25 Unique and Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: 25 Gifts for Every Guy

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Do you agonize over buying your guy a Valentine’s Day every. single. year?

I know I do! Honestly, my husband brings me to tears almost every Valentine’s Day. Whip out the chocolate, roses, and a long, hand-written mushy love letter…that’s it. It’s hard for a girl not to resist that kind of thoughtfulness.

But guys? While they might appreciate the sentiment of romance, many times Valentine’s Day gifts are received with an indulgent smile and then tucked away until it collects dust.

If you’re like me and struggling to find the right gift, check it out. I’ve compiled a list of ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts for him. AND to help you find the perfect gift for YOUR guy, I’ve organized it by “category.” So, whether you’re looking for funny gifts or sickeningly mushy ones, you’ll definitely find something that is worthy of your man.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Techy Guy

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. I only recommend what I trust.

1: Fossil Q 3rd Gen Smartwatch

Watches have been a staple Valentine’s Day gift for guys since the dawn of time. And why not? They are practical, stylish, and can cater to just about any budget. If your man is a techy guy, take it a step further. My husband and I bought ourselves Fossil Q watches for Christmas and man, oh, man… we have arrived! These watches are affordable, sharp-looking, and really take smart phones to a whole new level. The Fossil 3rd Gen Smartwatch displays directions from Google maps, text messages, Nest, and so much more. Even as new generations are released, updates allow this particular watch to become an excellent gift that’ll never go out of style.

2: Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

My husband loves Alexa. To give him credit, she’s funny, smart, and probably a little more helpful than I. In all seriousness, the Echo Dot is a serious steal. It’s half the price of the Echo and has its full capabilities. The reason why this gift says “I love you?” It’s the gift that keeps giving. Not only does Alexa play songs and tell you the weather, but she can sync to your home’s security system, temperature control, TV, lights, whatever, and controls everything with just a few verbal commands from hubby. If your guy loves technology, he’ll be delighted with this.

3. Wemo Light Switch

So, speaking of Alexa, the Wemo Light Switch is one of the many smart devices that she can control. If you don’t have an Echo, this is still an excellent techy Valentine’s Day gift for him. Imagine it: he’s sitting in his man-cave enjoying March Madness. He’s got his chips and Mountain Dew, and his chair is in the full recline position. But the lights are on. Instead of walking across the room to flip a switch, he just has to whip out his phone. Or, if you bought him an Echo, he can tell her to do it.

Side note, these two items are sneaky gifts for you. Have you ever stumbled into the baby’s room in the middle of the night, searching for the light? You and baby will really appreciate Alexa and Wemo’s ability to turn the lights on to a nice, dim setting.

4: Subscription to Amazon Channels

Is your man obsessed with movies? HBO and Showtime are premier channels that can cost an arm and a leg if you subscribe to regular satellite and cable networks. If you have an Amazon Prime or Amazon Family account, you can purchase a subscription to these channels and much, much more. My idea is to purchase access to these channels for a year; this should be long enough to give your man some much-needed veg time. The best thing is, the first month is free.

Join Amazon Channels Free Trial

5: Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

Pro Tip: This dash cam is actually on sale right now on Amazon! With over 8,000 reviews, if you can get it for $99 or less, that’s a great deal!

If you have a road warrior, why not get him this handy piece of tech?

Not only do tech-y guys appreciate HD cameras, but in an age of crazy drivers, it’s definitely a great thing precaution. This particular dash cam set contains a rear and front facing camera, and even connects to his phone.

Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


6: Harry’s Razor Blades Set

My in-laws introduced my husband to Harry’s Razors and now he swears by them. He’s not the only one, either. A ton of men are converting to this razor. It’s inexpensive and provides an even, clean shave at a fraction of the price of big brand types. Other men have also boasted that the grips are much more comfortable as well. Treat your husband to a smooth shave. His face will thank you for it!

7: Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Would you or I appreciate a sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day? Mm, probably not. But for your practical guy, this is the ultimate act of love.

Carhartt is the top, go-to brand for your hardworking man. It’s something he will always love and you don’t have to pull his arm to try to get him to wear it.

8: Tumbler With His Favorite Sports Team

Nothing says “I love you” like his merch from his favorite team. Plus, every time he gazes adoringly at his favorite team’s logo, he’ll appreciate you, his thoughtful, smart wife.

I love this particular tumbler because it’s insulated, vacuum sealed, and dishwasher safe.

9: Stainless Steel Tie Clip Set

Everyone knows that it’s the accessories that make an outfit. These stainless steel tie clips will give your hubby’s business attire a polished look for years to come. I love the finish on these tie clips; It looks classy with almost any suit!

10: Calvin Klein Obsession After Shave Balm

Okay, not to be “punny” but guys are seriously obsessed with this aftershave balm! Over 1000 reviews with a 4.5 star rating? That is absolutely insane. Since the 1980s, Obsession for Men has been one of the most popular fragrance lines Calvin Klein offers. This aftershave balm is a blend of citrus and cinnamon scents. It smells good and men rave that it keeps their faces soft and refreshed. It’s a little more pricey, but doesn’t he deserve it?

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

11: I Will Always Love You Mug

Add a little Whitney Houston to your hubby’s life with this mug. I’ve had I Will Always Love You stuck in my head since I saw first saw it. Honestly, there’s no purpose here. It’s just a hilarious little addition to any Valentine’s Day gift. If you really want to get him going, here’s a complementary video you can play while he’s opening the box 😉

12: Funny Coffee Mug for Men

I mean, the picture says it all. If you have a good-humored guy, he’ll love this mug.

Romantic and Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - Husbands and Boyfriends (1)

13: The Mug with a Hoop

I think behind every man is a little boy. A highly distractible, easily-amused boy. The picture really says it all! Whether your husband loves basketball ball or simply enjoys the “finer” things of life, this basket ball hoop mug is made to be an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

14: Beard King – The Official Beard Bib

I really struggled with this one. I mean, it’s practical, funny, thoughtful, and ingenious all in the same package. Suffice to say, I think it’s pretty epic. The Beard King attaches around your man’s neck and clips to the mirror, catching all of his beard clippings. When he’s finished, he simply detaches the bib and throws away the clippings. It is so simple, but also so innovative.
If he doesn’t want to pack it up after every turn, the bib is equipped with hoops that allow him to hang it right on the mirror.

This is one of those Valentine’s Day gifts for him that might actually be a sneaky gift for you. Especially if you’re the one that ends up cleaning up the bathroom!

14: Yoda One For Me Shirt

Is your guy kind of a nerd? We are too!

Aside from the fact that the cult of Baby Yoda is basically the fastest growing religion in America right now, this Yoda shirt is cute, reasonably inexpensive, and it’s totally mushy.


15: Trout Soap on a Rope

Would your hubby rather be fishing? I have just the thing to “reel” him in. That’s right, this Trout Soap on a Rope bar! This gift can either be used for novelty display in his man cave, or practical use. It’s fused with peppermint and eucalyptus oils, so it’s surprisingly refreshing. Either way, the trout soap on a rope is the perfect accessory for a Bass Pros giftcard.


Semi-Romantic Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

16: Personalized Leather Wallet

A good leather wallet is another staple of Valentine’s Day gifts for him. This year, take the standard wallet to a new level by personalizing it. This monogrammed leather wallet has a clear slot available for his driver’s license ( a must-have in my mind) and gives you the option to stylize not just letters, but logos as well.

17: Personalized Biker’s Garage Neon Sign

Motorcycle purchases are personal. It’s not like a car, where you just need it to drive from point A to point B. No, a biker has to love his bike in order to use it. Often times, a biker’s garage becomes a very personal place as well. That’s why I love the Personalized Biker’s Garage Neon sign. It also helps that the price point is ridiculously good and the LEDs can seriously amp up the cool factor of any garage.


18: Personalized Ballpoint Pen

There’s just something about an expensive pen that makes men feel like a million bucks. Whether it’s for a job interview, important client, or simply to remind your husband that he’s treasured while he’s working, these pens are great Valentine’s Day gifts. This particular pen is a chrome ballpoint, but Dayspring engraves several different colors and styles to accommodate your man’s tastes.


19: Personalized iPhone Docking Station

Are you noticing a theme with these personalized gifts? I like functionality. This dockingstation is one of my favorites, simply because it looks classy, it works well, clears up clutter, and, best of all, it’s dual purpose. It’s super handy that he can store his watch, keys, wallet, and phone in one place.

20: Engraved Wooden Wrist Watch

Engraving a wristwatch is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift idea. The only issue that I’ve come across is the cost to do it. Enter, this wooden wrist watch. Made of bamboo, this wristwatch is functional and classy. To me, what set this particular model apart from the competition is the comfortable leather strap and the fact that you can engrave the front and back.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


21: I Pick You Guitar Pick

I love, love, love the I Pick You Guitar Pick. I know, the slogan is a bit cheesy, but for a guitarist, this gift is impossibly sweet. If your husband has a passion for music, chances are, it has bled into your love life. For example, my husband, a guitarist, proposed to me by playing One Thousand Years by Christina Perri while we were on vacation. Now I ball every time I hear that song. What about your man? Can you think of a time that he showed his love through music? If so, you can return the favor with this small token.

22: What I Love About You Fill In Love Journal

This little book is sure to be a tear jerker or inspire some heated moments, depending on how you choose to fill it out. The What I Love About You Fill In Journal is filled with 112 pages of fill in blank statements describing how you love your spouse. At the very least, this book will help you think about why you love your man. Alternatively, you can purchase the What I Love About Us version, which focuses on your relationship as a couple.

23: His & Hers Personalized Keychain Set

Remember those heart-shaped BFF necklaces from grade school? I kind of think this trinket runs along the same vein. It’s a small gift, but these engraved keychains also can be a cute reminder of your love.

24: Digital Photo Frame

With the advent of smart phones and Facebook, visiting the photo center isn’t exactly a priority anymore. While digital images are super convenient, it’s also kind of a bummer when you don’t have the luxury of looking up to see your loved one’s smiling face. This Valentines Day , treat your husband to a millennial spin on a traditional gift. A digital photo frame is the perfect accessory for his office space. With a capacity of up to 5,000 photos, you’ll never have to print a picture again!

25: The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

I’m saving the best for last. This book is a game-changer for any long-term relationship. If you haven’t heard of it, The 5 Love Languages proposes that every person has a “love language”, a way they like to be loved and a way that they like to show love. For example, my husband and I are touch and quality time (we’re lucky enough to have the same love language). We respond best to tactile love (holding hands, hugging, etc.) and one-on-one time together (like playing video games!). Figuring out each other’s love language can help you strengthen and feel more secure in your relationship.

So, that’s my Valentine’s Day gifts for him list. I hope this list at least gave you a few solid ideas for your man. Did you end up purchasing any of these items? What was his reaction? I hope he liked it! Comment below and share your story.

25 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

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