Pelvic Floor Solution by Dr Orlena Kerek (eCourse) $199.00
    Okay, there are actually two courses in this section that are my faves. As a mom, I struggled with a weak pelvic floor. I know how hard it is to make time for any amount of treatment. If you pee when you sneeze, have pain during sex, and struggle from excessive back pain, this course can be a HUGE resource for you.
  • Beat Belly Fat, Bloating, Bone Loss, and the Blues: Simple Steps to a Better You by Margie Bissinger (eCourse) $50.00
  • Comforting The Core: Moving Through Miscarriage & Infant Loss by Beth Learn (eCourse)
  • For the Ladies by Jen Hoffman (eCourse) $59.99
  • Never Diet Again: “The Sexy Confident Woman Formula” by Anna Renderer (eCourse) $67.00 – If you were one of the women that joined Ultimate Bundle’s free webinar, you probably recognize Anna Renderer. She is a fitness GURU from Popsugar Fitness. I love, love, love her approach to getting fit. She wants you to STOP dieting and easy implement life-changing that burns the fat and keeps it off!

Food and Healthy Eating

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Food and Healthy Eating
(11 products worth $544.90)
  • 10 Weeks to Clean Eating Guided Journal by Payton Foeller (Workbook) $11.99
  • 13 Guided Mindful Eating and Body Wisdom Meditations by Jenny Eden Berk (Audio) $50.00
  • Sugar Detox Program by Dr David Jockers (eCourse) $97.00 – Okay, this one right here is my fave. It is the NORM in our culture to eat exorbant amounts of sugar. It’s hidden in so much of our food. The fact is, unhealthy sucrose can be so harmful to us! In my own weightloss journey, I started to notice the REAL results when I cut most of my daily in-take. I love that this course helps you identify which foods to avoid and gives you easy approaches for substituting the right foods into your diet…plus, this course is massive. It contains snack guides, recipe books, meal plans…seriously. Massive
  • 28 Day Break Through! Signature Cleanse by Brenda Janschek & Naomi Judge (eCourse) $70.00
  • 57 Delicious Dairy Free Keto Recipes  by Mira Richard-Fioramore (eBook) $11.99
    7 Days To Drink Less by Georgia Foster (eCourse) $149.97
  • Easy Grain Free by Raia Todd (eBook) $5.99
  • Eat Like a Bear Manual: Half My Size at 50 by Amanda Rose (eBook) $9.97
  • Healthy Diets: Exploring Major Healthy Diets to Find the Right One For YOU! By Wardee Harmon (eCourse) $97.00
  • Intermittent Fasting for Better Health: The Purposeful Nutrition Guide to Weight Loss, Balanced Blood Sugar, and More Energy by Jennifer Dages (eBook) $10.99.
  • The Importance of Iron by Deborah Hanyon (eBook) $30.00

Skincare & Beauty

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Skincare and Beauty
(6 products worth $126.92)
  • 28 Hair Care Tips & Hair Remedies by Debbie Williams (eBook) $9.99
    This small but powerful book can teach you best practices for maintaining the health of your locks.
  • Anti-Aging Skincare: The No-Fuss Guide to DIY Skincare for Mature Skin by Stacy Karen (eBook) $14.95
  • Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair by Elaine Sheff (eBook) $8.99
  • Natural Facelift Guide: 7 Day Plan for a More Youthful Face by Roz Walker (eBook) $17.00
  • Psoriasis Healing: From Curse to Blessing by Laurie Neverman (eBook) $9.99
  • Stripped Bare Clear Skin Program by Adele McConnell (eBook) $66.00


Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Hormones
(7 products worth $334.78)
  • Best of The Fix for Female Hormones by Misty Williams (Summit) $99.00
  • Fix Your Period Cleanse by Nicole Jardim (eCourse) $47.00Natural Approaches to the Management of PCOS: Finding Balance by Herbal Academy (eCourse) $39.00
  • Perimenopause: The Savvy Sister’s Guide to Hormone Harmony by Anna Garrett (eBook) $12.79Power Up Your Period: Decode Your Menstrual Cycle for Greater Productivity by Karen Shopoff Rooff (eCourse) $27.00
  • Secrets to Controlling your Weight, Cravings and Moods by Maria Emmerich (eBook) $9.99
  • 14 Day Thyroid Alive! Kickstarter Program by Stephanie Wharton (eCourse)

Menopause and Beyond

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Menopause -
(6 products worth $212.99)
  • Aging Gracefully by Jillee Nystul (eBook) $19.99
    This helpful books helped you decide which DIY beauty treatments and store-bought products fit your individual needs and budget.
  • Menopause Symptoms Tracking Journal by MaryJo Scamurra (Printable) $7.00
  • Preparing Your Garden for the Golden Years by Christine Dalziel (eCourse) $47.00
  • The Alchemy of Menopause by Cathy Skipper (eBook) $22.00
  • The Science of Longevity by Sayer Ji (eBook) $50.00Your Best Years Start Now by The Art of Anti-Aging (Summit) $67.00

Planners & Trackers

Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle 2020 Planners and Trackers (1)
(5 products worth $80.96)
  • Be Healthy Mama: Fitness & Mental Health Journal by Kara Carrero (Printable) $4.99
  • Health & Fitness Planner by Heather Moritz (Printable) $7.00
  • Healthy Habit Planner by Brandice Lardner (Workbook) $24.97
  • Medical Binder: Be Prepared & Get Organized Once and For All by Ali Chovanec (Printable) $37.00
  • Winning At Weight Loss Daily Planner by Diane Lowe (Printable) $7.00

Natural Health

UWWB2020 Natural Health
 (8 products worth $727.97)
  • 30 Days To A Toxic Free You by Katherine Kyle (eBook) $15.00
  • All Things “V”: The A-To-Z Guide To Outsmarting Dryness And Irritation Down There! By Dr Anna Cabeca (eBook) $11.00
  • Aromatherapy for Women Reference Guide by Deanna Russell (eBook) $7.59
  • Feminine Wellness: A Beginner’s Journey to Natural Period Alternatives by Lisa Van Groningen (eBook) $2.99
  • The Basics of Holistic Herbalism by Monica Mitzel (eCourse) $149.00


I love that there are actual, physical bonuses to buying the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle. Check ’em out here:

  • FREE Aromatherapy Blend – Choose from Energizing or balancing from Puro Co, $18 value
  • FREE Frank & Ylang Lotion Bar and Beesilk Lotion Stick from MadeOn, $18 value
  • FREE Natural Balance 2oz Tincture from Earthley, $17.99 value 
  • FREE leather wrap diffuser bracelet ($21.95 value) from The Oil Collection, $21.95
  • FREE Defend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On by Essentials By Jillee, $14.99 value
  • FREE leather wrap diffuser bracelet ($21.95 value) by The Oil Collection, $21.95

Plus, you gain access to these digital bonuses. Fit2B is definitely my favorite on this list!

  • FREE $25 Gift Certificate from Balance One Supplements, $25 value
  • 2 Months FREE from Fit2B, $34 value
  • FREE $15 Gift Certificate from TriLight Health, $15 value

How Much Does the Women’s Health Bundle Cost?

The overall value of the bundle is worth $4652.70. That’s the actual value of all of the resources bundled together, by the way. It’s not some sketchy value Ultimate Bundles threw together to make it look really good.

However, you can grab the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle for $37. It’s only on sale from February 5-10th. After that it’s going bye-bye forever. Also, since this bundle is the first of its kind, there’s no guarantee Ultimate Bundles will make anything like it next year.

So, if you looked over this list and found some courses that intrigued you, NOW is the time to snag it.

The Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Review - Ultimate Bundles (1)

When Can I Get the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle?

Once again, the bundle is only available until September 4th. 

Women Wellness Bundle 2020

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle Review: Is It Worth It for Me?

Okay, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should buy the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle, try asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do 5 or more courses, ebooks, or printables interest you? Is the sum of these courses higher than the cost of the bundle?
  2. What are your fitness and mental health goals for 2020? Does the bundle include any material that can actually help you achieve these goals?
  3. Some of these courses advertise that they are life-changing. Having said that, are you willing to commit to taking them?

Now, notice that one of my questions is NOT “will you use all of the courses included in this bundle?”

The answer here is easy: of course you won’t! Some of material in the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle revolves around highly specialized conditions that, Lord willing, you will never have to deal with. The point is to find the material that DOES pertain to you and decide if the bundle is worthwhile. 

Do I Honestly Believe the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is Worth It?

For me? Yes.

I’m a new mom that has struggled with my confidence, hormones, and postpartum body. This bundle has ME written all over it. I am very excited to dive into some of the courses available. In fact, the value of the courses and ebooks I’m actually interested in totals to over $900. So, yes, this bundle is a heckuva steal for me. 


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