Things to Do on Father’s Day: 6 Epic Father’s Day Activities to Do in 2023

Looking for fun things to do on Father’s Day with kids? As a mom of two kiddos, I have some experience finding family-friendly and budget-friendly activities.

Here’s a few of my faves!

Fun Things to Do on Father's Day with Kids (1)

It’s time to celebrate the incredible fathers in our lives. If your husband is anything like mine, any attempts to decipher what gift he’ll actually appreciate will go nowhere. So, what do you get the dad that doesn’t want anything? An awesome, epic day he’ll never forget!

Let’s talk about fun things to do on Father’s Day! 

Just, my husband and I are still in the trenches with small kids, so you’ll notice that the majority of these ideas are centered around family and budget-friendly adventures. 

My husband also loves cars and the great outdoors, so you’ll see a disproportionate amount of car-related ideas as well. 😉

So, let’s dive in and plan an memorable day that he’ll cherish forever!


Fun Things to Do With Dad in 2023

Things to Do on Father's Day (1)

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Go to a State or National Park

Do you live close to a beautiful state park or scenic location? Why not plan a visit? Take him on a hike, explore a national park, or go camping for the weekend. 

The cool thing about state and national parks specifically is that they are usually close to towns that are perfectly outfitted for fun. Quaint restaurants, kayak rentals, or even horseback riding. Recently, we took a hike around Pilot Mountain. 

Pro-tip: if you plan to take to stay the night or take Dad out to dinner afterward, it’s a good idea to book at least a couple weeks in advance. Father’s Day does tend to get a little busy. 

Go Off-Roading

Treat dad to a day full of adrenaline and beauty!

One of the coolest things we’ve ever done is drive to Estes Park and rented a Jeep for some off-roading fun. This satisfied my husband’s absolution adoration for all things motorized and created a stunning scenic adventure. 

If you live close to mountains or any amount of clear open space, look around for off-road rentals. The most common vehicles are ATVs, dirtbikes, and, of course, jeeps!

Off-roading rental companies usually offer the best recommendations for locations. Be sure to check with your company beforehand to figure out where to drive based on your guy’s skill level. You will also definitely want to consider the liability waiver.

Plan a Fishing Trip

Father's Day Activities - Fishing at the Beach

Want some quality time without the adrenaline?

If you have a dad that’s a little more laid-back, plan a day full of fishing. Fishing at a local lake is basically free if he already owns his own equipment. Or, for a new experience, you can usually rent a boat at for around $100 (just make sure his fishing license is up-to-date). 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to relax, enjoy nature, and have meaningful conversations.

Take Him on a Dude Shopping Spree

My husband says he hates shopping…but then we get to Footlocker or Bass Pros. Then he becomes as giddy as a teenaged girl with her parents’ credit card. 

Go to dad’s favorite retailer and let him go loose. You might even be spending his own money, but at least he has permission to do it (up to a certain amount, of course.)

Have a Movie Night

Look, I know this might sound a little basic…but why not just take him to the movies? Dads put up with a lot. Frozen, Paw Patrol, chick-flicks… believe it or not, one of the best father’s day activities you can do is just taking him out to a movie that he actually wants to see. 

Go Biking

Does Dad like bicycles? Personally, my husband loves mountain biking, but you can actually rent cruiser bikes for a relaxing ride around the town. It’s a fun way to explore new places and enjoy each other’s company.

Biking just allows you to cover more ground!

If leisure biking isn’t his thing, try looking into mountain bike rentals. Once again, consider that liability waiver 😉

Check Out the Local Events on Facebook

Facebook has a cool feature where you can search for nearby events based on the day. Local museums, entertainment venues, and community centers often host fun events to make Dad’s day even more special. A couple examples might include live music at the part, pop-up beer tasting tents, or even scavenger hunts at the local park. 

Now, a lot of these ideas are focused on activities you can take the whole family too. But, if you’re the parent of little ones, sometimes the best gift you can give is some time away from the kids. If that’s the case, check out your local community centers too (usually dance or gymnastic facilities, or the YMCA) for “Parents Night Out” events. 

Attend a Car Show

If you’re strapped for cash, hop on Facebook and look for the local car events in your area. They’re usually free and feature a vast array of cars, from classic cars to supercars. 

Many car shows also call in food trucks. So, you’ll have an opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Amazing good and cars? I can’t think of a better way to spend time with dad!

Rent a Car on Toro

Fun Things to Do on Father's Day - Young Man Driving Car

If your guy loves cars, take him on an epic car ride he’ll always remember.

Have you heard of Toro? It’s like the AirBnB of the car world. On Toro, you can scroll through incredible, luxurious cars that you can rent for 1-3 days. And you can usually do it for a fraction of the cost of exotic car rental companies. 

For my husband’s birthday, we rented a new corvette. It felt amazing to drive around such an amazing vehicle without breaking the bank! 

Word of warning though: book early. This is going to be a popular time to rent cars. Book soon! 

Rent an Escape Room

But what about the guy that doesn’t like outdoors stuff and hates cars?

How about an escape room? Going to an escape room is like doing a real-life puzzle together. You get locked into a room where you search for clues and work with dad at the same time. The main goal: to escape.

This game is actually quite thrilling. You’re racing against the clock and stretching your brain muscles trying to solve the puzzles. 

Go Golfing

Look, I wouldn’t list golfing as one of the more unique things to do, but it’s a classic!

Golfing is fun for a number of reasons; you can rent basically everything you need to do it. Clubs, golfcarts, shoes and…that’s about the extent of my golf equipment knowledge.

Anyway, check out your local country clubs for guest passes. 

You can also check out TopGolf. If your guy is new to golf, TopGolf is a great option. Think of it as the bowling alley of the golf world. It’s a sport and entertainment venue rolled into one.  You rent a suite that overlooks a golfing range. You practice your shots while sipping on some brew. 

By the way, you can take the kids to most TopGolf facilities. However, it can be a little boring since most of your visit will be limited to a small bay.

Do You Have Any Father’s Day Ideas? Let Me Know Below!

Whether you plan an adventurous outdoor experience or motorhead’s ultimate delight, I hope these fun Father’s Day activities help your guy have a special day. If you have any great Father’s Day ideas, I’d love to hear them! 

Wishing a perfect day to all of the amazing dads out there!

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