The Organized Home Course Review – Is this Home Organization Class Worth It?

Does it feel like most of your day is spent cleaning? Are you constantly picking up your kids’ messes only to have a new one reappear in five minutes? Is finding the simple necessities (say, your car keys, a pen, your shoes) a constant battle?

From one frustrated mom to another, I see you!

The Organized Home Course Review

A while back, another blogger introduced me to the Organized Home Course by Hilary Erickson at Pulling Curls. I was instantly interested in this course for two reasons: 1. It promised to provide helpful organization solutions for moms. Any mom can agree that keeping up after kids is a little different than maintaining an adult-only home. 2. I could take the course for the same price as a book on Amazon. This seemed like a no-brainer for my readers!

But was it worth it? Will this course actually help you organize your home more effectively and reduce the countless hours you spend cleaning it? I’m so glad you asked!

In my Organized Home Course review,  you’ll find out exactly how this class can help you and if it’s worth your (valuable) time.

The Organized Home Course Review: Is This Online Home Organization Class Worth It?

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What is the Organized Home Course

Hilary Erickson from Pulling Curls designed this e-course. Hilary’s a blogger, registered nurse, and excellent educator. I’ve taken and reviewed her e-courses before, such as the Online Prenatal Class for Couples. One thing I appreciate about Hilary is that she’s direct and doesn’t mess around with the boring stuff. She has limited time and she seems to understand that her students do too.

Basically, clean smarter and less by developing effective organization solutions.  I’ll get into that further along in this Home Organized Course review.

Before we begin: If you’re struggling with getting your kids to help out with the chores— I just loved the chapter about it in Family Routines. Family Routines is the Organized Home’s sister course…but instead of automating your home, it automates your daily routine!

Hilary talks about chores, morning routines, meal time prep— and more. I think you’ll love it — in fact, she guarantees it. Join for a month, or a year — you can cancel at any time — you can even save 10% with code SAVE10.

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Who This Course is For

This course was designed for moms that struggle with crippling overwhelm due to the clutter and chaos in their home. If you’re tired of cleaning endlessly, not being able to find the essentials, or living in a mess that you can’t seem to fix, this course is a must-have. 

Hilary is pretty clear on the intent of this course : it’s not meant to give you the perfect home. The course offers practical, actionable steps to keep an organized home that functions well with kids.

If I’m 100% honest (and for this Organized Home Course review, I promised I would be) I’m probably not Hilary’s target audience. I’m best described as a soft-core Monica Gellar. I love cleaning and I organize my house in my spare time. I’m weird.

Having said that, even as an “hobby” organizer, the Organized Home Course taught me a few new techniques  that are definitely game-changers. I’ll get to that in a minute.


Most of the course is taught by video tutorials and lectures. Hilary also provides a written commentary that provides an in-depth narrative and additional tips.

The video segments are filmed in Hilary’s home and often display how she organizes her own spaces from start to finish.

Hilary is careful not to clean or pre-organize before filming. The idea is to show her everyday life to help you visualize how you can apply these techniques in your own home.

At first, the imperfection shocked me. I mean, isn’t this a home organization course? Why aren’t her her cooking utensils in a straight line? Then, it occurred to me that perfection isn’t the intent of the course. We’re dealing with real solutions for real-life moms!

Her written content provides further suggestions, techniques, and advice. She doesn’t recommend a ton of products (the idea is to organize with what you have, rather purchasing elaborate organizing materials), but everything she does use is affordable.

The final aspect of the class is the the Facebook group. In my opinion, the Facebook group is worth its weight in gold. You’ll be able to draw inspiration from other students, post pictures of your problem areas (don’t be shy, no one is going to judge you in this group!) and receive advice from other students.

You’ll find that you’ll inspire each other and use other students ideas in your own home.


Organized Home Course Review


With the exception of your garage, the course goes over how to organize pretty much every problem area in your home, such as your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and the dreaded playroom.

Most importantly, the course teaches you how to identify what is causing your messes. I loved the  effective solutions she presented that helped me eliminate my own “snags” that caused disorganization, such as excess clutter, homeless items, and ineffective storage systems.

Each video segment comes with actionable homework assignments. I loved that the homework assignments push you to  change how your house functions, not just for a week or two, but permanently.

Under Hilary’s direction, I completely reorganized my kitchen cabinets, bedroom dresser, and closet. And, weeks later, these areas are still organized. In fact, these areas function like a well-oiled machine, basically keeping themselves orderly.

Organized Home Before
My Cooking/Baking/Crockpot storage area before…yikes!

I also loved that the homework assignments were easy to complete. I’m highly distractable, and a mother of a one year old, but I had no problem completing her assignments.

Some of the information seems just like common sense, but I was continuously reading it and thinking, “Shoot, why didn’t I think of that do that?”

Organized Home Homework
My new “Baking Zone”!

In addition, here are just a few concepts the Organized Home goes over:

  • Vertical organization (This concept completely changed how I organized my house)
  • Holding zones to gradually reduce clutter
  • Creating function zones (see my “Baking Zone” )
  • Organization time management strategies
  • How to keep zones clean after organization

The Organized Home Course Review Pros and Cons


Practical, easy to implement tips to overcome clutter and messes

Promotes realistic expectations of your home

Actionable, effective homework assignments. I followed along with great results

Video and written content introduces new concepts I guarantee you haven’t thought of

Facebook group provides inspiration and accountability

Tips for any budget, using what you have at home

Price- I mean, you really can’t beat it. For $15 you have complete access to her course, the written guide, and her Facebook group for a month.


Style of written content- Hilary doesn’t take a textbook approach with the written guide. It’s more of a personal dialogue between two friends. I found this refreshing, but, I should warn you not to simply browse through the guide, because you may miss important tips. 

Is the Organized Home Course Worth It?

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this class. It’s a quick, inexpensive home organization course that may genuinely provide game-changing concepts. If you’re overwhelmed by the clutter, if you’re tired of the endless cleaning/re-cleaning cycle, and if you’re looking for organization solutions that work like an well-oiled machine, then this course is a good fit for you. I had fun with the course and I think you will too!

If you do decide to purchase the course, please let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

Click here to purchase the Organized Home Course!

I hope you enjoyed my Organized Home Course Review.  I love providing simple and practical advice to help new moms thrive! If you liked this post, I know you’ll love the posts below!

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