Personalized Baby Footprint Necklace Giveaway

A baby keepsake is a single, powerful reminder of our children’s first moments.

When my daughter was born, I just wanted to savor every memory. From her little toes to the coos she made in her sleep, I wished that I could just stop time and replay those moments over and over again. At first, I was obsessed with saving every “special” outfit and taking  about a hundred photos.

Thank goodness someone had mercy on me and bought me a baby keepsake. It was a single bracelet with her initials. I love this little bracelet. I feel connected to my daughter every time I wear it. 

Baby keepsakes are powerful. If you don’t have one yet, I’ve have some amazing news: you have the chance to win one!

 Blunders in Babyland and Thoughtful Impressions has partnered to present this free baby keepsake giveaway.

Thoughtful Impressions specializes in creating personalized, engraved jewelry and keepsakes. For this giveaway, they will give one lucky mama a beautifully engraved necklace

Are you excited yet? Good!

Check out the form below to see how you can enter to win AND receive a 30% OFF coupon for any purchases at Thoughtful Impressions!

Giveaway Has Closed! Please Join Us Next Time!


Rules of the Contest

The full rules and conditions of this sweepstake can be found on the form, but here are a few items you should keep in mind.


What You’re Signing up For

By filling out the form, you will sign up for the Blunders in Babyland newsletter. It’s my bi-weekly newsletter that contains helpful tips for new and expecting moms. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I do need a valid email address so that I can use to contact you should you win.

Baby Keepsake Giveaway - Thoughtful Impressions


Extra Instagram Entries

If you choose to follow me on Instagram as a bonus entry, make sure you fill out the correct name and email address on the form above so I will be able to connect the two entries.

Also, remember to tag a friend on this post so I will know that you are an entrant.

Thoughtful Impressions - Baby Footprint Necklace

Photo Source: Thoughtful Impressions

Entry Deadline

All entries will be accepted until September 12th, 2018 at 11:59PM Pacific. The winner will be informed within a week. After that, you will have seven days to confirm that you have received my email and accept your prize. From that point, I’ll connect you with Thoughtful Impressions so you can get started on your personalized baby footprint necklace.

That’s the fun part!


In Order to Enter You Must:

  • Must be 18 or older to enter
  • U.S. Resident
  • Provide a valid email address and first name (and last name or handle for Instagram entries) – Additional instructions provided above.

Please feel free to check out the rest of the terms and conditions on the order form above and don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions!

I am so excited for you, Mama! Good luck!

Baby Footprint Necklace Giveaway - Thoughtful Impressions Instagram

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