Hey, Mama! Congratulations on your new, beautiful baby…

….but sorry you probably feel like you were hit by a truck. This page is dedicated to helping you recover from childbirth quickly and with as little complications as possible.

Postnatal Core Exercises - Postpartum Exercises After Pregnancy

Below you’ll find my absolutely FAVORITE resources for new, struggling PP moms and some helpful articles on how to heal your postpartum body.

My Favorite Resources for Postpartum Moms

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The Postpartum Handbook

Postpartum Handbook - Coffee and Coos (1)
Grab it for $12!

Created by Alexandra from Coffee and Coos, the Postpartum Handbook is a one-stop shop for everything postpartum. Includes recovery tips, checklists, diet plan, how to manage breast pain, and more.

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle

This is a tremendous resource for new moms, old moms, and just women in general. It’s a huge bundle that contains over $4,000 worth of courses on improving your body, mind, and spirit. The downside is, it’s only available once a year. If you want to learn more, check out my full review here.

Otherwise, check to see if it’s available here!

Postpartum Articles

Recovering from Childbirth with the Making Your Postpartum Plan Course

Preparing for your postpartum recovery can be tricky. While the internet is loaded with postpartum care checklists and sitz bath tutorials, it can be hard to truly prepare for a messy, 6-week recovery time.  Before I gave birth, I shifted between downplaying my postpartum recovery and dreading it. The idea of “taking it easy” for…

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