15 Sweet and Memorable First Father’s Day Gifts from Baby

I still remember my husband’s first father’s day. He was handling daddyhood like a pro, loving and cuddling our daughter. But honestly, I had no idea what to get him to commemorate this special year.

Now I know that the key to a beautiful, memorable first father’s day gift lies in his personality. What does he like? What are his passions? Tap into those and fuse them together with your baby. Thankfully, my husbands interests lie in shoes, cars, and Star Wars so there’s plenty of merch for that. Below is a list of cute and inexpensive ideas you can give to that special daddy in your life “from baby.”

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15 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas “From Baby”

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1 Framed Handprint

Are you looking for a diy first father’s day craft from baby? This one is easy, cheap and marks a vital stage of your little one’s growth and his journey through fatherhood. All you do is press his hand into an ink pad and into a paper (this ink. Repeat for baby. Your little one’s hand should come out dark and more distinguishable because of the size. 

You can do this on a 8.5×11 paper and cut it down to fit into an 8×10 frame.

2 Mug

Are you even a parent if you don’t have a mug stating you are? I think not. For my first mother’s day, my husband got me the mug above. I laughed a little harder than I should have, because even at eight months old, it perfectly encapsulated our daughter’s attitude.

Good news: they also offer a dad version.

3 Matching T-Shirts

Here’s another first Father’s Day classic! Matching t-shirts. This is my top pick because, despite carrying the guy for 9 months and doing all the hard work, babies always seem to be clones of their daddies. I love it!

4 Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad is such a sweet book! New dads struggle with feelings of insecurity as well. I love how this book shares the beautiful, encouraging role a daddy plays in his child’s life.

I bought it for my husband, and our girls love it when he reads to them (of course using different voices for each animal).

5 Bootprint

If you like the idea of the handprint craft but don’t necessarily want to be obvious about it (hey, honey, can I borrow your hand?), creating bootprint art is an excellent alternative.

Basically, grab his boot and dab it into a little washable finger paint. Then impress it into a piece of paper. I recommend the thick kind, like the 9×12 paint pad you can find at Michaels.

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6 Grilling Plate

Does the daddy in your life grill?

I’m going to Etsy for this next first Father’s Day idea. This grill plate is customizable and you can even use your baby’s hands in the design. A great way to commemorate this special day!

7 Matching shoes

Is he a shoe guy? It’s never too early to share his obsession with your little one! This year (and every year if you choose too) buy Dad a pair of shoes that matches baby. We do this with our girls sometimes. This gift requires a little bit of homework, but we’ve found matching adult and kid shoes at Addidas, Nike, and Puma.

8 Handprint on a {insert sports ball}

If your guy loves sports, why not buy him a baseball/soccer ball/football and add your baby’s handprint to it? This is a great way to get him excited for the special years to come.

9 Dad Level

A lot of dudes have a thing against keychains–or anything extra attached to their keys. Which is exactly why I like this one. It’s perfect for gamers and completely understated.

10 Dad Decal

The perfect bumper sticker doesn’t exist– until this one!

A lot of families sacrifice their awesome “cool” cars for family vehicles. If this was your dad, honor that sacrifice with a little humor. I saw this sticker on a minivan at church and thought it was hilarious. 

If my humor isn’t your thing (don’t blame you), you can also try other “family” decals. Like the Star Wars themed family, zombie family, or dinosaur themed family.

11 Star Wars keychain

Is he a Star Wars fan? He needs this “I am Your Father” Darth Vader keychain with customizable lightsabers. It’s pretty epic.

12 Novelty Socks

Buying dads novelty socks can quickly become an unhealthy obsession. Not only are they warm and cozy, but they make for a great photo op!

13 Dad bullet tumbler

Does he like to shoot or hunt? This tumbler isn’t necessarily “father” related, but it looks cool and it’ll keep his drink at the desired temperature.

14 Gift Card for Anywhere

The first year of parenthood can be stressful for everyone. Sometimes, it’s nice to give Dad a break.

I regularly like to give my husband gift cards to random places he loves: Taco Bell, Finish Line, or the holy of holies…Microsoft. Even though we share the same bank account, a gift card encourages him to splurge on himself.

15 First Father’s Day Photo Frame

I mean, a photo frame is a classic, right? If your man works a desk job, he’ll be needing pictures of his favorite mini-me STAT. This modern photo frame commemorates his first year of fatherhood. If you’re crunched for time, it’s also available for Prime delivery.

What Are Favorite Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads?

I sincerely hope these first Fathers Day gift ideas from baby help you select something perfect for him!

Veteran moms, we’d love to hear your ideas! Post them below!

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